impactus tertius part

before i started to write some shit

this "project" was born roughly 12 years ago, when i was a high school student myself, and in my boring as fuck high school life i was always dreamin' of participatin' in a sci-fi story myself, and even if it couldn't be true, at least i could make whatever my thought into a gta-like videogame and let others play it in the future

but 12 years later my dream of becomin' either a computer science genius or someone in the videogame industry still didn't come true, and here we are, an infinitely close joke, the shortage of video cards and the declinin' of my favorite videogame type, it just became too expensive to finish for any individual or small group of people

hence, the only thing i could do for myself 12 years ago right now, is to record it down before my memory of them perished and myself get drown into the trivial matters in my life, and hopefully someday i might be rich enough, the computer graphics tech would be powerful enough to make it a videogame, but currently i couldn't see it happen in another 12 years:bruhsette:


Northern Stellar High School, October 200⑨

There is another boring Saturday afternoon after another boring class that taught literally nothing. [insert_protag_name_here] thought like that as his classmates goin' outta the classroom, and he would do that too in minutes, except in most of the times he did it alone. Or he might be waitin' for his only friend, [insert_deuteragonist_name_here] from another class to visit him.

"Hey [insert_protag_name_here]! Where is your deskmates? Are they too busy to date other boys, leavin' you behind? "

"Have I told you that I didn't have any deskmate anyway? "

"But you don't actually care, right? "

"Yes, I didn't care. I'm not actually popular amoung girls, that they'd rather transfer class to avoid sittin' with me. But come to think about it, the absence of deskmates allow me to use three desks all by myself, I can set them up as a virtual meetin' room like now, and when I got a cheap laptop in the future, I might start to enjoy college life right now instead of three years or what later. "

"So what would you think of college life differ from high school life? Just the freedom to use computer whenever you can? "

"Of course not. The ability to pursue better and more useful knowledge, instead of the bullshit we're learnin'. I might know how to make computer programs, but that's the useless knowledge in this shithole. "

"That might be sad... But it's Saturday, and you can probably go program whatever you like at home. "

"Nah it's not the way I spent my holidays. Now I'd rather waste my time on Bionic Commando, and probably imagine myself to be Nathan Spencer, if I had that bionic arm of his, I might save my arse half of time from home to school, or even better... "

"Or you don't need to just imagine. I mean, you might be able to just become Bionic Commando. "

"What? "

[insert_deuteragonist_name_here] explained whatever he heard of here. The rich kid of the same class of [insert_protag_name_here] was plannin' to have a huge arse party today, to mostly show everyone and his fuckmates how wealthy he is, "But most importantly he will show everyone and his fuckmates a special set of high tech armor that was in his rich father's private collections. And it seems that neither him nor his father could be able to actually use it, otherwise it could not be in collections. "

"So how do you think I'm cabable of usin' it, and deeply humiliate the fuck outta that rich arsehole? And we didn't look like havin' invites of any kind. Come on, I'm the most marginalize one in this place, and you're not even in this class... "

"Don't worry, I've got it covered. Actually I planned for week. "

"Planned? What would you plan to do to them? "

"You might know that my mother is a biology teacher of another high school, so I learned the synthesis of a certain trance inducin' drug outta her book collections. "

"Wow. That's why your class had a huge arse accident in the last week's chemical laboratory? And you used high school laboratory to make highly sophisticated organics? "

"It's not that sophisticated anyway, at least not exceed what high school chemical laboratory could do. But anyway this drug can trance its targets into more likely to drink alcohol, until they're drunk as fuck. And I added them into their food by replacin' food materials that one of his sidekicks prepared for him, so when their party started, everyone in there would start to drink alcohol, and here comes our chances to get invites and get access to his high tech armor or such. "

"One moment I can't believe your mother was just a high school biology teacher. Alright I'll go with you, lead the way. "


They decided to walk their way to the rich kid's house, because both of them can't afford a texi. "Well [insert_deuteragonist_name_here], why would you pick him for your antics instead of other rich kids in our school? "

"Wouldn't you do that? Isn't he the most hated type of rich arsehole for you? "

"Yes, it might, I might be a little jealous of him, like how he could get the highest end computer while I had to use a shitty arse Pentium 4 that's literally nein years ago. But that won't be the reason you dislike him. "

"The reason I hate that arsehole is much more deeper. His father is one of the executives of a declinin' local mineral mining company. While his employees had so little salary that they can't even afford vegetables and meats in their everyday meals, this little shit and his family owned so much luxury shit like his new generation of iPods and computers and I don't know his tenth or neinth or 114514th girlfriends? It would be a ueber pleasant thing to watch him and whatever people likin' him get drunken as fuck. "

"And we're gonna tamper with his computer, install all the computer virus we could find, and then his high tech armor. I suppose that would be a much better entertainment than Bionic Commando. By the way have you played that game recently? That's the masterpiece of the decade! "

"Nope, I had motion sickness and this game made me vomit. "

"Too bad you can't enjoy it mate, but don't worry, Nathan Spencer mod for Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge would be comin' out pretty soon. "

"You can make Red Alert 2 mods? That's pretty great, where did you learn that from? "

"I was makin' such mods even when I was in middle schools. Seriously, days in middle schools are much better, classes are much easier and girls like me, at least probably because I always ranked first or second. Now as I see it, my competition was so weak, except his literature was way better than me, so he can win me every time. "

"And your literature was still bad even by now. And nope, your other classes didn't work out either. How could this thing happen? You don't look like a top student now anyway. "

"That's probably because I'm realy tired of this shit. Years ago I thought learnin' these bullshit would make me popular amoung girls, you know my mother didn't like me, and I had a hard childhood. I thought these girls would heal me mentally, and it turned out it's totally wrong, and I was overthinkin'. They approach me just because I was the king of the exam. I actually got into the best high school in the state, but for some reason I chose here instead, or I didn't have a choice. Now i'd rather be the worst student ever, and watch these arseholes workin' for useless shit, like some kinda unevolved apes. "

"Wow that's quite the hardcore cynicism you have, I'm impressed, really. "

"And what about the motives behind your antics against that rich arsehole? And why do I go with you without any doubt? Actually you're not less cynical than me, that's probably why we're the outcasts of each classes, and how we came together. "


At night they reach the rich kid's house, and the party was already started; all kinda boys and girls that might like that rich kid was goin' in, and they noticed there was someone checkin' invitations.

"Wow that's too formal, even for a student party. Is this arsehole thinkin' he's the executive of this school or what? "

"Or probably his family did have connections with the executive board of this school, that's why he could attend in the first place. And you seem to get in by Special Trainin' Program, right? "

"Yes, they're lookin' for computer programmin' talents and I got in, turned out I learned so fast that their teachers had to learn from me. What about you? "

"I'm actually transfered here, there was an accident that happens in my last high school... "

"Or more like antics... "

"Yes, I hated one of my teachers for fuckin' his students, so I managed to record their sex tape, and played it while no one's watchin' the school's PA system. And then that arsehole got fired and jailed and I'll have to tranfer here. "

"Wow, you're the one truly antic master, even better than Hermann Fegelein. I'm lucky that you're my friend instead of my enemy. "

While talkin', they soon noticed a drunken boy comin' outta the rich kid's house, with blank invitations on his hand. He must be drunken so much, that his sense of reality had a huge arse shift, might be thinkin' that bush over there lies a naked girl waitin' for him to fuck. They used this chance to simply take two of the invitations, and filled their names on it, imitatin' their "minister of interior"'s handwritin' style. Now they can pass the invitation checkpoints.

"Wait, you two didn't look like the people the Master would like to invite... " The guard looked them in doubt, "But since the minister of interior signed it, that means you're good to go. Better hurry up because the party is almost over. "


They reached the party and as they expected, everyone there, includin' that rich kid, were all drunken. There were empty wine bottles everywhere, that reminded [insert_protag_name_here] of how his father was also an alcoholic, even without trance inducin' drugs. Of course he was always tellin' his families that he drinks for the betterment of his business or work career or whatever, just like in this case alcohol can indeed corrupt people's mind and help another bunch of people reach their strategic objectives; Except that isn't the case for him, actually the reason his salary is so little is that he didn't have enough money to bribe his top boss with luxurious gifts so he refused to promote him, not that he didn't drink enough alcohol or persuade other people to drink enough.

"So there's only one conclusion: my father is a fuckin' alcoholic, and his theory of havin' to drink for career is nothin' but fuckin' excuses. And now seein' these apes drunken like my father indeed make me both feel bad and schadenfreude. "

And without efforts they saw the rich kid, drunken, embracin' two almost naked girls, losin' almost all of his speech abilities. They would see a public threesome sex minutes away, but they're not interested in watchin' this kinda big arse sex performance and probably fap and cum towawrds them in the process. They have to find the high tech armor kinda thing in his house, and try it before someone of them become sobor.

"And here we are, the magical armor! Did you see that? " They found a strange lookin' armor in the storage room, along with other accessories: a pair of glasses, a cybernetic arm gadget that looks exactly like bionic arm in Bionic Commando, and another strange device that they didn't know the usage.

"Wow even that arsehole plays Bionic Commando, is that game this popular? And I guess his computer must be able to play it in 60fps. "

author's note: in my high school times i don't thonk bionic commando was ever popular once, only i played in the first time then recommended to some other people, and it didn't happen in 200⑨ anyway, pentium 4 and mx440 didn't even support directx 9 so no bionic commando bruh

"Don't worry, what about you put these things on? Then you might be able to play Bionic Commando in real life! "

"Why me? "

"Because I need to care about logistics. And I believe you can use it to beat the crap outta them if accident happened, like some of them got sober. "

"Fine, I'll take it, I guess it's not a bad thing anyway? " [insert_protag_name_here] equipped the armor in doubt, "That thing is fuckin' heavy, like it's wearin' me instead of me wearin' it. Now I might understand why Nathen Spencer can't swim. His sole arm is about two hundred kilograms, and... seriously, I don't think I will sacrifice my own biological arm to obtain bionic arm abilities. "

"And don't forget the glasses! I think it's like control module or somethin'. "


The glasses suddenly started to flash when [insert_protag_name_here] were wearin' it. He can see texts appearin' on his glasses, overlayin' with the real scene, and voices through bone conduction:

"Initiator Operative Detected... Access to Initiator systems granted. "

"System Initialization Started: "

"Central Intelligence System... Check"

"Unable to detect Collective Consciousness system, switched to Local mode. "

"Exoskeleton Armor... Check"

"Icarus Flight System... Check"

"Micro Turbine Generators... Check (32/32)"

"Extensive Arm Gadget... Check"

"Direct Neuro Link... Check Failed"

[insert_deuteragonist_name_here] saw texts blinkin' from [insert_protag_name_here]'s glasses, "It works! That means, you're indeed the rightful owner of this armor. "

"Not yet, it lacks one more component to really work. Where is that Direct Neuro Link thing? "

"There is one more thing that's not installed, and how could I install it into your armor? Wait, what is the hole behind your head? "

"Do I have a hole behind my head? "

"Yes! And this thing looks like a screw just matchin' the holes behind your head! "

"So it was supposed to be plugged in? Then plug in! "

"Alright! " After the mysterious screw-like thing was plugged in the hole behind his head, [insert_protag_name_here] felt a powerful existance tryin' to contact him, and suddenly vomited;

"Oh shit mate, this doesn't feel right... "

"Should we stop bootin' this device? "

"No! just... let's try to move to somewhere reasonable to lock, like toilet. It needs several minutes to be fully workin'. " [insert_deuteragonist_name_here] carried [insert_protag_name_here] into the toilet and locked the door, and they look like a drunken couple, so no one literally had any doubt.


"Where am I? "

In the virtual world of emulated consciousness, [insert_protag_name_here] found himself alone, with blank background and suddenly world around him changed into a labotory styled room.

"We are the Initiators, and you must be the new Operative newly activated. Strangely we couldn't find your record in our member database, or currently this database cannot be reached. " A girl's voice came from nowhere, then a short haired girl with glasses and blue eyes appeared in front of him.

"And who are you? "

"I'm Athena, the onboard AI of the Initator System you're currently wearin' or implantin'. And don't worry, you're currently in the special emulated consciousness mode in your mind, to finalize the Neuro Link of your brain and the system. "

"Alright, Athena chan. Minutes later when I returned to my normal world, I might need to beat more than 30 of angry mob bosses that would think my armor didn't belong to me, just like Nathan Spencer. How would I do that exactly? "

"Nathan Spencer? " Athena chan seemed not to know anythin' about him, "Wait, I might need an Internet access... And got it, this place did have wireless networks, and cracked... It's 200... ⑨? "

"Are you from the future or what? "

"Yes, we're indeed from the future, somewhen called 114514th century. That means you're actually the Operative deployed into our time travel projects. No wonder you didn't remember anythin' about your missions. In this case, since we cannot connect to the Collective Consciousness system, we'll have to wait for another Operative to come to your time and space and get updated on missions. In the meantime, you might need to get familiar with your equipments everyday, and that's your current mission. "

"And fine. What about Nathan Spencer then? Did you find anythin' in your Internet surfin'? "

"Yes, he's the protagonist of the popular action game of your time, Bionic Commando. And our Extensive Arm Gadget works just like his Bionic Arm. Since you like this game and played it a lot, you can easily drag and throw your enemies into untergang just like in this game. Now you will return to your normal world, and try it out. "

"Thanks, Athena chan! I would like to hear more from your help, but I don't wanna get into this mode every time I'll need to talk to you. "


"You woke up? " They're still in the locked toilet, and impatient party members were rantin' at the toilet door.

"Yes, and it's fully operational. What about I find someone and do Spancer thing to him? " [insert_protag_name_here] stretched his extensive arm to the door handle and unlocked the door.

And they saw an angry tough guy watchin' them in horror, "What the fuck are you two arsefuckin' in toilet? Wait... is this the Master's Armor on your body? Why are you wearin' this? Where did you get the Master's permissions? "

"None of your barbarian brain's arsefuckin' business, you ignorant fuck! Go fuck yourself with the drunken cheap girls who would blow your short and useless penis off! "

"The fuck? You want a beatdown? " The tough guy wanna beat [insert_protag_name_here], while he was grabbed by [insert_protag_name_here]'s extensive arm, and seconds later he was sent flyin'.

"Seriously, why the fuck not disppear, for fuck's sake. " The tough guy was thrown into a sofa while two of the naked girls lyin', and everyone still didn't notice a thing.

"We gotta get the fuck outta here, one more sober arsehole comin' up and we're gonna really need to beat everyone here to get out. "


"Much thanks for your help, brother. Now with this armor equipped, I feel just like Nathan Spencer IRL. "

"And what about the next week? What would happen if that rich arsehole saw you wearin' his armor or what in the school? "

"Don't worry, I'm gonna literally beat the crap outta his sorry arse to prove that I'm the rightful owner of this thing. And if you would like, please record a video clip of me beatin' him up, so if he still didn't concede, we can upload it into YouTube, and make him an international parody material, at least in the Bionic Commando community. "

"Good idea. Now I'll have to run my way home, otherwise my mother would rant at me or something. What about you? "

"I still need to practise my newly got superpowers, besides it's holiday so my parents would let me stay a little bit longer. See you next week! "

After sayin' farewells, [insert_protag_name_here] was standin' at the rooftop of that rich kid's house, lookin' at the hollow street with street lamps.

"We're goin' home, Athena chan. But with the way I always want, swingin' through all these street lamps and whatever my arm can grab. "

"Alright then, it's a pretty good chance to increase your combat abilities. But... how should I call you? I still couldn't find any record of you in any databases. "

"What about... 'onii-chan'? I always want a cute sister, but my parents won't make me. I'm the only child at home and I didn't have other relative either, as far as I could remember. You can probably change the idea after connectin' to the database or what. "

"Then let's go home, onii-chan! "

"Right. " [insert_protag_name_here] started calibratin' the extensive arm to its maximum precision. The avaliable grab points in the street lamps below appeared on his glasses one by one. [insert_protag_name_here] jumped from the roof and suddenly grabed one of the grab point outta instinct. The swingin' way home begun!


[insert_protag_name_here] probably enjoyed grabin' all these street lamps and swingin' for half an hour, while suddenly an aircraft was approachin' him.

"Initiator Operative found, permission to fire. "

"Permission granted, ff-01. "

[insert_protag_name_here] detected missile locked from the aircraft. "What the fuck is this giant fuck? Evasive maneuver! Icarus system, ON! "

Wings stretched from his armor, the micro turbine generators powered on, and [insert_protag_name_here] was literally flyin' while doin' automated evasive maneuver.

"Oh shit! Oh for fuck's sake! " After evadin' these missiles, [insert_protag_name_here] decided to fight back. Just like what Spencer did in Bionic Commando, [insert_protag_name_here] approached the aircraft and grabbed the aircraft with him arm. The aircraft attemped to throw him off but failed.

[insert_protag_name_here] found himself happen to connect to the aircraft's debug interfaces. "Initiatin' self destruction command... Crackin' interface... Command sent! " The aircraft will be exploded with its pilot locked inside in 10 seconds. "Eject! " [insert_protag_name_here] loose grab of his arm and fly opposed to the aircraft's direction as fast as he can, and feel the explosion behind his back.

After a lengthy flight [insert_protag_name_here] finally returned home. His parents were already sleepin', so he avoided an explanation of where did his wired arse armor comin' from. Unequippin' his armor and hide it below bed, [insert_protag_name_here] went to sleep, while talkin' to Athena chan:

"Wow that was quite a fight. Now I might see Bionic Commando so fuckin' weak, because it didn't even support Spencer to fly. "

"What about you mod the game to add flyin' abilities, onii-chan? "

"Nah, 3D moddin' isn't my thing, I could only mod games like Red Alert 2. By the way what is the aircraft we were meetin' today? "

"Software Defined Aircraft Gen 3.1 if I recalled correctly. They belong to the opposite organization of us. "

"Opposite organization? What are they and why did they target me? "

"You're tired, onii-chan. We will discuss this in the future. Now we'll have to say goodnight. "

"Good night, Athena chan. "