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After a tough fight, Keqing, Kazuha and Xiangling totally rekt Spiral Abyss 12-3 in three minutes. For some reasons, they even had Xingqiu, who's happened to appear in there when they arrive Wanmin Restaurant, volunteered to join their quests. As greeting gifts, Kazuha gave one of the specialities of Inazuma, Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set to Xiangling and Xingqiu, and greatly improved their battle potentials, making this miracle possible.

And now people were celebrating them in Angel's Share, a tavern in Mondstadt.

"... And that's it. No one would dare to mock your damage outputs anymore, even if they wanna mock, you can shove the full star 12-3 Spiral Abyss cert up their sorry arses. " Kazuha prised Keqing for her battle performance, although he might be thonking that all these magnificant Overload damages she dealt, actually calculated with his EM instead, a basic lesson of Advanced Elemental Reaction Theory, 114514th Edition.

"The Liyue Qixing always repay their debts. And as you have heard, our eyes see far and our reach is long. Name your price. You deserve that much. "

"An arbitrary promise, interesting... My request might be a little bit hard to fulfill, would you still do that? "

"How hard? Would that be 'spend a night with me' kinda hard? Of course, it's not actually impossible, if that's with you... "

"I would never ask for this kinda superficial thing. Well... My request is: Reach Inazuma, and persuade the Raiden Shogun to abolish her Vision Hunt Decree bullcrap. "

"Now that's pretty hard, though. Persuading a stubborn Archon to change her mind? If you mean 'by force', that might require the power of all elite humans from both Liyue and Mondstadt to reach Inazuma, not to mention how do we reach there in the first place? "

And a fancy looking man interrupted them, "Did you say, reach Inazuma? I might know a way, Mr. Kaedehara. "

"Do I look like knowing you? And how did you know me? "

"You might not know me, but I've been seeing your activities in here for a long time. "

Everyone fell silent. "Well, what's the manner? My apologies, I forgot to properly introduce myself. I'm Aeternus, one of the remaining few members from the Inazuman Shogunate's most hated Stellanomiya family, since my ancestors had backstabbed them so hard that they might get PTSD outta my name, haha. Just like you, I'm banished from my homeland too, probably. "

"So it makes you Stellanomiya Aeternus then? Such a strange name, for an Inazuman... "

"Aeternus Stellanomiya, you moron. And I'm a spiritual Mondstadter now, don't compare me with these Shogunate arsehats, I don't wanna be represented by them. "

"Spiritual Mondstadter? "

"What's wrong with it? Just like you're a spiritual Liyueian anyway. You might look like coming from Inazuma, but you used Diligence series as talent levelup materials, you like to hang out with Beidou and her crew, and you seem to enjoy Liyue more then your homeland. "

"How do you even know the talent levelup material part? "

"I've been seeing you entering Taishan Mansion too many times, with your Liyueian buddies. Just like I need Resistance series to levelup my talents. So basically why would you still wanna return to Inazuma anyway? You know the Raiden Shogun would like to stick to her hakushin eternity philosophy forever, and it's not a mere humans that could change her... "

"But something must be done. I can't stand people having their Visions and wishes taken. "

"Good, I see your reasons through. Well then, I'll help - just like you guys talked earlier, if a single person wanna return to Inazuma, you can just hope for a random Fold accident, and it might be done. But, if you wanna Fold a lotta personnels and heavy weapony into Inazuma, you might need to find a way specified for this. Did you remember the Futui? "

"Yes, they're everywhere, then what? "

"Did you see their home nation in anywhere of Teyvat? Has anyone ever reach there? "

"They said they're from Snezhnaya, but no one has ever reached this place... "

"What if this 'Snezhnaya' is not even in this world anyway? They must have the way to Fold themselves from their home world to this world, or Inazuma. And if you couldn't reach Inazuma via a common Teleport Waypoint, that means just like Snezhnaya, Inazuma is also an isolated world, so their Fold technology also works for us. Find a random Futui guy and beat him up until he talks. What about that arrogant Futui Harbinger, someone named 'Childe'? When was the last time you see him? "

"Golden House, I guess...? " Keqing still remembered the time they beat Childe before he released Osial.

"Well then, let's beat Childe again. "

A team of Aeternus, Keqing, Kazuha and Xiangling arrived at the abandoned Golden House and saw Childe there, as expected. Xingqiu had other matters in Feiyun Guild to process, so he couldn't join the fight with them.

"Well, well, isn't that the famous Inazuman wanderer, Aeternus Stellanomiya? What wind blows you here? And wait, why the fuck did you bring a Qixing with you? "

"After quite the stunt you've performed, you're still allowed to stay in Liyue, I'm pretty impressed. If people in Liyue harbor happen to know it's you who released Osial and almost had Liyue harbor destroyed, you would never be like this, pretending innocent. "

"So what? We made a deal. Ningguang would never make it happen, since she also had things to hide... "

"Ningguang what? " Keqing seemed not know the deal between them.

"Lucky for you. But we came here to, well, ask you the way to reach Snezhnaya. I would like to have an one on one talk with your suka Archon, probably about how she's a shameless suka blyat for causing the misery for other people's lives. "

"Wait, what? " Everyone was shocked by Aeternus' speeches.

"Your suka Archon is even worse than Inazuma's curent Archon, at least she only tortures her own people. Now, beat us, because if you lose, you're gonna tell us the biggest Futui secret anyway, regardless of your willingness - how the literal fuck did you arrive here from Snezhnaya? "

Childe seemed to be ueber angry, "A fight? If you want a fight, then fine, but disrespecting our Archon? Suka blyat! " Childe skipped his normal battle form and transformed into his Foul Legacy form directly.

"Well, well... Stolen technology from the Abyss Order. No wonder I dislike the Futui... " Aeternus prepered to use his Elemental Burst, even though he didn't have a Vision anyway, "Iiyo! Koiyo! Use your Abyssal power to hit on my chest! My chest! "

As he expected, Childe shoved a powerful whale towards him, and suddenly he countered it with a devastating blow, dealing massive Physical damages towards Childe, ending his Foul Legacy state.

"Stop acting smart, Childe. Actually we don't wanna go to Snezhnaya at all. We just need to bring a bunch of people into Inazuma and fuck its Archon. The way you guys used to come here would greatly help with our quests. "

"Fine... Why didn't you say it earlier, you don't need to fight me anyway. " Childe then told everyone about the way the Futui used to project people into other worlds and left.

"I see... If my understanding of his saying is correct, the Futui used an amplified Fold device to connect to Teleport Waypoints from other worlds, and Fold into it. As long as this Fold device is provided with enough power, it could be used to Fold into any world its user wants. Except... It's a one way ticket. Unless the same kinda device could be built in the destination, one could not return to his original world. "

"So if that's the case, we can't risk deploying our people into there. "

"But don't worry, once both world had these devices operational, people and goods can Fold between them like one world. So we still need to build such device first, and deploy one of us beforehand. "

"And who would you like to deploy into there first? "

"Of course myself! It's been quite some time since Inazuma was isolated, I would like an update of the current situation, make contacts with local resistance, find a perfect place to build a massive Fold device under the Raiden Shogun's nose, and find a way to conduct a joint operation of us and the resistance possible. So if I returned from Inazuma days after, that means the joint operation is a go; Otherwise, you can totally forget such plan exists. So first, who could provide enough energy needed to power such device? "

"What about we return to Mondstadt and ask Master Jean? Her knights did have some alchemists that know the answer.

All of them returned to Mondstadt to find a way to build such Fold amplification device Childe said.


Meanwhile in Senrai Island - Lumine chan and her buddies watched the Shogunate elite special forces drowning in the Elecro water of the central Senrai.

"Welcome to Sangonomiya, nein, Senrainomiya Shrine, motherfuckers! " Lumine chan shouted at them.

"I didn't know that sarcasm is in Lumine chan's middle name. " Thoma commented.

"What's wrong with the sarcasm? The Resistance is nearly fucked, the Raiden Shogun didn't hear her people's wishes, I couldn't return to the old world, and we're both wanted. Why not have fun suffering? "

After being rescued, Thoma initially just wanna hide in Komore Teahouse until the war's over. But Lumine chan spent a lotta efforts to persuade him to traval with her, like "If you stay in there, it's only a matter of time until you're arrested again, and this time no one would come to rescue you. And I guess the Shogunate would not just take your Vision away. But with me, even these Shogunfags came, you had my protection. And I need a trusted teammate, you can have more interesting travelling experience than Narukami Island. Deal? " and they set off to make contact with the Sangonomiya Resistance.

"Still I don't understand, Lumine senpai. How do you install the Waypoint into that position with Electro water? " Sacchara chan asked.

"Well... Weeks ago, I received a commission of the Adventure's Guild to disable Senrai Island's hazardous environment and enable a path to Fold into the island's deity, the Thunder Manifestation. It turned out that the commission was issued by Kujou Sara, because Thunder Manifestation contains the necessary material for her Ascension. "

"Wait, Kujou Sara uses Electro vision. How the heck could she beat the Thunder Manifestation? " Thoma asked.

"That's way outta my league, but I've heard that she hired Yoimiya with her. As for Yoimiya, I knew her well, she can beat it in either DPS build or Elemental Mastery build. But anyway, since Sara chan helped us rescue the fake Vision maker Masakatsu, that's my way to repay her debt. I happen to find a way to control the Electro status of the water below Thunder Manifestation, it could be switched on or off with a certain ancient mechanism. So I switched it off, installed the Waypoint and switched it back on, simple. "

"Fake Vision? Do I need one? "

"Of course not! You don't even have a Vision to begin with. So I guess Sara chan would never ask you for trouble, probably. Besides the obvious different path we take, Sara chan is actually a good commander. Just like Kamisato Ayaka, she's one of the few good people in the corrupt as fuck Shogunate. "

"Then what's this device I've been using? How could I use Anemo element without a Vision? "

"Whatever you are currently using, Sacchara chan, is a Delusion. It's a Futui invention to imitate Visions, but it can cause serious side effects to its user, like - Did you notice it yourself? You're only a little girl when I rescued you from a bunch of ronins, but now it's only weeks later and you are already as old as a teenage girl! "

"Yes, I did grew up too fast, but... "

"But it's not only 'too fast', it's accelerated aging! In this rate you're gonna die of too old in less than a month! Well... I had to admit, I came to rescue you and train you with Elemental skills purely outta my own selfishness. When the first time I saw you, you were trying to use a random Anemo Delusion on the ground to repel ronins. And it reminds me of Sucrose chan, my best buddy in the old world. "

"So... You chose to rescue me because you missed her? "

"Yes, and... I apologize. But it turned out that you did GREAT, if not good enough in our team. People always ignore the power of Elemental Reactions, just like these Shogunfags ignoring the power of the Resistance. My Electro power is so weak, that it barely exists as Electro, no more; and Thoma specializes his ability on Pyro sheild, so also not as powerful as Diluc or Hutao chan. So guess what makes our team one of the best and most powerful team in almost all of Inazuma? "

"My ability to mix Elements together and make them do Reactions? "

"Exactly! I guess you're a good enough student of Advanced Elemental Reaction Theory. By the way, you can see the description of your artifact set, Viridescent Venerer. "

"Increases Swirl DMG by 60%? And decreases opponent's Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40%? "

"Right. It's a pretty powerful set, that no one else in Inazuma would ever be able to use. Not to mention the Sand, Goblet and Circlet are all composed of Elemental Mastery. This is one of the best gift I could give to anyone I care. "


"So I mean we still need you. Don't worry, we can and we will end this war pretty soon before something bad happens to you. At that time, you don't need to use Delusion anymore, perhaps you will get a Vision instead. "

"Don't worry about me, Lumine senpai, I'm fine. And I'll do whatever I can to ensure our victory, or at least follow your step. "

"Good, " Lumine chan petted Sacchara chan's head, "Meanwhile no more Shogunate forces coming from the Waypoint, that basically means our mission is finished. Time to return to Watatsumi Island to see how Kokomi's doing, or if they need our help."

The trio planned to Fold back to Watatsumi Island, but Lumine chan detected a large Fold Fault area around Yashiori Island. "Wow, why could Fold Fault happen in Yashiori Island? Let's Fold to a higher ground in Tatarasuna and see what happened there. "

Upon their arrival, they saw the Shogunate army retreating from Nazuchi Beach while they're all Wet, and they could hear the lightning striking from the direction of Yashiori Island.

"It sounds like Tatarigami to me. I didn't know that releasing Orobashi is part of Our Excellency's grand scheme. What should I say when I meet her? Praise her? Point out how many arses we'll need to wipe after the war's over? Whatever, we need to keep going. "


When they arrived at Sangonomiya Shrine again, they heard people arguing with Kokomi, actually it seemed that everyone was fighting everyone.

"Nice job, Kokomi. I thought Waypoint antics is enough to fuck these Shogunfags up, but releasing Orobashi on a hakushin truce? You're more Zhuge Liang reincarnated than I anticipated. " Lumine chan greeted.

"Wait, Captain Lumine. I didn't do that part, nor did I issue such order. "

"But it seems that Orobashi did get released. If it's not we doing it, who did it? "

"I didn't know, actually. "

"Wait, what? You didn't release them? And you didn't even know who did this? What a disappointment. Why do I abandoned all my belongings in Narukami Island to join you clowns anyway? "

"But at least we stopped the Shogunare army to launch any more offense, then what are we waiting for? Hurry up and fuck the Shogunate, and then fuck the Shogun SOFORT! "

"Shouldn't our entire goal be converged into abolishing the Vision Hunt Decree only? Do you really think you, with your Delusion only, is sufficient to kill one of the Seven? "

"Wait... Are we banning the use of Delusion already? And you're still using it, what's fucking wrong with you! "

And then Aeternus came outta nowhere, "What a bunch of clowns, arguing for things they didn't even understand. "

"Who the fuck do you think you are? Why didn't we see you in any part of the Resistance? "

Kokomi explained to everyone, "He's Stellanomiya Aeternus, an intelligence expert closely working with me. I guess you brought the latest intelligence here, right? Please explain to them. "

"Aeternus Stellanomiya, you moron. I might 'the fuck' don't know who I am, but you, the fuck didn't know what you're up against. I had the intelligence all of you need to ensure victory, and end the fucking war, regardless of your goals. Let me ask you, do you know the relationship of the Raiden Shogun and Miko Yae? I mean outside their official titles? "

"Nope, and why does it matter? "

"Why does it matter? Well, if you didn't know that, if you didn't do any intel work, then why do you resist anyway? Go surrunder to the Shogunate and rot in jail, faggots. You, The one who wanna stop the Vision Hunt Decree, you didn't know why the Raiden Shogun came up with such a shitty idea. And you, the one who wanna kill the Raiden Shogun, you even didn't know the true nature of the Raiden Shogun, no to mention I didn't see you preparing anything powerful enough to kill one of the Seven. "

"Then what do you know? Satirizing us outta nowhere? "

"I had a long arse talk with Yae actually. She provided me some top level intelligence, and I would like to share it to you clowns for free. Yae is Raiden's old friend, but after a certain diaster somehow 500 years ago, they severed the connections, and Raiden, whose true name is Ei Raiden, made a robot to replace herself, so whatever Raiden Shogun you saw everyday, is a fucking robot. "

"That's utter bullshit in all of these Raiden Shogun cospiracy theories. Give us more reasons to believe in your bullshit. "

"Don't you think she's more like robot and less like people or other gods, when she would execute the losing side of a dual before the throme without emotions? Or how she didn't give a flying fuck about the Vision Hunt Decree's slightly potential drawbacks, for a millisecond? But anyway, after making a god level robot, Ei Raiden lost almost all her power, and hid herself inside the robot for probably hundreds of years I guess. It seems that right now, the robot is flawed and she could not preceive the nation currectly inside the robot. In another world, she's trapped inside her own creation, waiting for someone to liberate her from the empty flawed prison. "

"Would you try to make us sympathize Raiden? This bitch didn't deserve any sympathy! "

"Of course she didn't, as she caused so much unforgivable harms. Actually, if I could, I would like to gangbang her 114514 times before ending her life. But, no matter what your goal is, the priority one thing you need to do right now, is to find a way to completely destroy Raiden Shogun's robot, and force Ei Raiden to come out. To probably have a better situation awareness of her own nation, before getting gangbanged 114514 times I guess. "

"Destroy? Is it a little bit too far? "

"Yes it might look too far, but there is no other way. Ei Raiden can create another better robot after that, but currently this robot only became a tool to prison her. Only by freeing her from the prison, could you guys do the next step, no matter if the next step means persuading her to abolish the Vision Hunt Decree, or just killing her. I suggest you guys go argue this problem after this is done, but currently, the best thing to do for all of us, is to stop arguing and start destroying her fucking robot! "

And Kokomi finally decided to respond, "Yes, this man is right! Why don't we just stop arguing and listen to what he says! "

Everyone calmed down, "Thanks, Kokomi Sangonomiya. As the other part of the intel work, I also had a visit to Kamisato Estate, and talked with the current de facto clan leader, Ayaka Kamisato. She and her Yashiro Commision tried numerous times to repeal the Vision Hunt Decree, but every time it got vetoed by the other two Commisions. So we did a joint investigation against the Tenryou Commission. We hired a ninja called Sayu chan to infiltrate the Tenryou Commission HQ, and grabbed these fancy materials, proving their high treason against both the Raiden Shogun and the people of Inazuma. I have totally no use of these materials, so they're all yours. You can try to show them onto Ei when this is over, before some other ones of you finish killing her of course. "

Aeternus gave these two documents to Kokomi and the others. One of them is an official Tenryou Commission document writing to the Raiden Shogun, saying that the Vision Hunt Decree proceeds without obstacles, which is, of course lying as everyone here saw it; And anther one of them is a private letter to a certain Futui leader, about...

"A scheme to promote Delusion via the enforcement of the Vision Hunt Decree? "

"Yes, if people was forced not to use Visions, and they wanna have Elemental powers against the Vision Hunt Decree, what will they chose? But I would not use 'promote', I would like to say 'use Inazumans as guinea pigs to test the engineering samples of Delusion' instead. And guess what? Inazuma had one of the biggest Delusion manufacture and research facility in all of Teyvat, it's almost like TSMC and Intel combined in the semiconductor industry. "

"And do you know where it is? We must destroy it at once, with or without Shogunate help. "

"I know where it is, and don't worry, I'll go fuck these Futui up myself. And thanks to your antics, I'll have to go a long way by foot to get there. A final friendly reminder to everyone of you: The people in the old world, I mean so called Mondstadt and Liyue, had enough firepower to destroy the Raiden Shogun robot. All they need is an amplified Fold device powered on, so they can deploy their people and weapony right into the Raiden Shogun's doorstep. "

"And how do we make such device? "

"Well, the Statue of the Omnipresent God, did you remember? There are neinty nein Visions on it, that would be enough to power it as an amplified Fold device if these neinty nein people wish to power it. Of course when the real battle begins, the Raiden Shogun will definitely cover it with Fold Fault, it's up to you guys to deal with it. I will try to test fire it to return to the old world and have contacts with them, once you're ready, power up the Statue and the reinforcements will arrive. Long live the Resistance! As you always say. Aeternus out. "

"Much obliged, Aeternus. Wish you a safe hunting! " Aeternus disappeared via Fold in a mere second.


impactus tertius part

00: preamble

it's been THREE months since the last two chapters. i was supposed to write this shit at least one chapter per week, and it looks like it's impossible to reach, for all kinda reasons. but now at least i was freed from the utter obsessions of metagaming after keqing incident, and started to view things differently, not just cuties impact, but all of things.

and it's three months passed and i kinda came up with some new plot ideas. first of all i've encountered some high school suicide or attemped suicide events (hakushin, that actually could be a theme that can be included into a high school themed fic like this one. besides, the causes of high school students' suicide or such thoughts are complicated in nature, giving a perfect oppotunity for whatever future tech that protag had to use in here.

and thus, the application of future tech into mental problems has given the protag a shade of humanitarian side, that might form one part of his characteritics. and more importantly, since i had hakushin psychological trainings (most of which were forgotten), i kinda believe one of the major steps of either so called suicide preventions, or other type of psychological consulting, is to have empathy with the clients, and the protag would soon learn to do that using his future tech. but the same kinda techniques would also be used on the other aspects of his life, like how he would deal with his enemies, from normal human to opposition agents.


impactus tertius part


Neinth Floor of Northern Stellar High School's Laboratory building, October 200⑨

"So you ditched the morning homeroom session again, right, Nathan Spencer IRL? " [insert_deuteragonist_name_here] greeted [insert_protag_name_here] who's already watin' here probably for hours.

"Yes, and I'm much better than Spencer right now, at least he couldn't fly and I can. Besides, this time I really got this crap covered. "

"By how? "

"This device of mine, it's actually much more powerful than any computer in this age in computation power. And unlike any other computer, it's directed connected with my brain so I can use it with pure instinct, like part of my organs. Thus these math exams , or whatever form of exams will never be my problem, and I can get full marks that my headmaster would allow me to do anythin'. What's your excuses to come here? "

"Nah, I don't need excuses, our headmaster won't mind our business for some reasons, so my class was always in anarchy. "

"So you escaped the anarchy all the way here? "

"Exactly. Otherwise what else would I do? Watch them trappin' a cat with a mouse and see how long it takes for one to eat another one? "

"Not if the cat was equipped with my kinda equipments. "

"That's not funny, bro. Meanwhile I've heard that you got a TA job at the IT class? "

"It's not a job in any payment, and it's not TA either. It's just me pretendin' to be a TA so I got access to the teacher's machine that has workin' USB ports and much faster processor. But with my current equipment I don't need that position anymore. Gotta resign. "

"I won't if I was you. "

"Why? "

"It's the perfect opportunity to approach freshmen girls. Serious, the only moment that I wanna learn programmin' as well... "

"That's all you thought on IT technologies, right? "

"I don't fuckin' care about IT technologies, but you would also agree, that girls in our grade are totally shit. As for these freshmen girls, they're in here only for one month. "

"Fine then, you can go apply for an unpaid TA yourself, to see if you could pick up some freshmen girls you like. Like I said before, I lost interest on almost anything that our generation seem to care. Grades, girls, whatever you name it. Especially after I gain these magical devices or such. "

"Then what do you care anyway? The persue of the true knowledge of the universe? Come on, stop acting like you're an alien in human disguise or something. Besides, there is one more thing on your way to goddom. "

"The rich arse kid that we robbed and trolled last week? "

"How would you deal with him? He will definitely ask his father's collection back. Probably after a beatdown from his father. "

"Then I will beat him up once more, simple. Seriously, I will try to finish this objective without the armor or glasses. Just the neuron link shall be enough, and he's dumb enough not to know I'm still enhanced. "

"Then what? Tell him to go fuck himself or another round, right? "

"Not just that. Mostly he will just pretend to surrender, and try to backstab me in the future. I will try to threaten him more, like how his family might have illegal connection with the school board, or the corruption his father might have in his own company, or how he's a lizard people instead of human. At least one of these things are true! "

"And he still had the power to fuck you up, before you can actually damage his family using your claims. As I seem it, we shall do long time project of really collecting the evidence of his family's crimes, and fuck his family up asap. "

"The arm race of fucking each other up... Interesting, and he will never reach my speed. Even if his father is wealthy as fuck, he's a normal person anyway, but I am not, " protag prepared his arm and gear for flight, "Just beat him up today to begin with. "

And protag jumped from the roof of the laboratory building and started flying towards the main building, or precisely, one of the windows of his own classroom.


"Who the actual fuck shut the window down... " By manually openin' one of the windows, protag climbed into his classroom. The homeroom time is almost over and he saw the rich kid already there and with girls surrounding him, as usual.

And he saw his father's gear worn on protag as well. "Well, well, protag, I never thought it's you who has stolen my father's armor from my party, you bottom feeder fuck! "

"Not if your father stole from me first. See, I'm the legitimate owner of this armor, and arm attachment, and you're not. " protag shoved his arm besides the rich kid and scared him, "Neither your father nor you can actually control this crap, but I can. That's the proof everyone and their slave needs. "

"How dare you speak to the Master like that! " One of his sidekick wanna beat protag and soon found himself in the air by his arm, "Go fuck yourself. " protag grabbed and threw him outta the classroom, in everyone's horror.

"None of your business, servants. Discussions with your master only. One more arsehole servants of yours and you're gonna be a bigger arse joke, rich fuck. "

"Fine, I'll let you play for a while, but you'd better give it back to me, or..."

"Or what? You're gonna use your father's magical power to expel me from this school and furtherly fuck me up? At the same time I can say I will make you a piece of dead meat, and murder everyone in your family in a minute. Nope, we won't do that. What about we had a fair fight, no enhancements, no armor. You beat me down, you can have your armor; Otherwise, I keep it. Deal? "

"You're not in any position of making deal with me! "

"Or you don't wanna have a fair fight, right? " protag unequipped his armor and glasses and put them on the ground, "Listen up everyone! This rich fuck doesn't want a fair fight. That's understandable, because unfair fight is the winning rule of everyone in his corrupted family! That's how his father gained an opportunity to be the executive of the Silver Mining Company, and that's how he will gain all the luxurious shit while everyone else in his company are so broke, that they can't eat any normal meal! " protag watched his opponent having significant mental shift, even when he's actually not wearing glasses, "And more interesting, that's how his mother licked and fucked the school board director's nein centimeter small dick, to send his fat arse kid in here! "

"Enough! I'll fuckin' kill you, and grind you into pieces-" An enraged rich kid waived his fist to protag, only to be predicted and dodged, and protag kicked his butt instead, "Wow. I was just shit talking your mother outta my arses, and you're suddenly that angry? So the rumor of your mother having sex with the school board is indeed true. I did NAZI that coming! "

The rich kid angrily turned around, just facin' an accelerated protag shovin' an high speed fist up his nose, almost braking it.

"Yes, the life is indeed unfair, at least for your hard working father, " protag trolled the rich kid sarcastically, "What about we walk together, and report to your father of his wife's cheating, after I beat the literal crap outta your fat arses minutes later? He will be ueber happy to hear that. "

"You know that, " protag dodged the rich kid's attack again, and noticed one of his sidekicks attepted to move the armor on the ground away; but this armor is too heavy for that stupid arsehole to move, and he would like to see them fruitlessly try it, "There're bunch of kids that can't eat things right, and there're another bunch of kids that profit the fuck outta these kids, and-" protag suddenly appeared in the rich kids's back, punched him into the ground, extracted two shoelaces from his shoes, and used one of them to wind around his neck suffocatin' him, "And you know what, another bunch of kid received ueberhuman abilities, and will beat the crap outta people like you, and give justice to all! "

After leavin' the rich kid suffocatin', protag could deal with the armor thief, and use this perfect excuses to progress the beatdown into the next stage, "Wow wow wow, you rich fuck, can you please educate your servants for a little bit? I said a fair fight. Not someone who will stab me in the back, try to steal my armor in vain. You know what, the fair fight period is over! " protag punched the armor thief and swiftly appeared befind his back, usin' another shoelace to strangle his neck too, and quickly equipped all of his Inititator systems, "Now, enjoy the unfair fight! "

There are already a bunch of the rich kid's servants tried their best to remove the shoelace stranglin' his neck, and succeed, "Thank you servants, for savin' your master without my help. But now, you can all go fuck yourself. " protag used his extensive arm to throw every one of them into somewhere else and suddenly grabbed the rich kid and threw him outside classroom. And he saw the armor thief almost suffocated to death, "And no, I don't want legal troubles. Fine, I'll save your sorry arse life. " He removed the shoelace in the armor thief's neck, and smashed him into desk and chairs too.

Protag ran outside the classroom to confront the rich kid, "Well, after the pain in your body, the humiliation that you had all across your servants and girls, would you like to finally realize that I am the sole legitimate owner of my armor and such, and sign the contract to completely give up your retarded claim of my ownership of them, and happily go fuck yourself? "

The rich kid's servants were all watchin' behind the classroom door, but none of them dare to come out for a bit, afraid of bein' thrown again; "W-what are you waitin' for? Get his sorry arse! " the rich kids still imagined one of his servants could solve the problem for him, "In that case, I suppose you need another round of re-educations. Encore! "


Protag threw the rich kid outside the main building, at the same time he checked the Icarus system and jumped outside the window too and started flyin'. He grabbed the rich kid in midair and kept flyin'. "Loadin' Brownian motion flight patterns... Oh what the fuck? "

As long as protag was in the air, and Opposition SDA was happened to also appear in the sky, shootin' missiles to him. "This time it's an unmanned model, onni-chan. "

"That means we can try to control it, right? I suddenly had a better idea to torture this rich fuck, Athena chan. " protag flew all the way up to the maximum height his flight system could ever reach, released the rich kid midair, and did a fast desendin' to appoarach the SDA and grabbed it. In less than a second he had taken over the system on the enemy SDA, and started drivin' it to match the speed of the freefallin' rich kid.

Seconds later the aircraft reached close proximity with the rich kid, "I remembered this SDA model had a mechanical claw to transport goods, use this one to grab him. " The aircraft grabbed the rich kid seconds before he hit the ground and become pieces of dead meat probably, "Uploadin' Brownian motion flight patterns... Set flight time as 1145.14 seconds... And done! Enjoy shittin' your pants, arsehole! "

Then protag left the aircraft, and flew into the top floor of the laboratory building, and watched the rich kid moanin' midair. "You're still there? Shouldn't you go to class already? "

"Of course I knew you will choose this way to torture him. Impressive. And that means your little negotiations went in total failure? "

"Not just 'total failure'. Everyone of them and their servants wanna attack me, and they all failed. Now time to enjoy that rich arsehole moan, I'll ask him of contracts again when he's landed. "


1145.14 seconds later

After minutes of Brownian motions, the aricraft landed on the playground, and protag flew to there to confirm the situation of his prey. While the rich kids are deeply frightend by the stunt, moanin' "No! Humph! Humph! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! "

"How you like that, huh? You want another round? "

"Of course not! Have your stupid armor, and stop botherin' me! "

"If I had it, how would you report to your father, of his collections missin'? "

"I don't tell him about a god dammed thing! As long as you don't show up in his face with this, I suppose he will never know anyway. "

"Nor would he try to report to police either, because he got them in illegitimate means himself. So rest assured, this thing is almost settled. " protag released the grab on the rich kid by sendin' the aircraft commands, "But remember, I will keep an eye on you, any more attepts to fuck with me, hard evidences of your family's dirty business would be appeared to people that shouldn't have got acknowledged. Understood? "

"Yes, yes, just leave me alone! "

"Sure. Will do. " protag rided on the aircraft and flew with a high enough attitude, left the aircraft with a delayed release control command.

"You released control of the aircraft? Don't you wanna have a personal aircraft, onii-chan? "

"Nah, I don't wanna or don't have any means to maintein or refuel such aircrafts. But if I sent it back, our enemies will do such jobs for us. Besides, when we need to use one, one will always come. "

"Why? "

"Didn't you remember? The Opposition seems to have ways to detect me, as long as I'm above ground and airborne, they can always send a SDA after me, and at least in these days, they're always unmanned. I guess last time they did totally lost a pilot. So I just need to fly myself, and then a free and powerful aircraft will always come. "

"Strategic mind, onii-chan. The Initiators definitely need a leader like you. "

"Sounds like you, nope, we ever lack a leader. "

"No, our leader is present, but his appointed heir went missing, and we did our best to find him, and train him into the next leader or such. "

"That's quite an interesting mission to do. Where is him now? Or exactly, when? "

"Latest intel indicated that he was deployed in 1996, 13 years ago, in somewhere not far from here. But since then we've never heard of him anymore. We've sent a bunch of time travellers to get him, but no messages were ever received from them. Maybe you're actually one of the task team, onii-chan? "

"Nah, I didn't remember such mission, either in my own memory or the system's local database. It's just wired that I didn't have a mission at all. Besides, I only equipped this system a week ago! "

"In that case, we'll have to keep looking for any task team member, perhaps they can give us new information. Or probably this system is undergoing some kinda failures, and require someone with Initiator knowledge to repair it. "


protag were swinging his way back home, and in a little alley. Someone suddenly called him off gurad,

"Initiator Operative! "

"Opposition? " protag prepard his extensive arm for fight.

"Easy! I'm a friendly! Also an Operative, just without your fantastic Enforcer armor. And... a neuro link Enforcer armor? More fantastic! I didn't know that HQ would send ubermenschen into this mission. The future leader thing must be that important. "

The IFF system recognized the people front of him as "Operative Praesidium". "Praesidium... Is that your name? "

"Codename. And you... you didn't have a code name. That's strange, because every Operative has a code name. At least if you appear in here instead of 114514th century, you must be one of the Operation Recovery crew and must have one. "

"Recover the future leader, right? What about the other members? "

"I didn't see or hear from other crew members right now. Probably they got killed by the Opposition or lost in the time travel process or whatever. But now we have you, and judging from your current situation, Let's just say your equipments were damaged, and need a quick repair. "

"That won't happen, I just beat down some Opposition arses minutes ago! "

"I mean the intelligence part. You don't remember your mission, or any memory of other crew members, so it's indeed damaged. Besides, I am assigned to be the intelligence and logistics officer of the operation, and you definitely need my services, mission or not. "

"What services? "

"Don't you wanna do upgrades and become at least stronger, faster and much smarter? We can work together and get over this mess, or perhaps rescue more friendlies! Do you really like to do things alone, beatin' the same Opposition arses over and over, until your equipments broke? "

"Fine, let's see what you can offer, Praesidium. "

"Follow me, I have a secret lab around here. We mainly operate here. "


The duo went into Praesidium's underground secret lab, hidden in the usual slum-like alley not far from protag's home.

"And here we are, the Operation Recovery headquarters, except it's not like a proper headquarters anyway. Take a rest on the chair over there, I'll do a routine check on your system. "

protag comfy rest on Praesidium's surgery chair and let him do the routine check, "And... All system operational? Even the intelligence module? That's more strange than I thought. You indeed didn't have a mission, nor being one of the Recovery crew. And yet you're an uebermensch. And you appear here, now. "

"What mensch? "

"An artificial designed human. Remember the neuro link behind your brain? Unlike 'natural' human like me, human like you have faster reflexes, nearly zero latency to whatever technology you would like to use, and even more. As an Initiator researcher, I'm pretty jealous of you. Work with me, I can promise you much better upgrades of your equipments, even better than what the HQ offers! "

"Why not? You definitely need a hand, since other Operatives didn't show up, and your little Researcher outfit won't fit in combat either. And what would you offer to me? "

"Everything you've like! But first, let me upload some new software to your SDA hijacking command. Do you know that SDA had several flying mode? "

"Nope. "

"It's Software Defined Aircraft after all. And with proper software, you can turn them from usual hover mode into a fixed wing aircraft with much faster flight speed, and beat the crap outta Opposition hover only aircrafts. "

"So they didn't have such software right now? And why didn't you try them yourself? "

"I can't even go near an Opposition aircraft without bein' killed. I don't have your magical extensive arm or Icarus system either. And since I'm stick to the ground, I don't think the Opposition would send an aircraft after me anyway. So you can have it, totally free of charge. "

"Good, since we're on the same team now, I could probably hijack one and give control to you, if you want. "

"That would be useful. But right now we don't need that. As I see it, the most useful upgrades for you right now, is a weaponry called Software Defined Weaponry. "

"So like SDA, it can change into any form of weaponry as I see fit? "

"Exactly! And with your neuro link, you can make the change in a blink of your thought. But it has limitations though. "

"What limitations? "

"The number of modules. One SDW was composed of certain number of modules, the more you installed modules into a SDW, it would become more powerful, and of course heavier, like a heavy sniper rifle or greatsword required 32 modules; but on the other hand, small form factor SDW only needs a few, like two or three modules, and the other ones would be needed to store somewhere. "

"And how many can you offer? "

"None, mate. I don't have the necessary proto materials to make such modules. But I've heard that the Opposition ran a base somewhere in this city, and they seem to have such materials. Steal some for me, and I can make some SDW modules for you. "

"And we can steal more than materials. What about an opportunity to get some enemy intels? Perhaps they might know something, of the future leader or such, so we can find then before the Opposition do? "

"Anything would be welcomed, imagine we can even find some software - you know, both the Initiator and Opposition used heavily on Software Defined technologies. Their software can work on our hardware with little modifications. That makes me wonder, are they really our lost siblings or what? "

"Even if it was ture, I guess they're not anymore. So, where are they? "

"I didn't know, you might need to find it yourself. "

"Fine. So much for the intelligence officer's works. Besides, I had to go right now, I had a teaching session as the only TA in the Northern Stellar's IT classes. Of course, time to say resignation to them. "

"So you had access to the high school's hardware, right? "

"Yes, and some kinda 100Mbps Internet, a pretty fast one. "

"Not that pretty fast, at least in 114514th century, we actually have 1919810Mbps network, all wireless. "

"While you're trapped in 200⑨, just like me, right? I don't think you had any choice in here. Besides, this one is pretty expensive though, because the upload speed is also that fast, if I were you, I would magically thought of some magical device to provide this Internet access to your place, so you might add up your intelligence works. So do you have such devices or not? "

"I happen to have some. Here, it's a network bypasser, you might need to find a chance to install them in the core switch of your school's network, you definitely know where it is, right? "

"Of course, and then what, using a kilometer long fibre cable to conenct to your place? "

"Nope, you only need to install this hacking device to your school's radio tower, it could mix the high frenquency signals with the radio's signals and send Internet all over the city. "

"I don't think that would work though. That tower might have enough power to transmit singals to your places, but how could it receive whatever signal you send to it? You know, the Internet works pretty differently from radio towers. "

"That's pretty easy though, I've already hacked a cellphone base station near me, so it's powerful enough to establish connections with your school's radio tower. It didn't work on optional frequency though, but the bandwidth should reach somewhere 100Mbps at least. "

"So if I hack more base stations, does that mean we can have Internet in anywhere else in this city? "

"Of course, if you're boring enough to install every one of them. But they're not software defined, that means they need specialized hardware installed. And these hardware needs some kinda rare earth materials to produce. "

"Rare earth? I knew a local rare earth company in somewhere between this city and a nearby town, I always took vacations between them and I can see it every time. Probably we can buy some from there? "

"I don't think they will take individual orders. But that's a message worth researching. I will find a way to pretend a high profile purchases. "

"Good. Now I'll really have to go before it's too late. "

"You really don't want a little tour-"

"Next time! " Protag rushed outta Praesidium's secret labs with pretty high speed.


With the power of his extensive arms, protag arrived at the IT building of Northern Stellar just before the night IT self study class started. In Northern Stellar everyone can choose to attend a night self study class or go home, but protag definitely chose to return to school instead. This is a combination of several considerations: his father often came home drunken, complainin' how his wage was so fucking low, or how his boss was so fucking corrupt or how protag's grade was so fucking low as well, havin' fights with his mother or such; besides, a "volunteered" overstudy would be perceived as less possiblility of slackin' in studies, even if it really didn't improve his grades much, at least before he got his 114514th century neuro implants or such.

And at least in his sophomore year, he chose to spend his night time at the IT building, as an TA in Northern Stellar's night programmin' classes for the school's IOI team. As a formor champion of the city's programmin' contests, protag was trusted by his IT teachers for the works, but now he got pretty tired of it: the new participants were way weaker than the time he joined in, they just epically failed the contest this year, and it's not the contest season right now. He almost had no reason to come here anyway.

Except he might need to at least get access to the school's core switch to install the bypasser Praesidium gave to him. And it's not a pretty hard job though, he was workin' in the IT building for a really long time, and he knew exactly where it's at: A very distinct office in the second floor, where the only usage of this place is when teachers need to input grades manually after exams, into a local database of grades and scores, and print rankings, in the very same room.

"Yes, I really can't believe it's 2000 and nein and they still need to do such jobs like in 20 years ago, " Protag got into the core router room without problems, because for some reasons it's not locked at all. "Well, where it the core switch... Here, in this ugly arse case. "

Protag open the case, installed the bypasser on one of the Ethernet ports and closed it. Suddenly his system had network access.

"I didn't know that this bypasser has wireless functionality. I knew such devices exist, but I guess in my current gen, it could only 'steal' the Internet access with some kinda wires or fibre cables. "

"It's 114514th centruy technology, onii-chan. It used a high frequency signal and can support very high speed communications for a very long distance. "

"How long? can it reach the radio tower of Northern Stellar? "

"It can barely reach that far, but as I calculated, the signal decay would be acceptable, at least in 100Mbps level. The signal relay can amplify it and tranfer it over the radio tower, once you install it into the right place. "

"Well, that's tomorrow's jobs. Currently the school's radio station is closed, I'll have to find a chance to get them installed tomorrow morning. Any chance to get a laboratory building plan on somewhere online? "

"Wait... There's one, it seem to be some kinda contract information of the construction of the exact laboratory building where the radio tower's at. " Detailed information was shown on protag's mixed reality glasses, "I see. now I might know exactly which devide I need to install the relay in. And, plan to find an excuse to get in. "

"They did work on an audition started from 8am tomorrow. Perhaps, you can find someone who would attend it, or you can apply yourself... Nope, already passed the apilication deadline. "

"What about bruteforce? "

"Not a good option. The last thing you need is to make anyone alerted, of the possibility of their equipment hacked. If they knew it somehow, our works would be all in vain. "

"Fine. Now that the plan is set, guess time to monitor these kiddos. " Protag moved to the IT classroom, and sat on his teacher's computer. It's just like any normal day, where kiddos were tryin' to play any game they could find on these legacy 20th century computer. Even the one he's usin' was also too old to do anythin'. Before he had any implanted computer or such, he used such computer to learn programmin' and doin' things that was supposed to use python with bash. But now he didn't need these shit anymore.

He was supposed to find a teacher there, state his resignation and get the futabruh out. But he didn't see any teacher today. "That's strange, where the hell are they? "

"One of the faculties has posted photos on his personal page, of attendin' a certain teacher's birthday party. "

"Well, that teacher... I hate him, and he hates me, and that's all. Luckily he didn't see me installin' some wired arse devices in the core switch. " protag watched these kiddos desperately attempin' to play whatever 90s legacy shit they found in whatever wired arse website, and gradually fell asleep.


"Senpai... wake up... "

Protag felt that someone's shaking him. "Finally someone comes, havin' a good party right? I'm actually comin' here to resign, Ms... "

As protag became sober, he saw a ponytail girl with glasses in front of him.

"The fuck? You're not one of the teachers, and who are you? "

"Amanda. A freshman student newly to IT classes. You must be the famous [insert_protag_name_here] senpai, right? I thought you're drunken, and almost prepare to call for ambulance, if you couldn't wake up. "

"Not that famous, Amychan. And not drunken in any form. I didn't take alcohol, and I hate it. Now you can probably go f-" protag was angered when related to alcohol, but used his best efforts to stop, realizin' it's not actually proper to let a cute girl go fuck themselves, "Wait, what time is it? Sorry, I was bored to sleep several hours ago, you know, this job is ueber boring. "

"Eleven oclock, senpai. Everyone's already out and it's only two of us here. "

"Eleven? Wow, you know what, I'm pretty used to sleepin' in these computers, even if I didn't try once. But what's your business here? Shouldn't you be like already at home three hours ago, or even earlier? You know it's not safe on the streets? "

"Yes, but I'm watching some programmin' videos and tryin' to do stuff, and forgot about time. Would you like to accompany me home, senpai? "

"A programmin' girl... very interesting. Fine, I'll do it, it's not like you, or me had any other choice. " protag started to check the transportation info usin' his newly get Internet access, "The bus... all stopped. The taxis... they're doin' shifts, and would become reavailable at 2am next day. It seems that the only option we had is to walk home, amychan. "

"Walk home? I'm livin' in the western district of the city, it's too far... "

"Indeed. The estimated time would be like somewhat one and a half hour. I would suggest you just find a hotel for a night. Or what about I paid the hotel fees upfront, then I would go ask from your parents? "

"No, I don't think they will give me money to do that, senpai. "

"Well, if that's the case... I guess we had another option. " protag and amychan went outside the classroom, and found the entire IT building locked. "Ah great, it's locked. Then it's more necessary to go the 'other option' of mine. "

"What? "

"Come to the rooftop, and I'll fly you home. "

"Are you sure you're not drunken, senpai? You started to sound like my drunken father even more. "

"And I also had a drunken father, too bad I'm not like him. Just follow me, and I'll show you how to get up there first. "


They reached the top floor of the IT building, where they saw a small window to the rooftop, with no ladder or any way to get up.

"That doesn't look like a problem at all. Just watch. " protag streched his extensive arm and grabbed the ledge, and ascended into the rooftop. "Now your turn, amychan. " protag released his extensive arm into the ground to let her grab it.

Amychan grabbed it and protag pulled her up to the rooftop too. "Now, start to believe I can fly, perhaps. " Protag started to boot up his Icarus system, "Micro Turbine Generators... check. All system green. Granted for takeoff. "

protag jumped from the rooftop, and seconds later he started to fly around the building, while amychan watched him, "Now you see I'm indeed flying, and I'll try to fly you home too! "

protag landed on the rooftop, and tried to explain to amychan how he would take her flyin' with him, "Well, it seems that my flight system could bring an extra heavy object with it, but I need to carry you behind my back. Would you still wanna do that? "

"Sure, senpai. "

"Alright then. " Amychan came to protag's back and hugged him. "And we need to be fixed more, like... " protag found some rope and used them to tie them together, "Sorry but if I didn't do that, soon I will be flying and you will be freefallin'. And remember, just hold me tight, no matter what. "

"Got it. "

"All system operational. Initiate... vertical takeoff! " protag vertically lifted and started flyin' with amychan on his back.


In the semi emulated consciousness mode, where protag can communicate with his onboard AI without other people knowin':

"Why would you use such a wired takeoff method, while you can still grind to takeoff? "

"I don't think I could run with people on my back. It's not like I would like to show off to a girl or what. Wait, how's my energy goin'? "

"It didn't last long, esp. after you used vertical takeoff. Only two minutes before you lost all engine powers and become a glider or whatever. "

"Two minutes? Probably I'll try to fly outta the school's range, where it's of course all locked. Then probably I'll just swing my way or what. "

"Your extensive arm also needs power. In that case I guess the only thing you can do is to put your amychan down, and really walk one and a half hour to her home, probably explainin' to her why your energy lost that fast. "

Suddenly an Opposition SDA appeared in his radar. "Now I had much better way to utilize these two minutes of mine. " protag did a quick maneuver and approached the enemy aircraft and grabbed it, even before it could clearly fire a missile.

"Hack... and done! " Now under protag's control, the SDA was movin' slowly in hover mode, and he felt that amychan was still grabbin' him, bein' scared. "Now we had a faster ride home, amychan. Even if you're goin' to another city, we only need ten minutes. Where are your home exactly? "

Feelin' a little better from the rapid air moment, amychan told protag the exact location of her home later on. protag started to upload the software Praesidium gave him into the aircraft, to transform it into a fixed-wing one.

"And... it works! " The aircraft streched extensive parts to hook protag's feet, legs and other body parts, it seemed to be the preperation phase of a SDA transformation. "Let's hope that you're ready, amychan, because soon we will be flyin' pretty fast. Time for... Paradigm Shift! "

The SDA transformed into a fixed-wing aircraft, and started acceleratin' forward with several g's. "Slow down... I don't think amychan can take that high accelerations, " At that moment the SDA already begun deceleratin', since it's halfway her home.


The SDA switched back to hover mode, and landed on the rooftop of amychan's home apartment building. protag jumped off the aircraft, released the rope on their body, and put amychan down. He tried to pat amychan's head to confort her, while his argumented gloves were able to get the information about her vitals, "It seems that you're very exhausted, amychan. Rest assured, you arrived home. "

"Arrived? It didn't look like anywhere near my home at all. "

"We're currently at the rooftop of your home. And it seems that you actually had the key to unlock the rooftop door. "

"How do you know about that? "

"Of course I know, I'm an ueber-" protag suddenly felt that he shouldn't say that to a totally Initiator unrelated people, "Nope, I just aimlessly guessed. "

"Still, it's really wired experience flyin' with you, [insert_protag_name_here] senpai. And I'll never forget about it. See you tomorrow! " amychan rushed to the rooftop door, unlocked it and disappeared outta protag's site.

"Time to go my own home then. " Protag jumped back on the SDA and started its Paradigm Shift tranformations.


On the way home, In the semi emulated consciousness mode:

"It's my first time to use the Profiler system, and I really feel something off with her. She might say goodbye in a pretty happy tone, but my readings of the Profiler system tell otherwise. Do a search on anyone matchin' 'Amanda' in the Northern Stellar Highschool's student database that we dumped hours ago. "

"Found one matchin' record, Amanda Brooks, '09 Northern Stellar student and a member of the IT club. "

"Well... that explains why she's into computer stuff that literally get herself locked. Now I'll try to fly back to the Northern Stellar network area. Do a deep search of her families. I suspect a highly unpleasant family relationships, just like what I've encountered myself. "

protag hovered above Northern Stellar's IT building, while his onboard AI started to gather information about amychan's families.


impactus tertius part

before i started to write some shit

this "project" was born roughly 12 years ago, when i was a high school student myself, and in my boring as fuck high school life i was always dreamin' of participatin' in a sci-fi story myself, and even if it couldn't be true, at least i could make whatever my thought into a gta-like videogame and let others play it in the future

but 12 years later my dream of becomin' either a computer science genius or someone in the videogame industry still didn't come true, and here we are, an infinitely close joke, the shortage of video cards and the declinin' of my favorite videogame type, it just became too expensive to finish for any individual or small group of people

hence, the only thing i could do for myself 12 years ago right now, is to record it down before my memory of them perished and myself get drown into the trivial matters in my life, and hopefully someday i might be rich enough, the computer graphics tech would be powerful enough to make it a videogame, but currently i couldn't see it happen in another 12 years:bruhsette:


Northern Stellar High School, October 200⑨

There is another boring Saturday afternoon after another boring class that taught literally nothing. [insert_protag_name_here] thought like that as his classmates goin' outta the classroom, and he would do that too in minutes, except in most of the times he did it alone. Or he might be waitin' for his only friend, [insert_deuteragonist_name_here] from another class to visit him.

"Hey [insert_protag_name_here]! Where is your deskmates? Are they too busy to date other boys, leavin' you behind? "

"Have I told you that I didn't have any deskmate anyway? "

"But you don't actually care, right? "

"Yes, I didn't care. I'm not actually popular amoung girls, that they'd rather transfer class to avoid sittin' with me. But come to think about it, the absence of deskmates allow me to use three desks all by myself, I can set them up as a virtual meetin' room like now, and when I got a cheap laptop in the future, I might start to enjoy college life right now instead of three years or what later. "

"So what would you think of college life differ from high school life? Just the freedom to use computer whenever you can? "

"Of course not. The ability to pursue better and more useful knowledge, instead of the bullshit we're learnin'. I might know how to make computer programs, but that's the useless knowledge in this shithole. "

"That might be sad... But it's Saturday, and you can probably go program whatever you like at home. "

"Nah it's not the way I spent my holidays. Now I'd rather waste my time on Bionic Commando, and probably imagine myself to be Nathan Spencer, if I had that bionic arm of his, I might save my arse half of time from home to school, or even better... "

"Or you don't need to just imagine. I mean, you might be able to just become Bionic Commando. "

"What? "

[insert_deuteragonist_name_here] explained whatever he heard of here. The rich kid of the same class of [insert_protag_name_here] was plannin' to have a huge arse party today, to mostly show everyone and his fuckmates how wealthy he is, "But most importantly he will show everyone and his fuckmates a special set of high tech armor that was in his rich father's private collections. And it seems that neither him nor his father could be able to actually use it, otherwise it could not be in collections. "

"So how do you think I'm cabable of usin' it, and deeply humiliate the fuck outta that rich arsehole? And we didn't look like havin' invites of any kind. Come on, I'm the most marginalize one in this place, and you're not even in this class... "

"Don't worry, I've got it covered. Actually I planned for week. "

"Planned? What would you plan to do to them? "

"You might know that my mother is a biology teacher of another high school, so I learned the synthesis of a certain trance inducin' drug outta her book collections. "

"Wow. That's why your class had a huge arse accident in the last week's chemical laboratory? And you used high school laboratory to make highly sophisticated organics? "

"It's not that sophisticated anyway, at least not exceed what high school chemical laboratory could do. But anyway this drug can trance its targets into more likely to drink alcohol, until they're drunk as fuck. And I added them into their food by replacin' food materials that one of his sidekicks prepared for him, so when their party started, everyone in there would start to drink alcohol, and here comes our chances to get invites and get access to his high tech armor or such. "

"One moment I can't believe your mother was just a high school biology teacher. Alright I'll go with you, lead the way. "


They decided to walk their way to the rich kid's house, because both of them can't afford a texi. "Well [insert_deuteragonist_name_here], why would you pick him for your antics instead of other rich kids in our school? "

"Wouldn't you do that? Isn't he the most hated type of rich arsehole for you? "

"Yes, it might, I might be a little jealous of him, like how he could get the highest end computer while I had to use a shitty arse Pentium 4 that's literally nein years ago. But that won't be the reason you dislike him. "

"The reason I hate that arsehole is much more deeper. His father is one of the executives of a declinin' local mineral mining company. While his employees had so little salary that they can't even afford vegetables and meats in their everyday meals, this little shit and his family owned so much luxury shit like his new generation of iPods and computers and I don't know his tenth or neinth or 114514th girlfriends? It would be a ueber pleasant thing to watch him and whatever people likin' him get drunken as fuck. "

"And we're gonna tamper with his computer, install all the computer virus we could find, and then his high tech armor. I suppose that would be a much better entertainment than Bionic Commando. By the way have you played that game recently? That's the masterpiece of the decade! "

"Nope, I had motion sickness and this game made me vomit. "

"Too bad you can't enjoy it mate, but don't worry, Nathan Spencer mod for Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge would be comin' out pretty soon. "

"You can make Red Alert 2 mods? That's pretty great, where did you learn that from? "

"I was makin' such mods even when I was in middle schools. Seriously, days in middle schools are much better, classes are much easier and girls like me, at least probably because I always ranked first or second. Now as I see it, my competition was so weak, except his literature was way better than me, so he can win me every time. "

"And your literature was still bad even by now. And nope, your other classes didn't work out either. How could this thing happen? You don't look like a top student now anyway. "

"That's probably because I'm realy tired of this shit. Years ago I thought learnin' these bullshit would make me popular amoung girls, you know my mother didn't like me, and I had a hard childhood. I thought these girls would heal me mentally, and it turned out it's totally wrong, and I was overthinkin'. They approach me just because I was the king of the exam. I actually got into the best high school in the state, but for some reason I chose here instead, or I didn't have a choice. Now i'd rather be the worst student ever, and watch these arseholes workin' for useless shit, like some kinda unevolved apes. "

"Wow that's quite the hardcore cynicism you have, I'm impressed, really. "

"And what about the motives behind your antics against that rich arsehole? And why do I go with you without any doubt? Actually you're not less cynical than me, that's probably why we're the outcasts of each classes, and how we came together. "


At night they reach the rich kid's house, and the party was already started; all kinda boys and girls that might like that rich kid was goin' in, and they noticed there was someone checkin' invitations.

"Wow that's too formal, even for a student party. Is this arsehole thinkin' he's the executive of this school or what? "

"Or probably his family did have connections with the executive board of this school, that's why he could attend in the first place. And you seem to get in by Special Trainin' Program, right? "

"Yes, they're lookin' for computer programmin' talents and I got in, turned out I learned so fast that their teachers had to learn from me. What about you? "

"I'm actually transfered here, there was an accident that happens in my last high school... "

"Or more like antics... "

"Yes, I hated one of my teachers for fuckin' his students, so I managed to record their sex tape, and played it while no one's watchin' the school's PA system. And then that arsehole got fired and jailed and I'll have to tranfer here. "

"Wow, you're the one truly antic master, even better than Hermann Fegelein. I'm lucky that you're my friend instead of my enemy. "

While talkin', they soon noticed a drunken boy comin' outta the rich kid's house, with blank invitations on his hand. He must be drunken so much, that his sense of reality had a huge arse shift, might be thinkin' that bush over there lies a naked girl waitin' for him to fuck. They used this chance to simply take two of the invitations, and filled their names on it, imitatin' their "minister of interior"'s handwritin' style. Now they can pass the invitation checkpoints.

"Wait, you two didn't look like the people the Master would like to invite... " The guard looked them in doubt, "But since the minister of interior signed it, that means you're good to go. Better hurry up because the party is almost over. "


They reached the party and as they expected, everyone there, includin' that rich kid, were all drunken. There were empty wine bottles everywhere, that reminded [insert_protag_name_here] of how his father was also an alcoholic, even without trance inducin' drugs. Of course he was always tellin' his families that he drinks for the betterment of his business or work career or whatever, just like in this case alcohol can indeed corrupt people's mind and help another bunch of people reach their strategic objectives; Except that isn't the case for him, actually the reason his salary is so little is that he didn't have enough money to bribe his top boss with luxurious gifts so he refused to promote him, not that he didn't drink enough alcohol or persuade other people to drink enough.

"So there's only one conclusion: my father is a fuckin' alcoholic, and his theory of havin' to drink for career is nothin' but fuckin' excuses. And now seein' these apes drunken like my father indeed make me both feel bad and schadenfreude. "

And without efforts they saw the rich kid, drunken, embracin' two almost naked girls, losin' almost all of his speech abilities. They would see a public threesome sex minutes away, but they're not interested in watchin' this kinda big arse sex performance and probably fap and cum towawrds them in the process. They have to find the high tech armor kinda thing in his house, and try it before someone of them become sobor.

"And here we are, the magical armor! Did you see that? " They found a strange lookin' armor in the storage room, along with other accessories: a pair of glasses, a cybernetic arm gadget that looks exactly like bionic arm in Bionic Commando, and another strange device that they didn't know the usage.

"Wow even that arsehole plays Bionic Commando, is that game this popular? And I guess his computer must be able to play it in 60fps. "

author's note: in my high school times i don't thonk bionic commando was ever popular once, only i played in the first time then recommended to some other people, and it didn't happen in 200⑨ anyway, pentium 4 and mx440 didn't even support directx 9 so no bionic commando bruh

"Don't worry, what about you put these things on? Then you might be able to play Bionic Commando in real life! "

"Why me? "

"Because I need to care about logistics. And I believe you can use it to beat the crap outta them if accident happened, like some of them got sober. "

"Fine, I'll take it, I guess it's not a bad thing anyway? " [insert_protag_name_here] equipped the armor in doubt, "That thing is fuckin' heavy, like it's wearin' me instead of me wearin' it. Now I might understand why Nathen Spencer can't swim. His sole arm is about two hundred kilograms, and... seriously, I don't think I will sacrifice my own biological arm to obtain bionic arm abilities. "

"And don't forget the glasses! I think it's like control module or somethin'. "


The glasses suddenly started to flash when [insert_protag_name_here] were wearin' it. He can see texts appearin' on his glasses, overlayin' with the real scene, and voices through bone conduction:

"Initiator Operative Detected... Access to Initiator systems granted. "

"System Initialization Started: "

"Central Intelligence System... Check"

"Unable to detect Collective Consciousness system, switched to Local mode. "

"Exoskeleton Armor... Check"

"Icarus Flight System... Check"

"Micro Turbine Generators... Check (32/32)"

"Extensive Arm Gadget... Check"

"Direct Neuro Link... Check Failed"

[insert_deuteragonist_name_here] saw texts blinkin' from [insert_protag_name_here]'s glasses, "It works! That means, you're indeed the rightful owner of this armor. "

"Not yet, it lacks one more component to really work. Where is that Direct Neuro Link thing? "

"There is one more thing that's not installed, and how could I install it into your armor? Wait, what is the hole behind your head? "

"Do I have a hole behind my head? "

"Yes! And this thing looks like a screw just matchin' the holes behind your head! "

"So it was supposed to be plugged in? Then plug in! "

"Alright! " After the mysterious screw-like thing was plugged in the hole behind his head, [insert_protag_name_here] felt a powerful existance tryin' to contact him, and suddenly vomited;

"Oh shit mate, this doesn't feel right... "

"Should we stop bootin' this device? "

"No! just... let's try to move to somewhere reasonable to lock, like toilet. It needs several minutes to be fully workin'. " [insert_deuteragonist_name_here] carried [insert_protag_name_here] into the toilet and locked the door, and they look like a drunken couple, so no one literally had any doubt.


"Where am I? "

In the virtual world of emulated consciousness, [insert_protag_name_here] found himself alone, with blank background and suddenly world around him changed into a labotory styled room.

"We are the Initiators, and you must be the new Operative newly activated. Strangely we couldn't find your record in our member database, or currently this database cannot be reached. " A girl's voice came from nowhere, then a short haired girl with glasses and blue eyes appeared in front of him.

"And who are you? "

"I'm Athena, the onboard AI of the Initator System you're currently wearin' or implantin'. And don't worry, you're currently in the special emulated consciousness mode in your mind, to finalize the Neuro Link of your brain and the system. "

"Alright, Athena chan. Minutes later when I returned to my normal world, I might need to beat more than 30 of angry mob bosses that would think my armor didn't belong to me, just like Nathan Spencer. How would I do that exactly? "

"Nathan Spencer? " Athena chan seemed not to know anythin' about him, "Wait, I might need an Internet access... And got it, this place did have wireless networks, and cracked... It's 200... ⑨? "

"Are you from the future or what? "

"Yes, we're indeed from the future, somewhen called 114514th century. That means you're actually the Operative deployed into our time travel projects. No wonder you didn't remember anythin' about your missions. In this case, since we cannot connect to the Collective Consciousness system, we'll have to wait for another Operative to come to your time and space and get updated on missions. In the meantime, you might need to get familiar with your equipments everyday, and that's your current mission. "

"And fine. What about Nathan Spencer then? Did you find anythin' in your Internet surfin'? "

"Yes, he's the protagonist of the popular action game of your time, Bionic Commando. And our Extensive Arm Gadget works just like his Bionic Arm. Since you like this game and played it a lot, you can easily drag and throw your enemies into untergang just like in this game. Now you will return to your normal world, and try it out. "

"Thanks, Athena chan! I would like to hear more from your help, but I don't wanna get into this mode every time I'll need to talk to you. "


"You woke up? " They're still in the locked toilet, and impatient party members were rantin' at the toilet door.

"Yes, and it's fully operational. What about I find someone and do Spancer thing to him? " [insert_protag_name_here] stretched his extensive arm to the door handle and unlocked the door.

And they saw an angry tough guy watchin' them in horror, "What the fuck are you two arsefuckin' in toilet? Wait... is this the Master's Armor on your body? Why are you wearin' this? Where did you get the Master's permissions? "

"None of your barbarian brain's arsefuckin' business, you ignorant fuck! Go fuck yourself with the drunken cheap girls who would blow your short and useless penis off! "

"The fuck? You want a beatdown? " The tough guy wanna beat [insert_protag_name_here], while he was grabbed by [insert_protag_name_here]'s extensive arm, and seconds later he was sent flyin'.

"Seriously, why the fuck not disppear, for fuck's sake. " The tough guy was thrown into a sofa while two of the naked girls lyin', and everyone still didn't notice a thing.

"We gotta get the fuck outta here, one more sober arsehole comin' up and we're gonna really need to beat everyone here to get out. "


"Much thanks for your help, brother. Now with this armor equipped, I feel just like Nathan Spencer IRL. "

"And what about the next week? What would happen if that rich arsehole saw you wearin' his armor or what in the school? "

"Don't worry, I'm gonna literally beat the crap outta his sorry arse to prove that I'm the rightful owner of this thing. And if you would like, please record a video clip of me beatin' him up, so if he still didn't concede, we can upload it into YouTube, and make him an international parody material, at least in the Bionic Commando community. "

"Good idea. Now I'll have to run my way home, otherwise my mother would rant at me or something. What about you? "

"I still need to practise my newly got superpowers, besides it's holiday so my parents would let me stay a little bit longer. See you next week! "

After sayin' farewells, [insert_protag_name_here] was standin' at the rooftop of that rich kid's house, lookin' at the hollow street with street lamps.

"We're goin' home, Athena chan. But with the way I always want, swingin' through all these street lamps and whatever my arm can grab. "

"Alright then, it's a pretty good chance to increase your combat abilities. But... how should I call you? I still couldn't find any record of you in any databases. "

"What about... 'onii-chan'? I always want a cute sister, but my parents won't make me. I'm the only child at home and I didn't have other relative either, as far as I could remember. You can probably change the idea after connectin' to the database or what. "

"Then let's go home, onii-chan! "

"Right. " [insert_protag_name_here] started calibratin' the extensive arm to its maximum precision. The avaliable grab points in the street lamps below appeared on his glasses one by one. [insert_protag_name_here] jumped from the roof and suddenly grabed one of the grab point outta instinct. The swingin' way home begun!


[insert_protag_name_here] probably enjoyed grabin' all these street lamps and swingin' for half an hour, while suddenly an aircraft was approachin' him.

"Initiator Operative found, permission to fire. "

"Permission granted, ff-01. "

[insert_protag_name_here] detected missile locked from the aircraft. "What the fuck is this giant fuck? Evasive maneuver! Icarus system, ON! "

Wings stretched from his armor, the micro turbine generators powered on, and [insert_protag_name_here] was literally flyin' while doin' automated evasive maneuver.

"Oh shit! Oh for fuck's sake! " After evadin' these missiles, [insert_protag_name_here] decided to fight back. Just like what Spencer did in Bionic Commando, [insert_protag_name_here] approached the aircraft and grabbed the aircraft with him arm. The aircraft attemped to throw him off but failed.

[insert_protag_name_here] found himself happen to connect to the aircraft's debug interfaces. "Initiatin' self destruction command... Crackin' interface... Command sent! " The aircraft will be exploded with its pilot locked inside in 10 seconds. "Eject! " [insert_protag_name_here] loose grab of his arm and fly opposed to the aircraft's direction as fast as he can, and feel the explosion behind his back.

After a lengthy flight [insert_protag_name_here] finally returned home. His parents were already sleepin', so he avoided an explanation of where did his wired arse armor comin' from. Unequippin' his armor and hide it below bed, [insert_protag_name_here] went to sleep, while talkin' to Athena chan:

"Wow that was quite a fight. Now I might see Bionic Commando so fuckin' weak, because it didn't even support Spencer to fly. "

"What about you mod the game to add flyin' abilities, onii-chan? "

"Nah, 3D moddin' isn't my thing, I could only mod games like Red Alert 2. By the way what is the aircraft we were meetin' today? "

"Software Defined Aircraft Gen 3.1 if I recalled correctly. They belong to the opposite organization of us. "

"Opposite organization? What are they and why did they target me? "

"You're tired, onii-chan. We will discuss this in the future. Now we'll have to say goodnight. "

"Good night, Athena chan. "