genshin frontier: inazuma.part3.21.10.22

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"What a bunch of clowns... " Aeternus ran into the Futui facility as fast as he can, since the Resistance antics forced him to use a boat to reach Yashiori Island, "Well, what do we have here? A Futui facility, of course stealing the Abyss technologies. "

He remembered one of the secert project of the Futui to reverse engineer the Abyss technologies. "And probably this is what they have reached, " Aeternus thonks, "Vision users gained Elemental power from the Celestia, the Abyss Order gained Elemental power from the Lay Lines, but the Futui... They didn't have a power source. Thus Delusion is designed to drain the life force from the user, making them age faster. "

By defeating one after one Futui Skirmishers, Aeternus made into the central processing room of the facility. A bunch of Crystal Mallows were stacked everywhere. "So that's how Delusion channel the user's life force into Elemental powers... They definitely used Orobashi's remains, or what the locals called Tatarigami, as the catalyst. Of course other catalysts for it theorically exist, but this island has almost unlimited Tatarigami - Another gift the Raiden Shogun gave to her fellow subjects. Pretty ironic, Vision seized? Delusion instead! "

Aeternus recalled that once Kokomi mentioned a secret art involving Orobashi's Tatarigami. And since Delusion contains concentrated Tatarigami, he might come up with a new idea of their usages, and the Futui will definitely not like it.

Almost zero efforts spent before he saw the Harbinger who looked to be in charge of the facility. "You actually managed to find this place. Congratulations. "

"So what? Who the fuck are you anyway? Or like I actually care about it. "

"I'm The Balladeer, No. 6 of the Fatui Harbingers. And what made you visit here? "

"Guess, faggot. "

"Well, I guess you came here to destroy it, for your helpless Resistance friend, right? Unfortunately, you're too late. We've finished manufacturing enough Delusion for all of Teyvat to use, the test phases on Inazumans are finished, and the optimization of the current model is complete. So we're closing this facility anyway. "

"Why are you assuming things so fast? I didn't care about your business anyway. "

"Then why do you spend your precious time to mess with us? "

"What about 'beat some Futui and have some fun', would this answer make you satisfied? What's with the hostility? Just kidding, I actually came here to buy some Delusions. "

"You really need this thing? You can defeat our elites with Phys only, you didn't look like these weaklings. "

"Did I say I'll use it by myself? "

"I see, you wanna give them to others, to fuel the Inazuman civil war instead? Good, then I guess we're almost in the same boat. Here, take these for free. " The Balladeer threw a gift package to Aeternus, "A Snezhnayan gift pack of Delusion 14-pack, two for each Element. Have fun, and we're leaving. "

Then The Balladeer Folded outta this place, with all his staffs. "Have fun, huh... " Aeternus picked a random Delusion from it and started the procedure to perform the secret art, "What do they name it? Wait, they didn't give it a name, just said it's a 'secret art'. Whatever. "

After focusing all his wills into Delusion as the secret art instructed, all these Crystal Mallows around him resonated with it, shining in bright light. "Now give it a wish, and... What should I give? Cancel the fucking Fold Fault around this shithole? Form a big enough Elemental hakushin penis to autoreipu the Raiden Shogun, without Ei Raiden's consent? Whatever, I didn't have anything particularly wish to do here. Gotta informed the Resistance and start moving. " Aeternus cancelled the activation process and put the Delusion back into his pocket, and Folded into Watatsumi Island.

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After defeating Signora, Raiden Shogun executed Signora and promised to let Lumine chan leave this place alive, "But my promise only works on you, traveller. As for you, Sangonomiya... "

"What? " Kokomi didn't give a literal fuck, and prepare to Fold to the statue, "I had a gaint arse statue to unlock, O Mighty (hakushin) Shogun. Please don't waste my precious time. Speak, whatever bullshit you're gonna speak. "

"You even wanna unlock the statue, you little fuck! You're nothing but a Hydro Slime to me. My Elemental Mastery is something high, that you will be instantly eradicated by Electrocharged. "

plays Obelisk

"What if I'm a Electro slime instead? " Kokomi took out an Electro delusion from the pocket and ignited it, forming a thundering sphere around her.

"Wait... Kokomi, you know the side effects of using delusion, right? "

"Don't worry, it only lasts for mere seconds. Besides, der Shogun should see the irony that she forbids Visions but people just use Delusion instead. " Kokomi started moving towards the statue, while Raiden was hitting her with lighting frequently but caused no damages at all.

Lumine chan also started to leave the place. It was not like she could find out a way to break through Fold Fault, but it's not like Raiden would strike her either, probably because she might be busy hitting Kokomi in the air.