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interlude between 03 and 04

Amber and Eula were patrolling on Dragonspire as usual, while they saw an Abyss Herald looking monster in somewhere, with some Abyss Mages.

"Abyss forces! What the heck is their business in here? Should we call other Knights for backups, Eula? "

"Probably... But not now. I recently farmed some ueber powerful PhysDmg% Artifacts, and it's our perfect time to test fire on these Abyss arseholes. Let's see... " Eula noticed that the Abyss Herald likin' monster seemed to have some Cyro shields, "Is this the new kinda Cyro Abyss Herald people are rumoring about? Guess time to summon Bennett. Can you kinda reach him? "

"Let's try... " Amber sent out the help signal via Fold Wave, and seconds later, Bennett Defolded from a nearby Teleport Waypoint.

"Good afternoon everyone, hope you had lucky adventure without me... Wait, is that an Abyss Herald? "

"Yes, it is, and a rare one with Cyro shield. That's why we need you here. And now everyone's here, let's beat their Abyssal arse! "

"Go go Baron Bunny! " Amber threw out her toy right under the Abyss Herald's feet, while Bennett appeared behind it, charging his Elemental attacks to weaken its shield, and then deployed his Insperation Field. Amber aimed the Baron Bunny with a fully charged shot, finishing it with a huge arse explosion.

With the Abyss Herald's Cyro shield completely destroyed, Eula appeared in the Pyro mist and released the last stage of her Elemental Burst, with a violent shockwave that was supposed to destroy everything on its path with supposedly 8-digit damages; Except that didn't happen, and the Abyss Herald didn't look like damaged at all.

"Wiebitte? " Everyone was shocked.

"Hmph, the arrogant Favonius faggots. Your little shitty trick would never be a serious match to the superior Abyss technohogy. Now what's your cards remaining, Favonius faggots? "

"Guess it's really time to call for some serious reinforcements. "

"What reinforcements? Could anyone in the Knights deal with this monster? "

"Of course not. You'll see. " Several seconds later, the Abyss Herald was hit by a gaint ray of energy beam shot from the sky, comin' from a floating mansion sized thing, Defolding from a nearby Waypoint. "This one was a little bit hurt though, but still no match to the superior Abyss technology. That's all you got? "

"Fire while Defolding experiment... Succeed, and wait a minute, this Abyss monster still didn't die just yet? Guess we'll need some time to recharge. By the way, LSS-01 at your sercive, Spindrift Knight Eula. " The announcents from the floating mansion sent into everyone via Fold Wave.

"Is that... the legendary Jade Chamber from Liyue? Why is it coming in here? Shouldn't it already be destroyed from the Osial Incident? And why is it answering your calls? "

"Actually, it's a reconstructed model of the last Jade Chamber. " Eula explains, "After the recent incidents happened in both Mondstadt and Liyue, and another certain incident that involved a certain Honorary Knight and the Abyss Order that caused her missing, the two nations reached the agreement of mutual defense against the Abyss Order and the Futui and form the so called Lumine Treaty outta it. "

"Wait, is it implying that our Honorary Knight sacrificed herself to stop yet another massive Abyss invasion or what? No wonder we didn't see her in ages! "

"Probably that's whoever initiated the treaty thought. One of the joint efforts is exactly this gaint flying mansion above us, the reconstruction of the Jade Chamber, or as these Liyueians would like, the Liyue Space Station 01. It's basically the fruit of both nations' latest technologies: Liyue's anti-gravity thingy and an improved version of Guizhong Cannon, able to one shot Osial if this gaint opctopus dares to resurface. Paired with a fire control system that can automatically search Abyssal targets, calculate the energy needed to defeat them, and fire at them without any human intervention, developed by our alchemist team. But the most advenced technology it had ever equipped, is an alchemy device called 'Fold Drive', that allows a huge arse object like itself to Fold and Defold into anywhere with a Waypoint, made by none other than Albedo himself. And it's not only be able to find these targets automatically. Executives are able to call it in when they discovered some hard Abyss enemies like this one, and I happened to be one of them. "

"But they will revive at 4am every day! Is that of any use to beat them with this? "

"Of course it is! Since they'll need to wait for the next day to revive before being elimated soon after being discovered, they will never be able to carry out whatever evil plans they had in their brains. Or, probably they could just get the flying fuck outta Teyvat, so we can save some energies. Unless in this case, this Abyss Herald seems to develop some ways to conter this. What a pity. "

"Analysis complete. This target had an anti-Physical shield kinda things, and our calculation indicated that it needs 2147483647 damages to be destroyed, estimated charging time: 5 minutes. "

"Wait what? That's the biggest number in Teyvat! You must have made a huge arse calculation error, right? And seriously, we don't have five minutes, this target would be disappeared in seconds! "

"Or, all you need to do is to find someone to break its fucking shield? " a totally stranger came into the battlefield.

"Who the heck are you? "

"I am the Abyss Order's natural enemy, came here only to make their already misable life under the Jade Chamber or whatever this floating thing is, more misable. I might not be the 'Executives' who can call upon this deadly weapon, but my appearance still almost equals to yet another dead Abyss monster, and here comes another one. Am I right, Herald chan? "

"How dare you mock the Abyss and fucking call me Herald Chan! Eat my shit of Ultimate Banishment from all Discord chatrooms of the world, faggot! "

"Very well. I guess it's about time. " The stranger prepared to use his Elemental Burst, "Iiyo! Koiyo! Shoot your Abyssal energy into my chest! My chest!! "

"What's wrong with this maniac? Why did he open his chest to receive the damage? " But soon the damage dealt into him was countered with a devastating blow that pierced through the Abyss Herald's shield, disabling it.

"Well, the hardest part is finished. How you would like to deal with this Abyss arsehole, is completely up to you. I'm gonna have some drink in a certain Monstadter bar. See you, and come to find me for some Abyss-fucking advices, if you like. " The stranger Folded outta this place without a trace.

"Now we can also detect a complete vanishment of its shield. Imada! Guizhong Cannon mark 2! "

"Scheisse! " Eula quickly pulled Amber and Bennett and Folded outta there, right before the energy beam from the LSS-01 hit the Abyss Herald again, destroying it with a gaint arse explosion.

On the LSS-01 - Everyone were gathering on the deck, while Eula, Amber anb Bennett greeted the captain of the ship, none other than Beidou, the ex-pirate leader of the Alcor.

"Well, I didn't expect you outta everyone in the LTO became the captain of the LSS-01, Beidou, that's quite a surpirse. Tell me, how would you feel, to stop being a pirate leader and start commandeering a floating 'space station'? "

"Nothing different, it's still a ship anyway, except it's above ground, can move pretty fast, and with more powerful weapons on it. And what about you, how would you feel, to stop being the descendant of Mondstadt's most hated aristocratic family, and start being Master Jean's most trusted Spindrift Knight and Mondstadt's big hero, Eula Lawrence? "

"That's a long af story actually. Would you still like to listen? "

"I'm listening. This thing just won't stop flying, so you can use as much time as you want. "

"Fine then, " Eula tried to tell everyone about how Lumine chan helped her stop the conspiracy of a certain uncle of her, Schubert Lawrence, colluding with the Futui to invade Mondstadt again, and steal the prototype technology that Albedo was researching.

"Wait a minute, that must be the Fold Drive, right? Now it's indeed into the LTO's matters. Imagine the Futui got the hand on it... it would be a shitstorm for everyone. Just can't believe that Lumine actually involved in this thing too? "

"What do you mean by 'too'? "

"Lumine had helped us a lot, from major events of defeating Osial, to some minor legal issues, that she could be so patient to accopany our lawyers to handle the entire lengthy legal process. I guess she also did a lot for Mondstadters too, right? "

"Of course. Everyone in Mondstadt was indebted to her selfless help. "

"So was us Liyueians. We won't call ourselves Lumine Treaty Organization without vaild reasons. Now, we had such powerful weapon to keep the peace, but even didn't know if Lumine's alive or dead... If she's dead, where would be her body at? And if she's alive, where is she right now? "

interlude between 04 and 05

After their quest on Childe - They heard some Treasure Hoarders talking at the gate of the Golden House.

"Wait, they're not supposed to be here, right? Rex Lapis dead or not, it's still Ministry of Civil Affairs' sacred site, could someone get them off? "

Except they heard these Treasure Hoarders talking about something "Ganyu" and "Keqing".

"Let me guess... Another 'new' 'Mockeqing' joke, right? Can these arseholes form a 'Mockeqing' joke without any Ganyu? What about we just patiently hear them finish, then beat the fuck outta them so they would never dare to 'Mockeqing' for the rest of their life? "

"Hmph! You're so mean, Kazuha! " Keqing was pretty unpleasant.

"What is 'Mockeqing', is that some kinda high end Liyueian entertainment that I didn't know? " Aeternus asked.

"Something you would better not know... "

Meanwhile these Treasure Hoarders started to Mockeqing:

"Ganyu stopped Keqing from junpin' outta the roof,

"'Keqing, they lied to you! No one can outperform your damage with their insignificant digits, in all Electro characters! '

"Keqing: 'Really? '

"Ganyu: 'Yes, my Elemental Burst and Normal Attack could also only dealt with 4000 damages, so we're basically the same! '"

"That's quite a thonkeqing moment... "

"Keqing: 'Alright I believe in you!' And then she went off from the rooftop, 'Let's have some food in Wanming Restaurant! '

"Meanwhile a short haired cutie with cat ears and blue eyes came here,

"'Is this Ganyu senpai? I'm Diona, ' whatever, she seems to be called with this name anyway, 'A bartender from Mondstadt! I've heard that you once dealt 730k Charged Attack damages with three helpers in Sprial Abyss, so I came for advices. '

"Keqing: 'Wiebitte? '

"Ganyu looks at Keqing diffidently, 'Nonononono, it's my helpers that's powerful! ' and drags Keqing's hand, 'Keqing, don't do it! You can also output 100k with more helpers! '

"We all knew that's impossible, right? (lol"

"Keqing: 'I've thonked through, Ganyu, can you go somewhere with me? '

"Ganyu: 'Where? '

"Keqing: 'I've calmed down and thonked, Liyue Harbor's buildings are too low, Let's go to Qingyun Peak!'"

And these Treasure Hoarders were indulged in laughters.

a rough translation of:


that i didn't know the exact sourse

"It's about time, " Kazuha walked to them with sword armed, "Well, well. That was the most funny Mockeqing joke ever, so funny, that you couldn't even make sure you recall Diona's name right. What's fucking wrong with you, are your as brain degenerated as these Metachurls? "

"Wait, who the hell are you? "

"I'm coming here to mock your Mockeqing joke. Yes, that bartender in Mondstadt is indeed called Diona; And no, you shouldn't Mockeqing in front of Keqing, that would only make her sad. " Not until at that moment did these Treasure Hoarders suddenly noticed Keqing with them, and showed scared expressions on their faces.

"Would that mean mocking me behind my back is okay? Hmph! "

"Definitely not, Lady Keqing. But at least that would make you less unhappy, I guess... But now, time to beat their sorry arses! " Xiangling throw out her Guoba, while Kazuha unleashed his signature Elemental Burst. Keqing used her skills in Kazuha's beeg Pyro Canadian leaves, causing huge arse amount of Overloaded damages.

These Treasure Hoarders started to call for reinforcements, with more and more Treasure Hoarders Folded into the battlefield.

"Did you notice some unusual thing, everyone? When the fuck did these Treasure Hoarders learn how to Fold? " Aeternus noticed the unusual here.

"Probably Childe taught them - to make fun of us. We can easily prove that, then we can escalate it into an issue with the Futui, and call the LTO upon them. Should we call for our reinforcements? I'm a LTO Executive, they shall respond to our calls right away. "

"I would suggest not. We're enough to beat them off, besides, it's the perfect oppotunity to show your enemies, that you're not as weak as these Mockeqing jokes say. "

Ganyu happened to pass by the Golden House and saw people fighting, and she saw Keqing in it.

"Lady Keqing! Do you need my help to defeat these Treasure Hoarders? "

"No, we're prefectly fine. Just speculate us instead. "

"Alright then. " Ganyu then called for the LSS-01 to standby anyway.

On the LSS-01 - Everyone was watching Keqing and the others fighting below. "Ah, that thing again. "

"What again? " Eula asked the crew of the LSS-01.

"It must be some arseholes doing 'Mockeqing' jokes again. Well, Lady Keqing was pretty weak in combat, didn't you know? So when she's bullied by monsters and Treasure Hoarders, we'll have to arrive at her position and help her defeat them. Usually our fire control system didn't target Treasure Hoarders, except orders from her - Wait, why is the order still not through? "

"Orders from Lady Keqing - DO NOT fire. I repeat, DO NOT fire. " Voices of Ganyu reached the LSS-01 via Fold Wave.

"Wow that's a surprise. Let's do some analysis... A huge amount of Overloaded damages, generated from Lady Keqing's skills. Wait, how many Elemental Mastery exists in the environment? "

"Somewhere over 1100... some... 1145? "

"So Elemental Mastery Keqing really exists. No wonder she could pass Spiral Abyss 12-3 in three minutes. " As the battlefield became ueber chaotic, all Treasure Hoarders disappeared and a lotta Ruin Hunters and Ruin Guards Folded into it. The fire control system of the LSS-01 recognized them as Abyss creatures and began charging.

Aeternus saw the charging beam, "Let's stop fighting and Fold into safety, shall we? These Treasure Hoarders already learned their lessons, no need to keep your performance here. Or you wanna be caught up in the crossfire of a gaint arse energy beam and some Abyss creatures, your call. " and Folded out first. Kazuha followed him, while Keqing was still in doubt.

Ganyu dived into the battlefield and dragged Keqing outta it just before the beam on Guizhong Cannon finished charging and shot attached these Ruin creatures, dealing a huge arse explosion.


"The preparations are all complete. Wait... I still need to at least meet Sangonomiya and Lumine chan once. At least tell them about it. " Aeternus Folded into the depth of Sangonomiya Shrine, while Kokomi and Lumine chan were looking for a way to unlock Enkanomiya, Watatsumi Islander's rumored old habitant.

"Aeternus! You returned sooner than expected. What did you find in the Futui facility? Did you manage to destroy it? "

"Well, let's just say that this facility just finished its mission, and it won't be operating anymore. We're just too late to shut it down with our wills over the Futui's wills, unfortunately. But I didn't get there empty handed. See, I even got some Delusions. "

"Wait, Mr. Stellanomiya. Didn't I ban the usage of Delusions in my army like one month ago? Why would you think getting some Delusions with you considered some achievement? "

"Delusions alone won't be called achievement, but the secret about it would. In fact, I watched exactly how they're made, and discovered one of the natures of these Delusions: they're made by concentrated Tatarigami, so by sacrificing one Delusions, you can use whatever secret art of yours involving Orobashi, to grant a wish that seems impossible, something the Futui would never imagine. " Aeternus threw one Delusion to Kokomi, "Would you like to try to, well, summon one to eliminate everyone on Kujou Encampment for test fire and fun? "

"I would not consider killing everyone on a random inland 'fun', Mr. Stellanomiya. We're a just cause, unlike these Shogunate arseholes. "

"But these corrupted politicians in Tenryou Commission would consider killing everyone on Watatsumi Island, fun and full of achievements. Your fucking precious island is nothing but a stepping stone of their political ascension for them. And what would you do about them? "

"So you're coming here to pursuade me to equip Delusion to everyone, or what? "

"Of course not. I promised Kazuha to help, so I'll help as much as I can, until the war is over. And actually the war will be pretty soon over anyway. I'm talking about the postwar order, and the opportunity your were possible to seize. "

Aeternus can sense Kokomi's impatience, "I knew you might not understard the necessarities to prepare for postwar, when the war was still on. Let me ask you about something, how could you keep your resistance when the war is over, and the Vision Hunt Decree was totally abolished? "

"Then we do not have a reason to resist anyway, what would I do? Just dissolve the Resistance, and I'll keep my role as the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island. "

"Then, what if these arseholes in Tenryou Commission wanna invade your island again, use the dead bodies of your own people to build the path of their own political ascension in Tri-Commissions? Like how they can find an excuse like you actually formed a Resistance in the war time, and they want retribution? Or, whatever stupid excuses they had anyway, what would you have to stop them? At that time, you even didn't have an army to use, unlike now. "

"That's really a huge arse problem... " Kokomi thonks.

"But don't worry, I had a solution of this. If you wanna make sure the autonomy of Watatsumi Island presists or even become strengthened postwar, you must become one of the Tri-Commissions. "

"What. The. Actual Fuck are you talking about? "

"I've been fucking serious, Mein Excellency. Under the current and probably the future Shogunate system rules, a huge arse decision like invading Watatsumi Island again, requires unanimous agreements of all Tri-Commissions - That's probably one of the reasons the Vision Hunt Decree was still not abolished yet, Kamisato clan's proposal got 1-2 every time. Imagine you're one of them - Even Kamisato clan fucks you, the evil axis of Kujou clan and Kamisato clan still couldn't make their evil agenda through. Or, they could do that just behind Raiden's back, like how they collude with the Futui in such manner, in that case you just need to report their sorry arses and their shitty political life would be over. By the way, currently these system didn't work properly, because we all knew that Raiden was kinda broken, and we need to probably fix it with this war. "

"So how could I be one of the Tri-Commissions? "

"That's where the postwar order kicks in. I haven't talked about the details of what the reinforcements I would like to call is, and the nature of them before. But now it's only three of us and no other obsessed or strange people around, and it's convenient to talk. Let's start from - Well, the major political body of the Old World, is an international alliance of powerful individuals of Mondstadt and Liyue, formed to deal with the Futui and Abyss Order threats in all over the world. Inazuma was filled with Futui-loving arseholes and Electro Abyss Mages, a perfect reason for them to come. They called themselves LTO, short for 'Lumine Treaty Organization' - "

"Wait, why did they use my name? "

"Because they thought you're dead in the supposed Abyss incident, Lumine chan. So they formed a so called Lumine Treaty to commemorate your supposed death, hence the name. "

"Wait, I was just chasing my brother into a Fold portal, and... "

"You ended up appearing in Inazuma? " Kokomi asked.

"Probably... "

"I see. Now I kinda understand what happened to you. But anyway, after the war is over, Inazuma cannot keep isolated forever. The Fold links between both worlds would open, and you're gonna join the LTO and become one of their Executives anyway, with other powerful individuals like Ayaka Kamisato and the others. And most importantly, the LTO will seize control of the Shogunate, and force a series of reformation, before it could be operating in the LTO's favor again. Do I need to repeat their favor? An alliance against the Futui and the Abyss Order. Anything against them would be kept. Anything colluding with them would be abolished. Your chance of becoming one of the Tri-Commission lies in their reformation plans, Mein Excellency. "

"What if the Shogun resists the LTO from messing with her government? "

"I don't think, as the sole war criminial and an accomplice of the Futui postwar, it's wise for her to ever thonk of resisting. The LTO is a pretty formidable army, that can fuck her up every single day from 4am, to stop her from reviving. Actually, she shall start to do redemption instead, probably if her redemption works did well, they will even offer an Executive seat for her. "

"So, what exactly will they replan the Shogunate postwar? "

"As whatever intel I colleted - One of the Tri-Commission would be abolished, and another one of them would have a huge reform. Since we had the direct evidence of Takayuki Kujou colluding with the Futui, his political life would be fucked, by either Raiden or the LTO, or both, whatever. Sara Kujou would more likely to be the new Commissioner of Tenryou Commission. As for Kanjou Commission, they mainly run Ritou to provide economies for an isolated Inazuma - And since Inazuma postwar would no longer be isolated, not to mention the evidence of their Commissioner, Shinsuke Hiiragi, colluding with a certain Futui Harbinger was also found by us and Kamisato's elite ninja team, the entirety of them would be abolished, and I guess Hiiragi clan's days would be totally fucked for good. Then you will try to form a new Commission to fill into this beeg arse power vacuum, for example, call it 'Watatsumi Commission'? And you will have a pretty legimate reason to keep Watatsumi Island autonomous, at least as autonomous as Ritou, or even more if you needed. No way anyone in Tenryou Commission would dare to step into Watatsumi Island, Mein Excellency. "

"No wonder that Hiiragi old brat tried his best not letting me get the fuck outta Ritou. Now I knew why - they had the support of a Futui Harbinger. "

"Could you recount which Harbinger you would firstly think of? My intel didn't get who this harbinger is. "

"None other than a certain La Signora. I had a score with her in Mondstadt, but never thought that she would dare to appear in Inazuma! I will make her life more painful. "

"Good, an extra Futui Harbinger to beat, I'll take that intel directly to the LTO when I returned. Don't worry, Lumine chan, we will beat the fuck outta whatever Signora is, she just gave us another legimate reason to beat Raiden as well. Anyway - " Aeternus prepered to move out, "Last advices, Mein Excellency - Make your way to one of the new Commission in the new postwar Tri-Commission and make yourself the Commissioner, and probably make your descendants inherit the position of the Commissioner, do not make the stupid political mistakes like these two Commissions do, you will keep the peace and prosperity of Watatsumi Island forevermore. I will do whatever I could help to make the LTO handle the postwar order in your favor as much as possible, but it still needs your own effort to make it possible. "

"I'll take your advice, Mr. Stellanomiya. Tell us, why did you make Watatsumi Island's matter as if it's your own? We could hardly give you any benifits outta that. "

"Let's just say, uh, I had noticed some of Watatsumi Island's history. Your people were supposed to make peace with either Raiden or the Shogunate for like hundreds of years, right? Until none other than Tenryou Commission came to fuck your life... "

"So you also know who destroyed the Narukami Shrine in Watatsumi Island, right? "

"Right. And I know just why they did it - They just wanna make Watatsumi Island one of their military exploits, risking the life of either your people or their own people for the political ascension of a certain Commissioners sittin' their fatty arses in their Narukami Island's comfy office. And the corrupt Shogunate just chose to ignore all of them, bacause their head of governement, is a fucking unfit suka god that was obsessed with the so called 'Eternity' nahui, and didn't notice anything else! I will fuck all of them up, so they will be regretted ever existed, for the rest of their lives! And now with the LTO's power on our side, they can probably idiidiidiidi nahui blyat!

"But anyway, we haven't made the first step of the long march yet. I'm gonna return to the old world, by using one of these Delusions to test fire on the Statue of the Omnipresent God, as the proof of concept, of mainteining interworld Fold portals. It needed to be stable enough to allow a lotta personnels to come here, and it needed to exist long enough to furtherly mock Raiden outta her stupid arse Sakoku Decree. But after that, I mean when you need to activate the statue again, you'll need to find a way to deal with Fold Fault, if there would be any. Here, more Delusions for you to use, " Aeternus gave them two more Delusions, "Now I really need to go. Activate the statue probably one month later, and we'll meet again. " then disappeared in a mere second.