genshin frontier: operation inazuma.21.09.04


It's Lumine chan's neinty neinth day since she was trapped in this place called Inazuma, without ways to return to her familiar land. Still, she could recall her reckless action of saving Thoma from his Vision taken everyday, thus making her the most wanted ever by the Raiden Shogun, and having to flee to Watatsumi island to work under Sangonomiya Resistance temporarily.

"C-captain Lumine! Her Excellency sent me here, she required your immediate attendance, sofort! "

"For what? For another ronin camp behind our lines to rek? If that's the case, tell Kokomi to go fuck herself, I had other important matters to attend. "

"I don't know, but she said it's an ueber urgent matter, seems much more urgent than our ronin problems. "

"Ah-I see... I knew what she's talking about. It must be... Alright, I'll reach her asap. " Lumine thonks.

"What is it? " One of Lumine chan's travel companions, Tachibana Sacchara, asked.

"Didn't you remember the Fold network problem I mentioned yesterday, sweetheart? "

"The strange device that allows us to teleport throughout Watatsumi Island and elsewhere? "

"Yes. Teleport Waypoints throughout Watatsumi Island had different Fold network specifications than elsewhere, only someone with the Resistance IFF could use it to reach Sangonomiya Shrine. But last few days I saw a bunch of Shogunate arseholes trying to activate one of the terminus nodes, of course they got rekt by us in time. I thonk they must found some vulnerabilities in our IFF protocols, if they want, they can deploy their main army right into our headquarters, and we can do nothing about it. We better hurry to see if our Zhuge Kokomi thonk of any countermeasures. "

After a series of Fold jumps, they finally reached Sangonomiya Shrine, the Resistance's headquarters. In the war room sat Sangonomiya Kokomi, the commander and chief strategist of the Resistance aka "Inazuman Zhuge Liang", as well as other Resistance figures.

"Who is Zhuge Liang though? "

"One of the greatest strategists in Liyue's history, his stories are pretty much to say in a few sentences. And yes, the session already started, let's hear from them. "

Kokomi noticed Lumine's arrival. "You finally arrive, Captain Lumine. Now our new operation is a go. Several days ago, my intel sources indicated that the Shogunate Army plan to initiate a massive invasion to totally get rid of us, using our own Fold networks. "

"And as what I could know, they actually believe the theory that our Fold technology is pretty primitive, that these Waypoints could only be set within a certain distance, so someone will have to jump multiple times before they can reach here. But actually, our Waypoints can project as much distance as the Shogunate ones, the rules of jumping is only used to stop threats mid jumps... "

"I seem to follow you. That means, in their invasion plans, if they actually had one, they will try their best to finish jumps and jump right into our last Waypoint in the preceived jump route. And you might need me to move this Waypoint into elsewhere? "

"Exactly! You definitely had perfect locations for these Shogunate army to reach, right? "

"I had pretty many, like... the Electro water in Seirai Island. Of course normal water would be enough to drown them to death, but Electro water... would make them suffer more before death. Let them taste their beloved Shogun's own medicine. The problem is, how exactly could I set the Waypoint in the middle of Electro water? I just couldn't freeze this kinda water long enough to construct a Cyro bridge so I could have enough time to set it up. "

"You can definitely use Geo if you want, right? Put up some Geo Constructs, then you can set it up in there. "

"But I can't return to the old world to touch Geo statue to change my element back to Geo. Otherwise I could even persuade Zhongli into the operations. He could make higher Geo Construct than mine. "

"Let me think about it... If you couldn't, just put it above some kinda normal water, they're gonna be drown anyway. "

"And what about the vulnerabilities in our IFF protocol-"

"I know, I know. I already knew what kinda vulnerabilities they're gonna use, and how we're gonna fix it, and luckily, the fix can be applied in single Waypoint scale. That means, we can fix all these Waypoints near our critical locations, so they will never be able to pose any real threats to us. And we deliberately left some of these Waypoints unpatched, so they'll be forced to go through the jump route we chose for them, and the last jump would be in whatever location you'll set up. And now here's the Waypoint. Take it, and put it in wherever you like. The Shogunate army would be in hours. "

"Hours? That was pretty fast. I gotta get going asap. " Lumine chan took the Waypoint from Kokomi, and disappeared via Fold in a mere second.


It's getting more and more festival atmospheres in the land of Liyue, while Kaedehara Kazuha was wandering around Guyun Stone Forest, as usual. Even as now he still wondered how the literal futabruh could he Fold outta Inazuma anyway, since if you're in Inazuma, you can't actually find anywhere else to Fold outside your familiar locations, especially if you're wanted by the Shogunate, you will have much less locations to Fold.

And then he saw a purple clothes girl with cat ears fighting enemies in style. But her damage output is too low, the fight became too stranded and painful. Kazuha decided to join her fight, and he used his skills to mix enemies with Electro and Hydro together. He's a firm believer of Elemental Mastery, and he already equipped Viridescent Venerer of 1145 Elemental Mastery, that made these enemies suffered huge arse Electro-charged damage, thus finished the fight pretty quick.

"Wow, I'm pretty impressed. Actually I don't need your help, but still thanks. "

"You didn't look like you won't need any help though, otherwise you should finish them in seconds. By the way, your cat ear is pretty cute, actually. "

"It's hairstyle, not cat ears! "

"Sorry, I did not see that coming. What's your name then? "

"I'm Keqing, Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing. "

"Never expect to meet a Qixing here... Only if these commissioners could get the fuck outta their headquarters for a millisecond, probably they could get a better understanding of how to rule Inazuma... "

"You said you're from Inazuma, right? I thought this place is only a myth. My friends always joke on me that I could become Electro Archon when these alchemists in Mondstadt really created Inazuma from scratch anyway. "

"No, Inazuma really exists, it's just unreachable or unfoldable from here. And it really had an Archon too. "

"Oh, is it a good Archon, or a bad one? "

"It's pretty hard to describe her as simply good or bad, let's just say, she's a controversial Archon. "

"How so? "

"She started to isolate Inazuma from the outside worlds, so that these harms cannot even reach Inazuma; and in the meantime we had corrupt as fuck Tri-Commissions, or at least two of the three are rotten to the core. Not to mention her current Vision Hunt Decree literally formed Sangonomiya Resistance, thus the civil wars. "

"That's pretty interesting, an Archon hunts Visions instead of issuing them. No wonder there are no new Electro Vision user over these years... " Keqing thonks, "No to mention I didn't remember how many months passed since I was rejected from any Spiral Abyss teams. "

"You mean the performance show that reqires participants to beat a bunch of tough enemies in three minutes? It's said that Visions are gods' projection upon humans, so if she's really not interested in human anymore, that might explains the sudden damage output drop in Electro Vision users... "

Kazuha suddenly realized that Keqing must be mocked for her loss in damage output for quite a time. "... But don't worry, I know just the way to regain your battle power. "

"Really? By how? "

"Well, I'm a specialist in Elemental Reactions, of course I know. When Electro reacts with Pyro, it would cause powerful Overload, which is Pyro damage, that's totally outta Electro Archon's reign. If we could find another Pyro user to travel with us, we can totally fuck the Abyss, and people will no longer mock you. Not to mention my Viridescent Venerer set can decrease enemies' Pyro res for 40%, so they will receive more Overload damage. "

"Sounds pretty good. If your theory's correct, I only need to stack Elemental Mastery? "

"Exactly! You must have a lotta Thundering Fury with Elemental Mastery mainstat, right? If you use them, you can totally forgot about substat optimizations, and have fun. "

"Yes, I even had three sets of Thundering Fury all of Elemental Mastery. "

"Then upgrade them! And we'll head for Hanfeng's Ironmongers to forge an Iron String. Did you have extra Sword Billet? "

"No, but I can exchange one at Mingxing Jewelry with my Geo Sigils. "

"Good. Now we need to find a Pyro user to accompany us. "

"I knew exactly the people we need, Xiangling, Wanmin Restaurant's Head Chef. She will hardly refuse us if we are on the adventure for food ingredients. "

"Good, Musk Reef if pretty near Mondstadt, and we can help her find food ingredients for payments of participating the Abyss conquest. "

"Alright then, let's Fold back to Liyue Harber to see what Xiangling's doing. " Keqing and Kazuha disappeared in a mere second.


The Shogunate Army's invasion plans started with a fake truce, helded at Yashiori Island, the place where Watatsumi Island's god, Orobashi, was slain. As Sangonomiya Kokomi arrived, she found the Shogunate Army sent Kujou Takayuki, The Tenryou Commission's head commissioner, to form "peace talks". Probably they wanna use the Resistance' hands to assassinate him, so someone else in the Tenryou Commission could seize position of the commissioner? Kokomi thonks.

"Are you the famous Zhuge Kokomi? "

"Ja. "

"I've heard about you long before. My honor to meet you today. I assume you're aware the current situation. Why do you wage war and start the uprising with no just cause. "

"I came here to abolish the Vision Hunt Decree. Is that not just enough cause? "

"Hahahaha….. Why do you have to go against God and people? Havent you heard the saying: 'those who submit will prosper; those who resist shall perish?' Now the great Shogunate Army has millions of solders and thousands of officers. With your pathetic forces like a firefly. Is it really a match to the bright moon in the sky? If you could lay down your arms and surrender with due respect, your title would still remain. Isn't peace the most pleasant thing? "

"Hahahhahahhaha…. I thought, an old commissioner like you, would say something wise before your men and my men. Never expected you'd give such an ugly parochial speech. I have a word for everyone here to thonk about:

During the regions of the current Raiden Shogun, the shogunate authority declined with eunuchs fermenting disturbances that led to national chaos. After the Vision Hunt Decree, traitors continued one after another. Abducting Their Majesties and abusing people. As a result, unworthy and inhumane people took office and drew salary in the Tri Commission. So that the power had all been manipulated by those who were either barbaric or bowing, leading to the ruin of Inazuma and great infliction of the folks. By the time of calamity, what have you been doing, mister commissioner?

I happen to have known your history long before. You lived on the Narukami Island, and were supposed to work for the Shogun and the nation. And you, however, wage rentless wars and even collide with the Futui! Even by Gods, Your crimes are not to be forgiven! "

"You, you! Sangonomiya rustic jackass! How dare you…"

"Shut the fuck up! Old rat, didn't you know people all cross the nation wanna eat you alive, and you still have the nerve to rap? Fortunately, our nation is still blessed. In Watatsumi Island, the Resistance raised up, and we came to rape your Shogunate sorry arse. An arse-kisser like you should have hidden yourself to linger your pathetic life. How dare you blabber the God's will my men? You white-haired, old piece of shit! You are about to drop dead soon, and by then, how would you face Inazuman people sacrificing for the nation! Your lived 76 years without any achievement or talent but this ass-kissing tongue! How dare you, a spineless hound, even had the nerve to bark at my men! I have never met such a shameless suka blyat like you! "


credits go to https://www.bilibili.com/video/av41510588 for his translations of Zhuge Liang vs Wang Lang

Suddenly, thunder and rain covered Yashiori Island, with strange atmosphere in the air.

"Tatarigami! Who the fuck released Orobashi on the island? We gonna do Emergency Fold, SOFORT! " Kokomi and her men suddenly vanished, leaving Shogunate people confused. They also wanna use Fold, but the Fold Fault covered the entire island and they just couldn't Fold into anywhere, basically trapped.

"Finally, our ancient god has heard our call, and these Shogunate scums are trapped here like rats! Face the warth of your own sins, arseholes! " The Resistance army ambushed them and started a pretty chaotic fight.

Amoung them lies Neison, a Mondstadter willingly helping

"What will we do right now, commissioner? "

"Ever since we can't Fold, we'll have to retreat this place via foot. Retreat to Nazuchi Beach and wait for reinforcement. Did you bring fireworks? "

"Yes, commissioner. "

"Then fire away! Sara will know what happened and come to help us. Let's hope that our special forces made progress there, when Sangonomya returned her headquarters, she did Nazi this coming! Hahaha! "



After defeating Signora, Raiden Shogun executed Signora and promised to let Lumine chan leave this place alive, "But my promise only works on you, traveller. As for you, Sangonomiya... "

"What? " Kokomi didn't give a literal fuck, and prepare to Fold to the statue, "I had a gaint arse statue to unlock, mein Shogun. Please don't waste my precious time. Speak, whatever bullshit you're gonna speak. "

"You even wanna unlock the statue, you little fuck! You're nothing but a Hydro Slime to me. My elemental mastery is something high, that you will be instantly eradicated by Electrocharged. "

plays Obelisk

"What if I'm a Electro slime instead? " Kokomi took out an Electro delusion from the pocket and ignited it, forming a thundering sphere around her.

"Wait... Kokomi, you know the side effects of using delusion, right? "

"Don't worry, it only lasts for mere seconds. Besides, der Shogun should see the irony that she forbids Visions but people just use delusion instead. " Kokomi started moving towards the statue, while Raiden was hitting her with lighting frequently but caused no damages at all.

Lumine chan also started to leave the place. It was not like she could find out a way to break through Fold Fault, but it's not like Raiden would strike her either, probably because she might be busy hitting Kokomi in the air.


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