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After a tough fight, Keqing, Kazuha and Xiangling totally rekt Spiral Abyss 12-3 in three minutes. For some reasons, they even had Xingqiu, who's happened to appear in there when they arrive Wanmin Restaurant, volunteered to join their quests. As greeting gifts, Kazuha gave one of the specialities of Inazuma, Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set to Xiangling and Xingqiu, and greatly improved their battle potentials, making this miracle possible.

And now people were celebrating them in Angel's Share, a tavern in Mondstadt.

"... And that's it. No one would dare to mock your damage outputs anymore, even if they wanna mock, you can shove the full star 12-3 Spiral Abyss cert up their sorry arses. " Kazuha prised Keqing for her battle performance, although he might be thonking that all these magnificant Overload damages she dealt, actually calculated with his EM instead, a basic lesson of Advanced Elemental Reaction Theory, 114514th Edition.

"I'm grateful for your help. What would you want? I'll do anything... "

"Anything...? My request might be a little bit hard to fulfill, would you still do that? "

"How hard? Would that be 'spend a night with me' kinda hard? Of course, it's not actually impossible, if that's with you... "

"I would never ask for this kinda superficial thing. Well... My request is: Reach Inazuma, and persuade the Raiden Shogun to abolish her Vision Hunt Decree bullcrap. "

"Now that's pretty hard, though. Persuading a stubborn Archon to change her mind? If you mean 'by force', that might require the power of the entire LTO to reach Inazuma, not to mention how do we reach there in the first place... "

"Wait... What exactly is the LTO you're talking about? I only knew some governing bodies like Liyue Qixing and Knights of Favonius, where is this LTO coming from? "

"It's short for Lumine Treaty Organization, and it's pretty long to explain it in a sentence. Basically you can thonk this as a combination of Qixing and Knights, and other elite humans in Teywat. Maybe... As one of the Executives, I could bring this matter into our gathering, and we can form a hearing and invite you in, so maybe we could reach a consensus and start reaching Inazuma... "

"By 'Lumine', did you mean a blonde short haired girl with golden eyes? I've had a meeting with her not long ago. Very fascinating person, also full of mysteries. "

"When was the last time you met her? "

"Three months ago... What? "

"Never mind. I thought it would be something new after the Abyss incident. I guess the probablity of her still alive is... Pretty low. Now then, another question remains: How do we reach Inazuma? "

And a fancy looking man interrupted them, "Did you say, reach Inazuma? I might know a way, Mr. Kaedehara. "

"Do I look like knowing you? And how did you know me? "

"You might not know me, but I've been seeing your activities in here for a long time. "

Everyone fell silent. "Well, what's the manner? My apologies, I forgot to properly introduce myself. I'm Aeternus Stellanomiya, one of the remaining few members from the Inazuman Shogunate's most hated Stellanomiya family, since my ancestors had backstabbed them so hard that they might get PTSD outta my name, haha. Just like you, I'm banished from my homeland too, probably. "

"Why did you call your name in such order? "

"Tha's because I'm a spiritual Mondstadter now. Don't ever try to compare me with these Shogunate arsehats, I don't wanna be represented by them. "

"Spiritual Mondstadter? "

"What's wrong with it? Just like you're a spiritual Liyueian anyway. You might look like coming from Inazuma, but you used Diligence series as talent levelup materials, you like to hang out with Liyueian cuties, and you seem to enjoy Liyue more then your homeland. "

"How do you even know the talent levelup material part? "

"I've been seeing you entering Taishan Mansion too many times, with your Liyueian buddies. Just like I need Resistance series to levelup my talents. So basically why would you still wanna return to Inazuma anyway? You know the Raiden Shogun would like to stick to her hakushin eternity philosophy forever, refuse to listen to any constructive advices, and just watch her own nation burn in hell and do nothing about it... "

"But something must be done. I can't stand people having their Visions and wishes taken. Even if that means my own death, I'll still at least try to fight. "

"Good, I see your reasons through. Well then, I'll offer help - just like you guys talked earlier, if a single person wanna return to Inazuma, you can just hope for a random Fold accident, and it might be done. But, if you wanna Fold a lotta personnels and heavy weapony into Inazuma, you might need to find a way specified for this. Did you remember the Futui? "

"Yes, they're everywhere, then what? "

"Did you see their home nation in anywhere of Teyvat? Has anyone ever reach there? "

"They said they're from Snezhnaya, but no one has ever reached this place... "

"What if this 'Snezhnaya' is not even in this world anyway? They must have the way to Fold themselves from their home world to this world, or Inazuma. And if you couldn't reach Inazuma via a common Teleport Waypoint, that means just like Snezhnaya, Inazuma is also an isolated world, so their Fold technology also works for us. Find a random Futui guy and beat him up until he talks. What about that arrogant Futui Harbinger, someone named 'Childe'? When was the last time you see him? "

"Golden House, I guess...? " Keqing still remembered the time they beat Childe before he released Osial.

"Well then, let's beat Childe again. "

A team of Aeternus, Keqing, Kazuha and Xiangling arrived at the abandoned Golden House and saw Childe there, as expected. Xingqiu had other matters in Feiyun Guild to process, so he couldn't join the fight with them.

"Well, well, isn't that the famous Inazuman wanderer, Aeternus Stellanomiya? What wind blows you here? And wait, why the fuck did you bring a Qixing with you? "

"After quite the stunt you've performed, you're still allowed to stay in Liyue, I'm pretty impressed. If people in Liyue harbor happen to know it's you who released Osial and almost had Liyue harbor destroyed, you would never be like this, pretending innocent. "

"So what? We made a deal. Ningguang would never make it happen, since she also had things to hide... "

"Ningguang what? " Keqing seemed not know the deal between them.

"Lucky for you. But we came here to, well, ask you the way to reach Snezhnaya. I would like to have an one on one talk with your suka Archon, probably about how she's a shameless suka blyat for causing the misery for other people's lives. "

"Wait, what kinda advanced interrogation technique is this? " Everyone was shocked by Aeternus' speeches.

"Your suka Archon is even worse than Inazuma's one, at least she only know how to torture her own people. Now, beat us, because if you lose, you're gonna tell us the biggest Futui secret anyway, regardless of your willingness - how the literal fuck did you arrive here from Snezhnaya? "

Childe seemed to be ueber angry, "A fight? If you want a fight, then fine, but disrespecting our Archon? Idi nahui Mondstaters, your stupid bard Archon is no match to Tsaritsa! " Childe skipped his normal battle form and transformed into his Foul Legacy form directly.

"Well, well... Stolen technology from the Abyss Order. No wonder I dislike the Futui too... " Aeternus prepered to use his Elemental Burst, even though he didn't have a Vision anyway, "Iiyo! Koiyo! Use your Abyssal power to hit on my chest! My chest! "

As he expected, Childe shoved a powerful whale towards him, and suddenly he countered it with a devastating blow, dealing massive Physical damages towards Childe, ending his Foul Legacy state.

"Stop acting smart, Childe. Actually we don't wanna go to Snezhnaya at all. We just need to bring a bunch of people into Inazuma and fuck its Archon, probably inside her Archonic virgin pussy. The way you guys used to come here would greatly help with our quests. "

"Fine... Why didn't you say it earlier, you don't need to fight me anyway. I guess a certain Signora would be pretty happy to see you fuck up her plans... " Childe then told everyone about the way the Futui used to project people into other worlds and left.

After Childe was left - "I see... If my understanding of his word is correct, the Futui used an amplified Fold device to connect to Teleport Waypoints from other worlds, and Fold into it. As long as this Fold device is provided with enough power, it could be used to Fold into any world its user wants. Except... It's a one way ticket. Unless the same kinda device could be built in the destination, one could not return to his original world. "

"So if that's the case, we can't risk deploying our people into there. "

"But don't worry, once both world had these devices operational, people and goods can Fold between them like one world. So we still need to build such device first, and deploy one of us beforehand. "

"And who would you like to deploy into there first? "

"Of course myself! It's been quite some time since Inazuma was isolated, As an intelligence driving person, I would like an update of the current situation, make contacts with local resistance, find a perfect place to build a massive Fold device under the Raiden Shogun's nose, and find a way to conduct a joint operation of us and the resistance possible. So if I returned from Inazuma days after, that means the joint operation is a go; Otherwise, you can totally forget such plan exists, or my exsitence at all. So first, who could provide enough energy needed to power such device? "

"Let's all get to the LTO Headquarters to form a hearing, and see what we can do. "

All of them returned to the LSS-01 to find a way to build such Fold amplification device Childe said.


Meanwhile in Senrai Island - Lumine chan and her buddies watched the Shogunate elite special forces drowning in the Elecro water of the central Senrai.

"Welcome to Sangonomiya, nein, Senrainomiya Shrine, motherfuckers! " Lumine chan shouted at them.

"I didn't know that sarcasm is in Lumine chan's middle name. " Thoma commented.

"What's wrong with the sarcasm? The Resistance is nearly fucked, the Raiden Shogun didn't hear her people's wishes, I couldn't return to the old world, and we're both wanted. Why not have fun suffering? "

After being rescued, Thoma initially just wanna hide in Komore Teahouse until the war's over. But Lumine chan spent a lotta efforts to persuade him to traval with her, like "If you stay in there, it's only a matter of time until Kamisato's political enemies try to drag your sorry arse outta the teahouse as a preliminary step to fuck Ayaka over, and this time no one would come to rescue you. And I guess the Shogunate would not just take your Vision away, probably your life too. But with me, even these Shogunfags came, you had my protection. And I need a trusted teammate, you can have more interesting travelling experience than Narukami Island. Deal? " and they set off to make contact with the Sangonomiya Resistance.

"Still I don't understand, Lumine senpai. How do you install the Waypoint into that position with Electro water? " Sacchara chan asked.

"Well... Weeks ago, I received a commission of the Adventure's Guild to disable Senrai Island's hazardous environment and enable a path to Fold into the island's deity, the Thunder Manifestation. It turned out that the commission was issued by Kujou Sara, because Thunder Manifestation contains the necessary material for her Ascension. "

"Wait, Kujou Sara uses Electro vision. How the heck could she beat the Thunder Manifestation? " Thoma asked.

"That's way outta my league, but I've heard that she hired Yoimiya with her. As for Yoimiya, I knew her well, she can beat it in either DPS build or Elemental Mastery build. But anyway, since Sara chan helped us rescue the fake Vision maker Masakatsu, that's my way to repay her debt. I happen to find a way to control the Electro status of the water below Thunder Manifestation, it could be switched on or off with a certain ancient mechanism. So I switched it off, installed the Waypoint and switched it back on, simple. "

"Fake Vision? Do I need one? "

"Of course not! You don't even have a Vision to begin with. So I guess Sara chan would never ask you for trouble, probably. Besides the obvious different path we take, Sara chan is actually a good commander. Just like Kamisato Ayaka, she's one of the few good people in the corrupt as fuck Shogunate. "

"Then what's this device I've been using? How could I use Anemo element without a Vision? "

"Whatever you are currently using, Sacchara chan, is a Delusion. It's a Futui invention to imitate Visions, but it can cause serious side effects to its user, like - Did you notice it yourself? You're only a little girl when I rescued you from a bunch of ronins, but now it's only weeks later and you are already as old as a teenage girl! "

"Yes, I did grew up too fast, but... "

"But it's not only 'too fast', it's accelerated aging! In this rate you're gonna die of too old in less than a month! Well... I had to admit, I came to rescue you and train you with Elemental skills purely outta my own selfishness. When the first time I saw you, you were trying to use a random Anemo Delusion on the ground to repel ronins. And it reminds me of Sucrose chan, my best buddy in the old world. "

"So... You chose to rescue me because you missed her? "

"Yes, and... I apologize. But it turned out that you did GREAT, if not good enough in our team. People always ignore the power of Elemental Reactions, just like these Shogunfags ignoring the power of the Resistance. My Electro power is so weak, that it barely exists as Electro, no more; and Thoma specializes his ability on Pyro sheild, so also not as powerful as Diluc or Hutao chan. So guess what makes our team one of the best and most powerful team in almost all of Inazuma? "

"My ability to mix Elements together and make them do Reactions? "

"Exactly! I guess you're a good enough student of Advanced Elemental Reaction Theory. By the way, you can see the description of your artifact set, Viridescent Venerer. "

"Increases Swirl DMG by 60%? And decreases opponent's Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40%? "

"Right. It's a pretty powerful set, that no one else in Inazuma would ever be able to use. Not to mention the Sand, Goblet and Circlet are all composed of Elemental Mastery. This is one of the best gift I could give to anyone I care. "


"So I mean we still need you. Don't worry, we can and we will end this war pretty soon before something bad happens to you. At that time, you don't need to use Delusion anymore, perhaps you will get a Vision instead. "

"Don't worry about me, Lumine senpai, I'm fine. And I'll do whatever I can to ensure our victory, or at least follow your step. "

"Good, " Lumine chan petted Sacchara chan's head, "Meanwhile no more Shogunate forces coming from the Waypoint, that basically means our mission is finished. Time to return to Watatsumi Island to see how Kokomi's doing, or if they need our help."

The trio planned to Fold back to Watatsumi Island, but Lumine chan detected a large Fold Fault area around Yashiori Island. "Wow, why could Fold Fault happen in Yashiori Island? Let's Fold to a higher ground in Tatarasuna and see what happened there. "

Upon their arrival, they saw the Shogunate army retreating from Nazuchi Beach while they're all Wet, and they could hear the lightning striking from the direction of Yashiori Island.

"It sounds like Tatarigami to me. I didn't know that releasing Orobashi is part of Our Excellency's grand scheme. What should I say when I meet her? Praise her? Point out how many arses we'll need to wipe postwar? Whatever, we need to keep going. "


When they arrived at Sangonomiya Shrine again, they heard people arguing with Kokomi, actually it seemed that everyone was fighting everyone.

"Nice job, Kokomi. I thought Waypoint antics is enough to fuck these Shogunfags up, but releasing Orobashi on a hakushin truce? You're more Zhuge Liang reincarnated than I anticipated. " Lumine chan greeted.

"Wait, Captain Lumine. I didn't do that part, nor did I issue such order. "

"But it seems that Orobashi did get released. If it's not we doing it, who did it? "

"I didn't know, actually. "

"Wait, what? You didn't release them? And you didn't even know who did this? What a disappointment. Why did I abandon all my belongings in Narukami Island to join you clowns anyway? "

"But at least we stopped the Shogunare army to launch any more offense, then what are we waiting for? Hurry up and fuck the Shogunate, and then fuck the Shogun SOFORT! "

"Shouldn't our entire goal be converged into abolishing the Vision Hunt Decree only? Do you really think you, with your Delusion only, is sufficient to kill one of the Seven? "

"Wait... Are we banning the use of Delusion already? And you're still using it, what's fucking wrong with you! "

And then Aeternus came outta nowhere, "What a bunch of clowns, arguing for things they didn't even understand. "

"Who the fuck do you think you are? Why didn't we see you in any part of the Resistance? "

Kokomi explained to everyone, "He's Stellanomiya Aeternus, an intelligence expert closely working with me. I guess you brought the latest intelligence here, right? Please explain to them. "

"Aeternus Stellanomiya, you moron. I might 'the fuck' don't know who I am, but you, the fuck didn't know what you're up against. I had the intelligence all of you need to ensure victory, and end this meaningless and boring as fuck war, regardless of your goals. Let me ask you, do you know the relationship of the Raiden Shogun and Miko Yae? I mean outside their official titles? "

"Nope, and why does it matter? "

"Why does it matter? Well, if you didn't know that, if you didn't do any intel work, then why do you resist anyway? Go surrunder to the Shogunate and rot in jail, faggots. You, The one who wanna stop the Vision Hunt Decree, you didn't know why the Raiden Shogun came up with such a shitty idea. And you, the one who wanna kill the Raiden Shogun, you even didn't know the true nature of the Raiden Shogun, no to mention I didn't see you preparing anything powerful enough to kill one of the Seven. "

"Then what do you know? Satirizing us outta nowhere? "

"I had a long arse talk with Yae actually. She provided me some top level intelligence, and I would like to share it to you clowns for free. Yae is Raiden's old friend, but after a certain diaster somehow 500 years ago, they severed the connections, and Raiden, whose true name is Ei Raiden, made a puppet, or we say, robot, whatever they're most likely to be the same, to replace herself, so whatever Raiden Shogun you saw everyday, is a fucking robot. "

"That's utter bullshit in all of these Raiden Shogun cospiracy theories. Give us more reasons to believe in your bullshit. "

"Don't you think she's more like robot and less like people or other gods, when she would execute the losing side of a dual before the throme without emotions? Or she would not listen to any voices people had to present to her, except her stupid arse 'Eternity' ones? Or how she didn't give a flying fuck about the Vision Hunt Decree's slightly potential drawbacks, for a millisecond? But anyway, after making a god level robot, Ei Raiden lost almost all her power, and hid herself inside the robot for probably hundreds of years I guess. It seems that right now, the robot is flawed and she could not preceive the nation currectly inside the robot. In another world, she's trapped inside her own creation, waiting for someone to liberate her from the empty flawed prison. "

"Would you try to make us sympathize Raiden? This bitch didn't deserve any sympathy! "

"Of course she didn't, as she caused so much unforgivable harms, and brought this nation into Der Untergang with her incompetency. Actually, if I could, I would like to gangbang her 114514 times before ending her life. But, no matter what your goal is, the priority one thing you need to do right now, is to find a way to completely destroy Raiden Shogun's robot, and force Ei Raiden to come out. To probably have a better situation awareness of her own nation, before getting gangbanged 114514 times I guess. "

"Destroy? Is it a little bit too far? "

"Yes it might look too far, but there is no other way. Ei Raiden can create another better robot after that, but currently this robot only became a tool to prison her. Only by freeing her from the prison, could you guys do the next step, no matter if the next step means persuading her to abolish the Vision Hunt Decree, or just killing her. I suggest you guys go argue this problem after this is done, but currently, the best thing to do for all of us, is to stop arguing and start destroying her fucking robot! "

And Kokomi finally decided to respond, "Yes, this man is right! Why don't we just stop arguing and listen to what he says! "

Everyone calmed down, "Thanks, Mein Excellency. As the other part of the intel work, I also had a visit to Kamisato Estate, and talked with the current de facto clan leader, Ayaka Kamisato. She and her Yashiro Commision tried numerous times to repeal the Vision Hunt Decree, but every time it got vetoed by the other two Commisions. So we did a joint investigation against the Tenryou Commission. We hired a ninja called Sayu chan to infiltrate the Tenryou Commission HQ, and grabbed these fancy materials, proving their high treason against both the Raiden Shogun and the people of Inazuma. I have totally no use of these materials, so they're all yours. You can try to show them onto Ei or Sara Kujou or whatever when this is over, before some other ones of you finish killing her of course. "

Aeternus gave these two documents to Kokomi and the others. One of them is an official Tenryou Commission document writing to the Raiden Shogun, saying that the Vision Hunt Decree proceeds without obstacles, which is, of course lying as everyone here saw it; And anther one of them is a private letter to a certain Futui leader, about...

"A scheme to promote Delusion via the enforcement of the Vision Hunt Decree? "

"Yes, if people was forced not to use Visions, and they wanna have Elemental powers against the Vision Hunt Decree, what will they chose? But I would not use 'promote', I would like to say 'use Inazumans as guinea pigs to test the engineering samples of Delusion' instead. And guess what? Inazuma had one of the biggest Delusion manufacture and research facility in all of Teyvat, it's almost like TSMC and Intel combined in the semiconductor industry. "

"And do you know where it is? We must destroy it at once, with or without Shogunate help. "

"I know where it is, and don't worry, I'll go fuck these Futui up myself. And thanks to your antics, I'll have to go a long way by foot to get there. A final friendly reminder to everyone of you: The people in the old world, I mean so called Mondstadt and Liyue, had enough firepower to destroy the Raiden Shogun robot. All they need is an amplified Fold device powered on, so they can deploy their people and weapony right into the Raiden Shogun's doorstep. "

"And how do we make such device? "

"Well, the Statue of the Omnipresent God, did you remember? There are neinty nein Visions on it, that would be enough to power it as an amplified Fold device if these neinty nein people wish to power it. Of course when the real battle begins, the Raiden Shogun will definitely cover it with Fold Fault, it's up to you guys to deal with it. I will try to test fire it to return to the old world and have contacts with them, once you're ready, power up the Statue and the reinforcements will arrive. Long live the Resistance! As you always say. Aeternus out. "

"Much obliged, Aeternus. Wish you a safe hunting! " Aeternus disappeared via Fold in a mere second.