genshin frontier: inazuma.part5.22.01.12

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interlude #114514

A certain high ground in Watatsumi Island - While resting with her teammates, Lumine chan was looking for a way to piss off Signora, if that arrogant Harbinger ever dares to run into her in any way.

Thoma: "Let me see... What about you try to mention her horrible backstories when fighting her, if she had one? "

Lumine: "She did have one. Let me think... " :luminethonk: "Yes, some kinda she was a Mondstater blah blah blah, some terrible thing happened 500 years ago blah blah blah and she turned herself into a witch that probably used Pyro much more than Cryo blah blah blah, and her lover died so she hates Venti blah blah blah, so probably mentioning her witch backstory would work. "

Sacchara: "Where did you get this from? "

Lumine: "Diluc told me I guess. He's one of my best friends in Mondstadt, and he's been farming Artifacts in a certain Crimson Witch of Flames domain for more than a year and still got no progress. I guess the way this domain works did make people sympathize with her tragedic stories though, but it's not even a sufficient enough excuse to bully my friend right in front of me. "

Lumine took out a book like device from her pocket, and started using it, "I guess time to use some kinda 'Otherworldly' antics... Shit, it's low on power. "

Thoma: "What is this? It doesn't belong to this world, right? "

Lumine: "Yes, and let's go hunt some Electro slimes, then I would tell you whatever thing about it. "

They found a place with a lotta Electro slimes. "Follow my precise instructions, " Lumine chan took out another strange device from her pocket, and Sacchara chan started to use her Anemo Delusion to generate a wind field to suck Electro slimes onto it.

1145.14 seconds later - "I guess it's fully charged. Finish them off! " they defeated these slimes and returned to where they first rested.

Lumine: "Well, explaination time. As you could see, I am a traveller that came from totally another world, and probably have travelled a lotta other worlds. These devices are from my homeworld, we call it 'laptop', or we say, 'portable computer'. And the device I used to charge it, is mainly composed of a powerful magnet, and when we use it against Electro slimes, whatever called 'Electro-magnetic Induction' happened and Electro current was generated to provide my laptop with Electro powers, so it could work again. "

Sacchara: "C-computer? I might know Electro, but what is Magnet? "

"What kinda question is that -" Lumine chan suddenly realized that people in Teyvat might not use technologies like what people in her homeworld do, "Well, whatever. I shall save the part of Maxwell equations before more confusion was made... Remember the magic device I gave to you, to change background music in Fold Wave, Thoma? "

Thoma: "The one you called 'Portable Media Player'? "

Lumine: "Yes, and 'computer' is a magic device that can be used to fill 'PMP' with new music. Let's see... connected to intergalactic Fold network, search for 'La Signora', and wow... I didn't know that Signora had an Instagram page. Even she uses intergalactic Fold network behind everyone's back, that's pretty interesting... Probably she also uses laptop, or something more advanced, I would never know. "

Thoma: "At least these pics looks like a Futui Harbinger... "

Lumine: "It must be her, I remember her face very well. And she even wrote some texts along with it... Some kinda she only likes classical Snezhnayan music, and this post, some kinda trolled spammed 'cyka blyat p90 rushb' on her comment section, and she replied with this video link about... 'Never Say Suka Blyat again! '... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" : luminethonk:

Lumine chan and the others watched the video of a male with glasses rant like Adolf Hitler,

Thoma: "Wait, isn't it a male? It looks pretty far away from Signora. "

Lumine: "But I'm pretty sure it's Signora, too! She must used some Snezhnayan antics to turn herself into a male, right? But anyway, I knew what would piss her off the most! Hardbass! Let's find some more Hardbass music! "

"Hardbass? "

"Didn't you remember the song we played when we all help you fish enough rare fish to redeem your weapon, Oktoberfest? It's actually a Hardbass song. It's a pretty popular song genre in Snezhnaya, some like it and some thonks it's literally not real music at all, since most of them are just full of Snezhnayan profanities, like this Cykablyat by HBKN? "

Lumine chan downloaded Cykablyat and transferred it into their PMP, and soon "Sukasukasukablyat" was filling arosss the Fold Wave around them. "I guess this one was enough to piss Signora off. I could already imagine her ranting like Adolf Hitler! 'No! They're not Snezhnayan music, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!' Good, let's find more. "

Lumine chan scolled through HBKN's Cykatube channel, "Wait, they even had a Patreon channel? And it only needs 233280 mora per month to download all their music in Loseless? Gotta subscribe! "

1 = 233280 mora theory:100 = 6480 primogens
50 primogens = 60 original resins (just assume lumine chan only did that once per day
20 original resins = 60000 mora (considering lumine chan was in WL8
so $1 = 60000/20*60/50*64.8 = 233280 mora, q. e. d. (hakushin

And then Lumine chan found that her network quality was too poor to download all their songs in one go, "Can't fucking belive that even in Teyvat, I'll still need to do programming. Fine, I'll do it. "

Lumine chan logged into her GitHub account and started to make a new GitHub Action script to analyze and download all of HBKN's songs into GitHub Action's temp VM, packed them into one archive file, and reupload them into some mysterious file hosting provider. Then Lumine chan wrote another GitHub Action script to download more of these Hardbass songs from Cykatube. After all these songs were appearing in her mysterious file hosting provider, she retrived all these songs into her laptop, and transferred all of them into Thoma's PMP.

Thoma: "I can see three hundred new songs added. Wow that's indeed magic. Let's try to randomly pick one and play, and see how 'suka' it is. "

Thoma selected "HBKN - VOSHOD mas.flac" and played it.

Lumine: "This song didn't sound like typical 'sykablyat' Hardbass at all. Great, I would rather enjoy it than using it to piss Signora off. "

All of them enjoyed the music in sunset of Watatsumi Island inserts credit (hakushin

genshin frontier: inazuma.part4.21.12.14

this one includes chapters from 08 (hopefully), chapter 01-03 are in here, chapter 04-06 are in here, and chapter 07 is in here*

interlude between 03 and 04

Amber and Eula were patrolling on Dragonspire as usual, while they saw an Abyss Herald looking monster in somewhere, with some Abyss Mages.

"Abyss forces! What the heck is their business in here? Should we call other Knights for backups, Eula? "

"Probably... But not now. I recently farmed some ueber powerful PhysDmg% Artifacts, and it's our perfect time to test fire on these Abyss arseholes. Let's see... " Eula noticed that the Abyss Herald likin' monster seemed to have some Cyro shields, "Is this the new kinda Cyro Abyss Herald people are rumoring about? Guess time to summon Bennett. Can you kinda reach him? "

"Let's try... " Amber sent out the help signal via Fold Wave, and seconds later, Bennett Defolded from a nearby Teleport Waypoint.

"Good afternoon everyone, hope you had lucky adventure without me... Wait, is that an Abyss Herald? "

"Yes, it is, and a rare one with Cyro shield. That's why we need you here. And now everyone's here, let's beat their Abyssal arse! "

"Go go Baron Bunny! " Amber threw out her toy right under the Abyss Herald's feet, while Bennett appeared behind it, charging his Elemental attacks to weaken its shield, and then deployed his Insperation Field. Amber aimed the Baron Bunny with a fully charged shot, finishing it with a huge arse explosion.

With the Abyss Herald's Cyro shield completely destroyed, Eula appeared in the Pyro mist and released the last stage of her Elemental Burst, with a violent shockwave that was supposed to destroy everything on its path with supposedly 8-digit damages; Except that didn't happen, and the Abyss Herald didn't look like damaged at all.

"Wiebitte? " Everyone was shocked.

"Hmph, the arrogant Favonius faggots. Your little shitty trick would never be a serious match to the superior Abyss technohogy. Now what's your cards remaining, Favonius faggots? "

"Guess it's really time to call for some serious reinforcements. "

"What reinforcements? Could anyone in the Knights deal with this monster? "

"Of course not. You'll see. " Several seconds later, the Abyss Herald was hit by a gaint ray of energy beam shot from the sky, comin' from a floating mansion sized thing, Defolding from a nearby Waypoint. "This one was a little bit hurt though, but still no match to the superior Abyss technology. That's all you got? "

"Fire while Defolding experiment... Succeed, and wait a minute, this Abyss monster still didn't die just yet? Guess we'll need some time to recharge. By the way, LSS-01 at your sercive, Spindrift Knight Eula. " The announcents from the floating mansion sent into everyone via Fold Wave.

"Is that... the legendary Jade Chamber from Liyue? Why is it coming in here? Shouldn't it already be destroyed from the Osial Incident? And why is it answering your calls? "

"Actually, it's a reconstructed model of the last Jade Chamber. " Eula explains, "After the recent incidents happened in both Mondstadt and Liyue, and another certain incident that involved a certain Honorary Knight and the Abyss Order that caused her missing, the two nations reached the agreement of mutual defense against the Abyss Order and the Futui and form the so called Lumine Treaty outta it. "

"Wait, is it implying that our Honorary Knight sacrificed herself to stop yet another massive Abyss invasion or what? No wonder we didn't see her in ages! "

"Probably that's whoever initiated the treaty thought. One of the joint efforts is exactly this gaint flying mansion above us, the reconstruction of the Jade Chamber, or as these Liyueians would like, the Liyue Space Station 01. It's basically the fruit of both nations' latest technologies: Liyue's anti-gravity thingy and an improved version of Guizhong Cannon, able to one shot Osial if this gaint opctopus dares to resurface. Paired with a fire control system that can automatically search Abyssal targets, calculate the energy needed to defeat them, and fire at them without any human intervention, developed by our alchemist team. But the most advenced technology it had ever equipped, is an alchemy device called 'Fold Drive', that allows a huge arse object like itself to Fold and Defold into anywhere with a Waypoint, made by none other than Albedo himself. And it's not only be able to find these targets automatically. Executives are able to call it in when they discovered some hard Abyss enemies like this one, and I happened to be one of them. "

"But they will revive at 4am every day! Is that of any use to beat them with this? "

"Of course it is! Since they'll need to wait for the next day to revive before being elimated soon after being discovered, they will never be able to carry out whatever evil plans they had in their brains. Or, probably they could just get the flying fuck outta Teyvat, so we can save some energies. Unless in this case, this Abyss Herald seems to develop some ways to conter this. What a pity. "

"Analysis complete. This target had an anti-Physical shield kinda things, and our calculation indicated that it needs 2147483647 damages to be destroyed, estimated charging time: 5 minutes. "

"Wait what? That's the biggest number in Teyvat! You must have made a huge arse calculation error, right? And seriously, we don't have five minutes, this target would be disappeared in seconds! "

"Or, all you need to do is to find someone to break its fucking shield? " a totally stranger came into the battlefield.

"Who the heck are you? "

"I am the Abyss Order's natural enemy, came here only to make their already misable life under the Jade Chamber or whatever this floating thing is, more misable. I might not be the 'Executives' who can call upon this deadly weapon, but my appearance still almost equals to yet another dead Abyss monster, and here comes another one. Am I right, Herald chan? "

"How dare you mock the Abyss and fucking call me Herald Chan! Eat my shit of Ultimate Banishment from all Discord chatrooms of the world, faggot! "

"Very well. I guess it's about time. " The stranger prepared to use his Elemental Burst, "Iiyo! Koiyo! Shoot your Abyssal energy into my chest! My chest!! "

"What's wrong with this maniac? Why did he open his chest to receive the damage? " But soon the damage dealt into him was countered with a devastating blow that pierced through the Abyss Herald's shield, disabling it.

"Well, the hardest part is finished. How you would like to deal with this Abyss arsehole, is completely up to you. I'm gonna have some drink in a certain Monstadter bar. See you, and come to find me for some Abyss-fucking advices, if you like. " The stranger Folded outta this place without a trace.

"Now we can also detect a complete vanishment of its shield. Imada! Guizhong Cannon mark 2! "

"Scheisse! " Eula quickly pulled Amber and Bennett and Folded outta there, right before the energy beam from the LSS-01 hit the Abyss Herald again, destroying it with a gaint arse explosion.

On the LSS-01 - Everyone were gathering on the deck, while Eula, Amber anb Bennett greeted the captain of the ship, none other than Beidou, the ex-pirate leader of the Alcor.

"Well, I didn't expect you outta everyone in the LTO became the captain of the LSS-01, Beidou, that's quite a surpirse. Tell me, how would you feel, to stop being a pirate leader and start commandeering a floating 'space station'? "

"Nothing different, it's still a ship anyway, except it's above ground, can move pretty fast, and with more powerful weapons on it. And what about you, how would you feel, to stop being the descendant of Mondstadt's most hated aristocratic family, and start being Master Jean's most trusted Spindrift Knight and Mondstadt's big hero, Eula Lawrence? "

"That's a long af story actually. Would you still like to listen? "

"I'm listening. This thing just won't stop flying, so you can use as much time as you want. "

"Fine then, " Eula tried to tell everyone about how Lumine chan helped her stop the conspiracy of a certain uncle of her, Schubert Lawrence, colluding with the Futui to invade Mondstadt again, and steal the prototype technology that Albedo was researching.

"Wait a minute, that must be the Fold Drive, right? Now it's indeed into the LTO's matters. Imagine the Futui got the hand on it... it would be a shitstorm for everyone. Just can't believe that Lumine actually involved in this thing too? "

"What do you mean by 'too'? "

"Lumine had helped us a lot, from major events of defeating Osial, to some minor legal issues, that she could be so patient to accopany our lawyers to handle the entire lengthy legal process. I guess she also did a lot for Mondstadters too, right? "

"Of course. Everyone in Mondstadt was indebted to her selfless help. "

"So was us Liyueians. We won't call ourselves Lumine Treaty Organization without vaild reasons. Now, we had such powerful weapon to keep the peace, but even didn't know if Lumine's alive or dead... If she's dead, where would be her body at? And if she's alive, where is she right now? "

interlude between 04 and 05

After their quest on Childe - They heard some Treasure Hoarders talking at the gate of the Golden House.

"Wait, they're not supposed to be here, right? Rex Lapis dead or not, it's still Ministry of Civil Affairs' sacred site, could someone get them off? "

Except they heard these Treasure Hoarders talking about something "Ganyu" and "Keqing".

"Let me guess... Another 'new' 'Mockeqing' joke, right? Can these arseholes form a 'Mockeqing' joke without any Ganyu? What about we just patiently hear them finish, then beat the fuck outta them so they would never dare to 'Mockeqing' for the rest of their life? "

"Hmph! You're so mean, Kazuha! " Keqing was pretty unpleasant.

"What is 'Mockeqing', is that some kinda high end Liyueian entertainment that I didn't know? " Aeternus asked.

"Something you would better not know... "

Meanwhile these Treasure Hoarders started to Mockeqing:

"Ganyu stopped Keqing from junpin' outta the roof,

"'Keqing, they lied to you! No one can outperform your damage with their insignificant digits, in all Electro characters! '

"Keqing: 'Really? '

"Ganyu: 'Yes, my Elemental Burst and Normal Attack could also only dealt with 4000 damages, so we're basically the same! '"

"That's quite a thonkeqing moment... "

"Keqing: 'Alright I believe in you!' And then she went off from the rooftop, 'Let's have some food in Wanming Restaurant! '

"Meanwhile a short haired cutie with cat ears and blue eyes came here,

"'Is this Ganyu senpai? I'm Diona, ' whatever, she seems to be called with this name anyway, 'A bartender from Mondstadt! I've heard that you once dealt 730k Charged Attack damages with three helpers in Sprial Abyss, so I came for advices. '

"Keqing: 'Wiebitte? '

"Ganyu looks at Keqing diffidently, 'Nonononono, it's my helpers that's powerful! ' and drags Keqing's hand, 'Keqing, don't do it! You can also output 100k with more helpers! '

"We all knew that's impossible, right? (lol"

"Keqing: 'I've thonked through, Ganyu, can you go somewhere with me? '

"Ganyu: 'Where? '

"Keqing: 'I've calmed down and thonked, Liyue Harbor's buildings are too low, Let's go to Qingyun Peak!'"

And these Treasure Hoarders were indulged in laughters.

a rough translation of:


that i didn't know the exact sourse

"It's about time, " Kazuha walked to them with sword armed, "Well, well. That was the most funny Mockeqing joke ever, so funny, that you couldn't even make sure you recall Diona's name right. What's fucking wrong with you, are your as brain degenerated as these Metachurls? "

"Wait, who the hell are you? "

"I'm coming here to mock your Mockeqing joke. Yes, that bartender in Mondstadt is indeed called Diona; And no, you shouldn't Mockeqing in front of Keqing, that would only make her sad. " Not until at that moment did these Treasure Hoarders suddenly noticed Keqing with them, and showed scared expressions on their faces.

"Would that mean mocking me behind my back is okay? Hmph! "

"Definitely not, Lady Keqing. But at least that would make you less unhappy, I guess... But now, time to beat their sorry arses! " Xiangling throw out her Guoba, while Kazuha unleashed his signature Elemental Burst. Keqing used her skills in Kazuha's beeg Pyro Canadian leaves, causing huge arse amount of Overloaded damages.

These Treasure Hoarders started to call for reinforcements, with more and more Treasure Hoarders Folded into the battlefield.

"Did you notice some unusual thing, everyone? When the fuck did these Treasure Hoarders learn how to Fold? " Aeternus noticed the unusual here.

"Probably Childe taught them - to make fun of us. We can easily prove that, then we can escalate it into an issue with the Futui, and call the LTO upon them. Should we call for our reinforcements? I'm a LTO Executive, they shall respond to our calls right away. "

"I would suggest not. We're enough to beat them off, besides, it's the perfect oppotunity to show your enemies, that you're not as weak as these Mockeqing jokes say. "

Ganyu happened to pass by the Golden House and saw people fighting, and she saw Keqing in it.

"Lady Keqing! Do you need my help to defeat these Treasure Hoarders? "

"No, we're prefectly fine. Just speculate us instead. "

"Alright then. " Ganyu then called for the LSS-01 to standby anyway.

On the LSS-01 - Everyone was watching Keqing and the others fighting below. "Ah, that thing again. "

"What again? " Eula asked the crew of the LSS-01.

"It must be some arseholes doing 'Mockeqing' jokes again. Well, Lady Keqing was pretty weak in combat, didn't you know? So when she's bullied by monsters and Treasure Hoarders, we'll have to arrive at her position and help her defeat them. Usually our fire control system didn't target Treasure Hoarders, except orders from her - Wait, why is the order still not through? "

"Orders from Lady Keqing - DO NOT fire. I repeat, DO NOT fire. " Voices of Ganyu reached the LSS-01 via Fold Wave.

"Wow that's a surprise. Let's do some analysis... A huge amount of Overloaded damages, generated from Lady Keqing's skills. Wait, how many Elemental Mastery exists in the environment? "

"Somewhere over 1100... some... 1145? "

"So Elemental Mastery Keqing really exists. No wonder she could pass Spiral Abyss 12-3 in three minutes. " As the battlefield became ueber chaotic, all Treasure Hoarders disappeared and a lotta Ruin Hunters and Ruin Guards Folded into it. The fire control system of the LSS-01 recognized them as Abyss creatures and began charging.

Aeternus saw the charging beam, "Let's stop fighting and Fold into safety, shall we? These Treasure Hoarders already learned their lessons, no need to keep your performance here. Or you wanna be caught up in the crossfire of a gaint arse energy beam and some Abyss creatures, your call. " and Folded out first. Kazuha followed him, while Keqing was still in doubt.

Ganyu dived into the battlefield and dragged Keqing outta it just before the beam on Guizhong Cannon finished charging and shot attached these Ruin creatures, dealing a huge arse explosion.


"The preparations are all complete. Wait... I still need to at least meet Sangonomiya and Lumine chan once. At least tell them about it. " Aeternus Folded into the depth of Sangonomiya Shrine, while Kokomi and Lumine chan were looking for a way to unlock Enkanomiya, Watatsumi Islander's rumored old habitant.

"Aeternus! You returned sooner than expected. What did you find in the Futui facility? Did you manage to destroy it? "

"Well, let's just say that this facility just finished its mission, and it won't be operating anymore. We're just too late to shut it down with our wills over the Futui's wills, unfortunately. But I didn't get there empty handed. See, I even got some Delusions. "

"Wait, Mr. Stellanomiya. Didn't I ban the usage of Delusions in my army like one month ago? Why would you think getting some Delusions with you considered some achievement? "

"Delusions alone won't be called achievement, but the secret about it would. In fact, I watched exactly how they're made, and discovered one of the natures of these Delusions: they're made by concentrated Tatarigami, so by sacrificing one Delusions, you can use whatever secret art of yours involving Orobashi, to grant a wish that seems impossible, something the Futui would never imagine. " Aeternus threw one Delusion to Kokomi, "Would you like to try to, well, summon one to eliminate everyone on Kujou Encampment for test fire and fun? "

"I would not consider killing everyone on a random inland 'fun', Mr. Stellanomiya. We're a just cause, unlike these Shogunate arseholes. "

"But these corrupted politicians in Tenryou Commission would consider killing everyone on Watatsumi Island, fun and full of achievements. Your fucking precious island is nothing but a stepping stone of their political ascension for them. And what would you do about them? "

"So you're coming here to pursuade me to equip Delusion to everyone, or what? "

"Of course not. I promised Kazuha to help, so I'll help as much as I can, until the war is over. And actually the war will be pretty soon over anyway. I'm talking about the postwar order, and the opportunity your were possible to seize. "

Aeternus can sense Kokomi's impatience, "I knew you might not understard the necessarities to prepare for postwar, when the war was still on. Let me ask you about something, how could you keep your resistance when the war is over, and the Vision Hunt Decree was totally abolished? "

"Then we do not have a reason to resist anyway, what would I do? Just dissolve the Resistance, and I'll keep my role as the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island. "

"Then, what if these arseholes in Tenryou Commission wanna invade your island again, use the dead bodies of your own people to build the path of their own political ascension in Tri-Commissions? Like how they can find an excuse like you actually formed a Resistance in the war time, and they want retribution? Or, whatever stupid excuses they had anyway, what would you have to stop them? At that time, you even didn't have an army to use, unlike now. "

"That's really a huge arse problem... " Kokomi thonks.

"But don't worry, I had a solution of this. If you wanna make sure the autonomy of Watatsumi Island presists or even become strengthened postwar, you must become one of the Tri-Commissions. "

"What. The. Actual Fuck are you talking about? "

"I've been fucking serious, Mein Excellency. Under the current and probably the future Shogunate system rules, a huge arse decision like invading Watatsumi Island again, requires unanimous agreements of all Tri-Commissions - That's probably one of the reasons the Vision Hunt Decree was still not abolished yet, Kamisato clan's proposal got 1-2 every time. Imagine you're one of them - Even Kamisato clan fucks you, the evil axis of Kujou clan and Kamisato clan still couldn't make their evil agenda through. Or, they could do that just behind Raiden's back, like how they collude with the Futui in such manner, in that case you just need to report their sorry arses and their shitty political life would be over. By the way, currently these system didn't work properly, because we all knew that Raiden was kinda broken, and we need to probably fix it with this war. "

"So how could I be one of the Tri-Commissions? "

"That's where the postwar order kicks in. I haven't talked about the details of what the reinforcements I would like to call is, and the nature of them before. But now it's only three of us and no other obsessed or strange people around, and it's convenient to talk. Let's start from - Well, the major political body of the Old World, is an international alliance of powerful individuals of Mondstadt and Liyue, formed to deal with the Futui and Abyss Order threats in all over the world. Inazuma was filled with Futui-loving arseholes and Electro Abyss Mages, a perfect reason for them to come. They called themselves LTO, short for 'Lumine Treaty Organization' - "

"Wait, why did they use my name? "

"Because they thought you're dead in the supposed Abyss incident, Lumine chan. So they formed a so called Lumine Treaty to commemorate your supposed death, hence the name. "

"Wait, I was just chasing my brother into a Fold portal, and... "

"You ended up appearing in Inazuma? " Kokomi asked.

"Probably... "

"I see. Now I kinda understand what happened to you. But anyway, after the war is over, Inazuma cannot keep isolated forever. The Fold links between both worlds would open, and you're gonna join the LTO and become one of their Executives anyway, with other powerful individuals like Ayaka Kamisato and the others. And most importantly, the LTO will seize control of the Shogunate, and force a series of reformation, before it could be operating in the LTO's favor again. Do I need to repeat their favor? An alliance against the Futui and the Abyss Order. Anything against them would be kept. Anything colluding with them would be abolished. Your chance of becoming one of the Tri-Commission lies in their reformation plans, Mein Excellency. "

"What if the Shogun resists the LTO from messing with her government? "

"I don't think, as the sole war criminial and an accomplice of the Futui postwar, it's wise for her to ever thonk of resisting. The LTO is a pretty formidable army, that can fuck her up every single day from 4am, to stop her from reviving. Actually, she shall start to do redemption instead, probably if her redemption works did well, they will even offer an Executive seat for her. "

"So, what exactly will they replan the Shogunate postwar? "

"As whatever intel I colleted - One of the Tri-Commission would be abolished, and another one of them would have a huge reform. Since we had the direct evidence of Takayuki Kujou colluding with the Futui, his political life would be fucked, by either Raiden or the LTO, or both, whatever. Sara Kujou would more likely to be the new Commissioner of Tenryou Commission. As for Kanjou Commission, they mainly run Ritou to provide economies for an isolated Inazuma - And since Inazuma postwar would no longer be isolated, not to mention the evidence of their Commissioner, Shinsuke Hiiragi, colluding with a certain Futui Harbinger was also found by us and Kamisato's elite ninja team, the entirety of them would be abolished, and I guess Hiiragi clan's days would be totally fucked for good. Then you will try to form a new Commission to fill into this beeg arse power vacuum, for example, call it 'Watatsumi Commission'? And you will have a pretty legimate reason to keep Watatsumi Island autonomous, at least as autonomous as Ritou, or even more if you needed. No way anyone in Tenryou Commission would dare to step into Watatsumi Island, Mein Excellency. "

"No wonder that Hiiragi old brat tried his best not letting me get the fuck outta Ritou. Now I knew why - they had the support of a Futui Harbinger. "

"Could you recount which Harbinger you would firstly think of? My intel didn't get who this harbinger is. "

"None other than a certain La Signora. I had a score with her in Mondstadt, but never thought that she would dare to appear in Inazuma! I will make her life more painful. "

"Good, an extra Futui Harbinger to beat, I'll take that intel directly to the LTO when I returned. Don't worry, Lumine chan, we will beat the fuck outta whatever Signora is, she just gave us another legimate reason to beat Raiden as well. Anyway - " Aeternus prepered to move out, "Last advices, Mein Excellency - Make your way to one of the new Commission in the new postwar Tri-Commission and make yourself the Commissioner, and probably make your descendants inherit the position of the Commissioner, do not make the stupid political mistakes like these two Commissions do, you will keep the peace and prosperity of Watatsumi Island forevermore. I will do whatever I could help to make the LTO handle the postwar order in your favor as much as possible, but it still needs your own effort to make it possible. "

"I'll take your advice, Mr. Stellanomiya. Tell us, why did you make Watatsumi Island's matter as if it's your own? We could hardly give you any benifits outta that. "

"Let's just say, uh, I had noticed some of Watatsumi Island's history. Your people were supposed to make peace with either Raiden or the Shogunate for like hundreds of years, right? Until none other than Tenryou Commission came to fuck your life... "

"So you also know who destroyed the Narukami Shrine in Watatsumi Island, right? "

"Right. And I know just why they did it - They just wanna make Watatsumi Island one of their military exploits, risking the life of either your people or their own people for the political ascension of a certain Commissioners sittin' their fatty arses in their Narukami Island's comfy office. And the corrupt Shogunate just chose to ignore all of them, bacause their head of governement, is a fucking unfit suka god that was obsessed with the so called 'Eternity' nahui, and didn't notice anything else! I will fuck all of them up, so they will be regretted ever existed, for the rest of their lives! And now with the LTO's power on our side, they can probably idiidiidiidi nahui blyat!

"But anyway, we haven't made the first step of the long march yet. I'm gonna return to the old world, by using one of these Delusions to test fire on the Statue of the Omnipresent God, as the proof of concept, of mainteining interworld Fold portals. It needed to be stable enough to allow a lotta personnels to come here, and it needed to exist long enough to furtherly mock Raiden outta her stupid arse Sakoku Decree. But after that, I mean when you need to activate the statue again, you'll need to find a way to deal with Fold Fault, if there would be any. Here, more Delusions for you to use, " Aeternus gave them two more Delusions, "Now I really need to go. Activate the statue probably one month later, and we'll meet again. " then disappeared in a mere second.


genshin frontier.21.10.28

Genshin Frontier Act I: First Attack

Mihoyo Kabushikigaisha and Cuntstantin Films AG proudly (oouso) presents

"Attention all passengers, this vessel will Defold into…"

"Wait… Fold! " Yukari FEGELEIN woke up from her dreams, "I was Folded into here! But why did everyone here can Fold except me? Of course, it’s not like I’ll need Fold ability anyway. "

Definitely, becaused Yukari chan can just fly whenever she can, and this world called Teyvat, is a pretty small one; only ten minutes of flight would meet the invisible wall that stops her from advancing. But currently, Yukari chan just sat on the beach between Strombearer Point and Starsnatch Cliff, enjoying the sunlight probably.

While a certain teleport waypoint not far from her suddenly reacted,

"Who’s there? " Yukari chan transformed her weapon into a sniper rifle and started charging towards the teleport waypoint. A long haired girl with red costume Defolded from it, and a green "friendly" marker showed up on her from Yukari chan’s AR display of her glasses.

"Outrider Amber! Fucking surprised me, almost thought Hilichurls somehow learned how to Fold too. Why are you here outta all places? "

"Didn’t expect to see you here too, Yukari chan. I thought you must be staying with Jean and others for critical missions. "

"Not today, though. They didn’t have missions today, so I had a day off. Why didn’t they bring you into critical missions? "

"You know why, Yukari chan. " Amber looked pretty embarrassed. Yukari chan found the record on her implanted computer. In the last time of the Knights of Favonius’s long range expedition mission, Amber sucked so much that the entire team got rekt and had to retreat, or we say Fold into the headquarters, calling the mission an epic failure. Since then literally no one would ever consider bringing Amber with them, in any mission. "Now only Aether would like to play with me… "

"Who is this Aether guy? I only knew him not belonging to this world too, can use elemental skills without a Vision… "

"And what about you? You can also use elemental skills, right? "

"It’s not precisely elemental skills, anyway. It just looks like I inflicted Pyro status on the enemies, but in fact, that’s the advanced technology you guys might not understand. " Yukari chan detected some Hilichurls somewhere 150 meters away from them, "Found some neat enemies. Wanna fight them off? I might be able to improve your combat readiness, just like how I did to other Knights members, but I need to watch you fight too. My combat analysis system can only be used in combat, you know. "

"Alright, let’s go! " the duo reached the place detected for Hilichurls, and found three level 91 Hilichurls with one… "Fucking Ruin Hunter? Wait, you only said Hilichurls, right? "

"What, you’re afraid of that machine? Don’t worry, I’ll cover you. " Amber started to throw out her Baron Bunny and aim at the enemies, but her Pyro damage is too little, in Yukari chan’s real time analysis. Yukari chan started analyzing, "Well, Amber’s combat stat… level seems to be fine, weapon seems to be Favonius Warbow and it should… be fine, but wait, what Artifacts are she wearing… hmmm… "

Yukari chan found out where the problem is, Amber’s Artifacts are not right for a Pyro character like her, "Four sets of Brave Heart, un-upgraded… No wonder she can’t output much damage. Amber! Try This! " Yukari chan threw out four Wanderer’s Troupe Artifacts with HP/ATK/ATK/Pyro DMG and a random Critical Rate "hat" into Amber, "Equip them and it should let you show your true strength! "

"Wait, shouldn’t Artifacts only be able to change outta combats? "

"Who the fuck says that? You can do it in battle, just try it! " After dodging an enemy, Amber opened the Artifact slots on her arm, pulled all her old Artifacts out and inserted the new set of Artifacts Yukari chan gave her into it and performed a charged shot onto the dodged enemy. After receiving a 15000 critical damage, the poor Hilichurl just disappeared.

"Yes, it works! Of course not as powerful as Diluc that I also instructed, but now, you restored your real power! At least for a bit. Now, a fucking Ruin Hunter remaining. " Yukari chan rushed to the cliff of a mountain, and jumped from it, "Takeoff! "

Yukari chan spreaded the wings of her variable armor and started flying, and while Ruin Hunter detected a flying object in midair, it turned into Bombardment Mode and exposed its weakness. "Not gonna happen! " Amber aimed at its weakness and shot it down with an aimed shot.

"Good, looks like I don’t need to do that in midair. Imada! Finish it off! "

Amber used her Elemental Burst to summon a lotta fiery arrows at the downed Ruin Hunter, and Yukari chan felt her elemental energy also went full, due to the elemental resonance between Pyro characters. "Happenly my Elemental Burst was also ready… Fire it off! "

Throwing out her guns, Yukari chan opened all of the missile pods on her Armor, targeted all over the Ruin Hunter, and fired them at once. High Explosive missiles hit the Ruin Hunter one after another, making it disappear in a giant arse explosion.

"Wow, I never saw Yukari chan fight! I knew you’re the Knights’ famous instructor, but never know that your combat ability is also supreme! " Amber lauded while Yukari chan landed vertically, "But where did you get these powerful Artifacts? "

"If you stay in this shithole for half a year, you will one way or another get a lotta Artifacts. It’s just… most of them have shit stats, only like one in 100 has usable stats. Let’s just say… the World Creator is a lame arse fucking cunt. "

Yukari chan and Amber walked while they reached another cliff. There are some Hilichurls lying below, with a Cryo Abyss Mage. Amber suddenly smashed her Baron Bunny to them, shouting "I will have order! ", while the Baron Bunny exploded on impact, blastin’ them off, leaving them to burn in pain.

"Wow, is that the famous line of Zhongli, the retired Geo Archon? "

"How do you know he’s the retired Geo Archon? "

"I guess everyone in Teyvat knows that, right? Only Zhongli himself didn’t know that his little fake death trick actually won’t work, and everyone just pretends to eat his shit due to respect. Besides, in the initial Iterations his combat ability was hugely nerfed, that even I didn’t know how to equip him properly. Is that some kinda punishment for his retirement or what? Only in the third Iteration Zhongli’s stats are finally ‘corrected’ and I managed to find out a set of Artifacts for him. Now, he’s the core teammate of Liyue's long range expedition team. "

"I see… Sometimes I really feel that the World Creator was too harsh on him. Why not let him retire anyway? He’s serving long enough, and should let people in Liyue take over instead. And you actually instructed Zhongli as well? "

"Yes, just like Mondstadt, Liyue authorities also hired me to instruct them on combat. After his retirement as Archon, Zhongli was also occasionally seen on Liyue’s expedition missions, because of his shield abilities. For some reasons Liyue prefers Geo characters a lot. Even Noelle and Albedo are currently training with them. "

As they were talking about Zhongli, Yukari chan and Amber heard someone singing a song…

Aimo aimo
Ne-deru ru-she
Noina miria
Enderu purodea
Koko wa attaka na umi da yo

"Is that… Barbara chan? The famous Mondstadt songstress? "

"Barbara chan! " Amber gilded there and met Barabara in the giant Status of the Seven. Suddenly multiple Fold signatures appeared, while a bunch of unknown monsters Defolded into there.

"What? " Yukari chan started flying from the cliff, and switched her guns into Intelligent mode and shot at them. "Why didn’t it deal much damage? Wait, Pyro resistance 95%? SHIT! We got troubles here! Call the headquarters! "

"Alright! " Amber took out her flare gun from the pocket, and fired a red flare into the sky. The monsters started to counterattack and caused damage on Yukari chan.

"Oh no! I’ll heal you! " Barbara used her Elemental Skill and perform Hydro attack on the monsters. Yukari chan noticed that the monsters didn’t have much Hydro resistance, and she came out with a new battle plan. "Here, Barbara chan! Replace your artifacts with these! " she threw out four Wanderer’s Troupe Artifacts with HP/ATK/ATK/Hydro DMG and one other Artifact with Critical Rate.

"Why are you giving me Artifacts with no HP bonus, Yukari chan? " Barbara asked in doubt.

"Because… Now we need you to fight them off! Pyro won’t work on them, but Hydro might work a bit! "

"Alright! " Barbara opened her Artifact slot and replaced them with Wanderer’s Troupes. "Wow, I didn’t know you have so much Wanderer’s Troupe Artifacts. And what would we do right now? "

"Keep shooting! Barbara chan’s Hydro attack required Pyro status on the enemies to trigger Melt elemental reactions that will double the damage plus Elemental Mastery. Wait… " Yukari chan replaced her Artifacts into four Instructors, and switched her missiles into Incendiary ones, "Now time for.. Maximum Pyro Strength! "

After Barbara caused all monsters to get Wet, Yukari chan shot all her missiles into them, triggered the effect of the Instructor four-set and increased everyone’s Elemental Mastery by 120, and caused them to have long lasting Pyro on them. Yukari chan can see Barbara’s Elemental Mastery reached almost 300. Barbara hit them with all her might, and dealt a lotta damage.

"Impressive, but still not enough. Where the actual fuck is our reinforcements? "

"It’s a giant arse Statue of the Seven right? Isn’t it a valid Fold point? "

"Wait, I knew why. It’s jammed, for some reasons. Guess I’ll have to find a place away from here, and set up an artificial teleport waypoint so they can Fold into there. Amber, you know what to do. Instructor set! " Yukari chan threw her Instructor set to Amebr.

"I know! Provide Barbara chan with Pyro and Elemental Mastery right? You go ahead, and be quick! "

"Takeoff! " Yukari chan jumped from the statue and started flying, distracting some of these monsters. After flying outta the battlefield for like 200 meters, Yukari chan felt that it’s suitable to set up an artificial teleport waypoint without jamming, and did that. Seconds later, it reacted and Jean and Diona Defolded from there.

"Sorry we’re late, we might know the place where the distress call is, it’s right under a Statue but we can’t Fold into there, no matter how hard we try. "

"Doesn’t matter, it’s jammed anyway. So where the hell is Venti? "

"He’s probably drunk as hell in Diluc’s tavern. "

"Fuck! Whatever, you’re an Anemo character too, Jean chan. Equip these Viridescent Venerers, we need to decrease these monster’s 95% Pyro resistance by 40%, it’s still not much but at least I can deal some damage. And Diona, you need to equip Instructor four-set, these one are currently on Amber. "

"Amber? Is she capable of fighting any serious enemy? "

"She’s not weak right now. After my instructions. No time to explain, we need to arrive there asap. "

Yukari chan, Jean and Diona reached the battle scene, where Barbara and Amber are still fighting these unknown monsters. "Here comes the cavalry! Now we’ll take over from here, it’s Cryo and Pyro elemental reaction now, Barbara chan, have some rest. You know what to do, everyone? Time to finish them all! "

Yukari chan switched her guns into Intelligent mode with Incendiary bullets, and shot until every one of the enemies has been inflicted with Pyro. Jean used her Elemental Burst to all of them and Yukari chan can see their Pyro resistance decreased, "Of course, if it was Sucrose chan it would be much better, but probably she might be with Albedo right now. " Diona threw out her Signature Mix, causing an elemental reaction and everyone increased Elemental Mastery by 120. "Imada! " Yukari chan opened all her missile pods and fired all her High Explosive missiles onto the Cyro inflicted enemies, finishing them all off.

"Congrats everyone, the battle concluded. Now let’s Fold back to the headquarters. And for you, Yukari chan, since you can’t Fold for some reasons, you might need to fly back. We need everyone to gather, and yes, everyone in the Knights. Our next long range expedition will start pretty soon, and this time it’s bigger than any one of our previous expeditions. "

After everyone Folded outta there, Yukari chan started to fly back to the Knights of Favonius headquarters.

plays Frontier 2059 but every note was replaced with Paimon’s annoying moans

"Teyvat. A strange world. Everything in here seems to be confined to the hakushin medieval looks. But, these elements, Visions, Gnosises, these Artifacts, the ability to synthesize any wired thing via Alchemy, and definitely the ability to Fold to every teleport waypoint in real time, they’re all definitely state of the art technologies. Compared to them, my gears are nothing but a modern technology product that will be broken at any time. "

"What AM I? Why and How do I end up here? Where am I from, exactly? What is the nature of this place? The more I interact with and help these natives, the more I can get to know these answers. Now the Knights of Favonius is planning for their next long range expedition, and this time it’s so big that even Liyue parties will also be thrown in. "

At the Knights of Favonius headquarters, Jean showed a graph of battle plans: "The place we’re going this time is filled with whatever now called ‘Fold Faults’, just like what we encountered today, that will not allow us to Fold into. Albedo? "

"Yes, Master Jean. Our research team developed a gadget called ‘Fold Fault Detector’, and using this, our kawaii Yukari chan can go there with her flying equipment, detect an area without Fold Fault, and set up an artificial teleport waypoint there, so we can all Fold in. "

"And then we will advance in teams. The first one to advance would be me, Sucrose and Diona, to provide support for Yukari chan. The others will follow, and someone will need to bring that giant arse Guizhong Cannon that the Liyue Advanced Alchemy Agency recently authorized us to manufacture in. "

"Why not let everyone all Fold into the waypoint at once? "

"You know Fold channel has capacity limits, right? And we got support from Liyue Quxing, they said they can dispatch some of their elite combatants to support us, but they also said they might be late. So we still had to prepare to do this with our people only. "

"Alright everyone, the battle plan is set. Now we’ll wait for Yukari chan to fly back, and we will dispatch right away. "

Genshin Frontier Act II: MEGAROAD-514

Meanwhile Yukari chan already reached Mondstadt, and was entering the Knights headquarters. Barbara suddenly called her, "Yukari senpai! Do you have a minute? "

"What? Do they actually enlist you into the long range expedition too? Shouldn’t they dispatch the astrologist Mona as their Hydro output? "

"No, my sister didn’t want me to get involved in all these. "

"Wait… Jean chan is your sister? I didn’t remember she had any sister or family members present… "

"Actually I’m only her adopted sister. I didn’t remember anything before meeting Jean’s family. "

"Probably just like me… So what’s your business here, Barbara chan? I need to attend their expedition asap. "

"Do you see the Celestia island atop the sky? I wanna see what they have in there, and can you help me? "

"Probably… I mean I can just literally fly you there, but I don’t think my stamina can let me fly that high. Wait, I had an idea, I know how to make foods that let your or my stamina consumption be reduced to zero. It’s pretty useful for you by the way, since your damage output requires charged attack, and your charged attack uses too much stamina. "

"Alright, let’s go to Good Hunter, there’s a stove table to cook. "

And when they arrived at Good Hunter, they saw Xiangling using the stove table right now. For Barbara she looks like Wanmin Restaurant’s Head Chef and is not surprised to cook meals in any suitable places, but for Yukari chan, she’s the main Pyro output of Liyue’s long range expedition team. Besides, she didn’t see Xiangling for a long while, especially since they almost switched to all-Geo teams.

"Hey, chef! We’re planning to make some meals, and might need your suggestions. By the way, haven't seen you in Liyue’s expedition team for a long while. What happened? "

"They had Hutao right now, and as a Pyro polearm user, she’s much more powerful than me. So I’m kinda relieved from expedition jobs, and have more time to research new cooking recipes. "

"That’s pretty good, at least better than risking lifes in unknown expeditions. And I had a good message for you. I know a way to add any food with a secret addition that will reduce your stamina consumption to zero, for five minutes. Wanna try it? "

"Why not? You can straightly add your things into my new cuisines, and try out! " Yukari chan added her addition to Xiangling’s newly made meals, "And… Wow, it looks like I had infinite stamina right now! Any chance to share the recipe? "

"I wish I could, but I didn’t know the recipe for it either, just… when I feel like putting them in food, it would magically appear on them, sorry. " Yukari chan and Barbara also tasted Xiangling’s meals, "First class cuisine from the internationally recognized master chief, very good… Now we can fly to the Celestia island in no sweat. "

"Celestia? I’ve heard that when people become archons, they will be able to ascend to there… "

"And we’re gonna go there without becoming archons anyway, wish us luck. " With Barbara on her back, Yukari chan already initiated vertical takeoff. Normally vertical takeoff would cost her a lotta stamina, that she will never do that except emergency. But now they were flying without any drop in stamina, and soon reached the outskirts of the Celestia island.

Suddenly the island grew red, and a sound started to echo around: "Access to the Administration Area Denied. " while missiles started to shoot at them.

"The fuck? " Yukari chan dodged the missiles and reached a safer area. "It looks like we didn’t have the proper things for it to grant us access. Would this thing be Gnosis? It’s not like we can borrow them from either Venti or Zhongli, since they’re both retired. What about the Futui? No, I don’t think they will give us either, no matter how much Mora we spent. Guess what, I’ll get in no matter what. Barbara chan, sing Aimo. "

"What? "

"Did you remember every time you sing Aimo, a lotta monsters would Fold into the locations near you? And I don’t think they need a teleport waypoint to do that, so if you sing Aimo near the Celestia island, these monsters would appear there, and cause the island’s automated defense system a huge arse trouble. Imagine these brainless monsters accidentally shot a Cyro beam on the island’s defense system… "

"And then you blow them out with Melt elemental reactions that double the damage? "

"Plus Elemental Mastery bonus, by the way. Guess time to switch to Crimson Witch of Flame/ Wanderer's Troupe then. " Yukari chan switched her Artifacts, and started to approach the Celestia island again. "Let’s do it, Barbara chan. "

"Okay. Aimo aimo Ne-deru ru-she… " While Barbara sings Aimo, multiple Fold signatures appeared and a lotta monsters were Defolded outta there. The island’s automated defense system started to attack them and the monsters were attracted and started to attack these automated turrets. "Get outta the battlefield, quick! " Yukari chan did a quick dive and left in a safer distance, "Let’s see which one of them wins, besides, if unfortunately the island wins, you can just sing Aimo again and we can repeat this crap. "

As the battle between the monsters and the island’s automated turrets in progress, Yukari chan detected a big arse turret inflicted with strong Cyro, "Thank RNG Archon, they dispatched Cyro monsters this time. Imada! " Yukari chan opened all her missile pods and launched all her high explosive missiles onto the Cyro inflicted turret, blasting it off and leaving a hole into the island. "Now it’s our chance to get in! Just let time fight outside as they might please. "

Yukari chan and Barbara quickly dive in the hole that the destroyed turret left and went inside the Celestia island. Its interiors look unlike anything in Teyvat, it’s full of modern looking machines and robots, of course, hostile robots. While Yukari chan destroyed them one by one, they didn’t simply vanish like all of the enemies in Teyvat do, they just exploded, leaving debris everywhere.

The duo found an elevator saying "Elevator to Bridge", and they decided to take it, because it looks like it’s the elevator all the way up.

"Barbara chan… You said you’re not the real relative of Jean chan, well, I mean Master Jean, so I suppose you didn’t belong to this world either, just like me. So do you know these robots? Did you see how they explode like this? "

"Nope… "

"Perhaps even in your early life you don’t need to do battles like I do. Now I remembered some of my own life. Yes, It’s what the real world looks like. At least in my early life I seem to beat these things using whatever armor I’m wearing right now. "

"You mean Teyvat, or whatever the world below the Celestia island… isn’t real? "

"Probably… Remember the same bunch of monsters we defeated earlier? When they were defeated, they didn’t vanish either, they also exploded, so I suppose they didn’t belong to Teyvat either, and probably I even rekt some of them before I came to this world. Now, more like we’re gonna get known of this place. "

The elevator arrived at top, and when they went out, they saw the "bridge" with all kinda electronics, with the deep dark background of the cosmos, "‘Rumor has it that people who've ascended to Celestia have also witnessed the same helix-shaped divine ladder that can be seen within Visions. Venturing out into the universe and down into the abyss are the same in that both are braving the dark unknown. ’ Now I know the real meaning of this phrase. "

"Nope. Did you see the texts below the windows outside? "

"What did it write? I didn’t recognize these texts. "

"Hmmm…. You didn’t recognize? It’s MEGAROAD-514. One of my speculations were right, we did live in a giant arse spaceship. And at the size of it, you know what? If I read the MEGAROAD Project right, you know what, Barbara chan, or everyone else in ‘Teyvat’: Inazuma doesn’t exist. The other regions or nations other than Mondstadt and Liyue doesn’t fucking exist at all. Whoever claimed such places exist just wanna trick your sorry arses outta some unknown intentions. This spaceship just couldn’t contain that much space. Unless someone magically makes an Island 2 just like Macross 25 do. "

"Spaceship? "

"Let me show you some ‘magic’. " Yukari chan switched some buttons on the control panel, the giant arse metal shell writing MEGAROAD-514 "opened", showing the land of Teyvat below. "You can even see the Barbatos statue in Mondstadt here. Would that make you remember more of your past? "

"Still nope… "

"Strange, because I remembered them all. I’m actually a member of the 114th Long Range Expedition Fleet, of course codenamed MEGAROAD-114. After the last battle with the giant alien race that I didn’t know their name again 60 years ago, humanity started to build and send out Long Range Expedition Fleets that were kilometers in sizes and millions of people onboard all over the galaxy, looking for suitable planets to live. But for this MEGAROAD-514, or you say ‘Teyvat’, I didn’t know the purpose of it, it didn’t have many people, and all of it except this administration island looks like a medieval theme park. If it was a Research Fleet, what is it researching? "

Yukari chan was looking for more intels from the control panel, "Wait, what is this? Zhongli battle stats? Yes, it did change by the third Iteration, but who controls these Iterations? And wait what, there’s an Iteration 5 in plan? The current Iteration is 4, right? I’m gonna download these things into my implanted computer, and see what actually changed. "

Yukari chan pulled a cable from her armor, and inserted it into the control room’s mainframe and started downloading. After she finished downloading all of the Iteration 5 data, suddenly another person appeared, "Well, well, Yukari FEGELEIN. You finally come here, don’t you think you’re a little bit too late? "

"Aether? I knew you’re not the people of this world, or this spaceship. Where the fuck are you coming from? "

"117th Research Fleet, ring any bell? "

"Wasn't the 117th Research Fleet totally destroyed due to a Fold Fault, and with totally no survivors? "

"These fucking NUNS scumbags only know how to deceive people. We were destroyed by an alien race called Vajra, the fact that NUNS will never let anyone know. And yes, the same kinda monsters you try to throw at the Celestia island’s defense system. I can’t believe you would let Vajra Fold into this place, outta all the antics you could pull. "

"What, would they be hindering whatever the grand plan you have or what? They’re the perfect target practice material anyway. Besides, what’s your role in this place? You sound more and more like you own this place. "

"I’m the overseer of this… amusement spaceship. And your antics of calling Vajra into this place has greatly interfered with my works. "

"Amusement spaceship? To amuse who? "

"Audiences of all over the galaxy, you moron! There are cameras all over this place, people would LOVE to watch how these hakushin medieval dramas with magic go everyday! It’s like a giant arse reality show, but with more reality than show! "

"You mean whoever I met these years, including you, are all fucking professional actors? You gotta be fucking kidding me. "

"Of course not. This place would be no fun if people are just acting. No, they do believe they’re the medieval people they’re perceived to be, and act upon it. You know, the magic and whatever you have noticed, is the result of highly advanced technologies of several research fleets that your home fleet didn’t even notice of. Your equipment can cause so called Pyro damage, just because its damage looks like the simulations we ran on Pyro damage. And the first bunch of inhabitants of this spaceship were poor, deprived nobody from other fleets, hired to act like medieval characters for the rest of their lives, so even if they were acting, their children and grandchildren and so on will start to believe all of the world around them are 100% real. And they formed the royal families of these so called Mondstadt Knights, and Liyue Quxing, and whatever cuties you would like to ‘instruct’. "

"That’s really beyond my imaginations… If whatever you said about that was true. "

"It’s actually beyond my imagination, that you, who didn’t even know how to Fold, ended up here. Let me guess… Vajra! It must be Vajra’s antics, they’re species across the galaxy, and can Fold into wherever they like, and we all know that they can follow Barbara whenever she sings Aimo, right? That’s why the 117th Research Fleet was destroyed anyway. Probably you were fighting one of these Vajra and then Folded with them by accident, and when they Defold their arses to Barbara, you ended up here. "

"You seem to know a lot about Barbara, right? "

"Yes, and to your surprise, I’m actually her real brother, we’re both the members onboard the 117th Research Fleet. Last time she sang Aimo, attracted a lotta Vajra Defolded into our fleet’s secret locations, and our fleet was fucked. But Aimo is actually a really old song, said to be older even when our head researcher Dr. Mao Nome was still loving the same man her sister’s loving. "

"A fleet full of researchers, good… Now, Fold me back into my home fleet, Dr. Aether! "

"Not gonna happen. Unlike Vajra, we humans need a spaceship, at least a VF scale one, to do Space Fold. And it's an amusement spaceship, how could we have a VF in the first place? Besides you bring Barbara outta all people here, and manipulate her to attract Vajra, it’s already pretty unforgivable. "

"It’s actually Barbara who asked me to send her here. Otherwise, I might just join the Knights on their expedition missions instead. Strangely, why did they not invite you for a long time… "

"You can go play their stupid arse expedition missions all you like. You know why these missions are called ‘long ranged’ expedition missions, even if there’s no ‘range’ in this amusement spaceship? It’s just the tradition of us, the members of the so called long range expedition fleets, the space wanderers, who’s exiled from Earth, while Earthlings are probably enjoying their happy and comfortable life, enjoying all the resources from all over the galaxy, we risked all our lives to fight whatever the shit alien races we met. But it doesn’t matter anymore, now that you know all of the things, especially the 117th fleet, I cannot let you get outta here alive. Prepare to be blown away! "

Aether used his Elemental Burst to form a giant arse tornado towards Yukari chan. "Wow, so that’s the real strength behind the variable five-star character, who’s always been seen as a four-star one. But… I’ll never concede! " Yukari chan opened all her missile slots and smashed random missiles towards Aether, but all of them were intentionally missed. While Aether was in confusion, Yukari chan started one of the escape pods and was ejected from the Celestia island to the land below.

"Shit… just let her escape like that… " Aether received a call from someone else, "You know the Operation Reset is started, right? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and Fold your sorry arse to the designated locations! The Fold Fault area would be started pretty soon! "

"Wait, mein Master, we had that Yukari FEGELEIN infiltrated into the Administration building several minutes ago. "

"And you dealt with her? "

"Nope, she escaped. "

"Was soll das heißen, Sie können FEGELEIN nicht finden?! Dann suchen Sie ihn! Ich will FEGELEIN sehen! Sofort!! Wenn er sich ohne Befehl entfernt hat, ist das Fahnenflucht! Verrat! Bringen Sie mir FEGELEIN, FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN!! FEGELEIN!!! "

"What does that mean, that you can't defeat FEGELEIN?! I look down upon you! I want this FEGELEIN dead, at once! If she left without a scratch, it’s a shame on your arse! Bring me that goddamned FEGELEIN, FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN!! FEGELEIN!!! "

"Don’t worry, she will appear in our locations anyway, just like any combatants of this spaceship. We will eliminate all of them in one sweep. "

"Fine… After all these things are finished, we can guarantee you and your sister’s safety and grant you permits to live in any fleet or human planet of your choice. Besides, is Barbara within your reach? "

"What would you need Barbara for? "

"Just Fold her arse there too, goddammit! Explain later! "

After he finished his Fold communications, the alarm started to broadcast across the bridge, "Caution. Hull Breach detected. Air pressure is decreasing. " Aether rushed to the control terminal, "Have the battle accidentally breached some of the spaceship? I gotta start the automated repair system, before it's too late. "

Genshin Frontier Act III: Der Paimongang

While Yukari chan was descending from the Celestia, she felt the atmosphere suddenly become as cold as what's in Dragonspine. "Now I remembered. Hull Breached. In a MEGAROAD spaceship, when the hull was breached, the air won't run away too soon, but it would cool down due to contact with absolutely zero astrospace outside. "

"So would that explain whatever happened in Dragonspine? No, I don't think any spaceship designer would be stupid enough to expose some of the area on their ship open just to make an artificial snow mountain. "

For some reason Yukari chan wanna listen to some new songs. Of course there are some background music in this world that can be chosen to listen to via Fold wave, but staying in here for half of a year would make any music boring as hell. So Yukari chan chose to "shut down" these music, and used her own music instead.

She searched the music from her own music library on her implanted computer, and found a music from "Sheryl Nome’s Best Hits", Yousei, and played it. As a member of a certain fleet, of course Yukari chan knows the greatest Anime hit of all times, Macrosss Frontier, the story of the intergalactic songstresses Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome, or probably more than that.

"Wait… Ranka Lee was also on that 117th Research Fleet, is that the same fleet Aether and Barbara chan was also staying? That basically means whatever Ranka and her brother Brera Sterne said about they’re the sole survivors are not right to some degree, and… Was my history book too old for that? "

Suddenly she received Jean’s calls via Fold wave, "Where are you, Yukari chan? We’re waiting for you for hours! "

Even in a medieval amusement park like Teyvat, everyone seems to master Fold related antics, like the ability to speak to someone else over long distances without any phone or such. Probably it’s something happened after the incidents of Macross Frontier, where people finally cracked Vajra’s secrets of individual Fold antics.

"Somewhere midair. And had a fight with Aether. " Yukari chan replied after a lotta thought.

"Aether? Why are you two fighting anyway? And how is he right now? We all didn’t see him for months. "

"He’s pretty fine, showing me the true strength of a variable five-star character. Probably he’s even more powerful than Venti right now, because now he seems to get all his Anemo Constellations by unknown means. And because he’s not an alcoholic. But… there’s some bad news, Barbara went missing. "

"What? And who did it? "

"It’s hard to explain, but in short: Aether did it. "

"What? Can't believe it. Will have to retrieve her later, I’ll send another one of my teams after. Now focus on the mission. You need to arrive at the site first, and find a place without Fold Fault, and set up an artificial teleport waypoint there. "

"How do I know if there is Fold Fault anyway? "

"Don’t worry, Albedo made a gadget just for you to detect Fold Fault. And you need to pick up his Protocol Breacher as well, it’s used to blow a giant arse hole in the Spiral Abyss Floor 12. "

"The destination was right below the Abyss? "

"Yes, you’re right. And it seems that you can pass Spiral Abyss floor 12 just like playing, and they will suspect nothing if you just enter right into the floor and pretend to do a rechallenge. "

"But the Spiral Abyss rule forbids me to use… "

"Don’t worry, the Protocol Breacher was designed as a Catalyst, so you can just use it in there, pass the two rooms before 12-3 Second Floor, and suddenly breach the floor of 12-3, and get inside. Once inside you’re free to do whatever you can. "

"Wow, so by breaching the Abyss, you’re not afraid of the Celestia descending Divine Punishments to you and all the mortals in all of Teyvat? "

"No, now we don’t give a flying fuck about the Celestia. We and our Liyue comrades, and all of the people in Teyvat have had enough with their endless antics. By breaching their shitty arse Abyss, and causing a shitstorm inside whatever below it, even though this long range expedition didn’t have any rewards anyway, we will show these greedy arseholes, the strength of the human race! "

"JAJAJAJAJA! Now let’s get these gadgets, where did you put them anyway? "

"In Albedo's Campsite in Dragonspine. "

"Dragonspine? That cold arse mountain? That’s the ultimate bruh moment, you know in the last combat my gears were kinda damaged. By the way, ask Albedo to produce one of my Armor with his magic, I don’t think current one will sustain much longer. "

"Alright. He will make you a replacement armor when arrived. And good luck! " After finishing talking with Jean via Fold wave, Yukari chan flew towards Dragonspine to gain Albedo’s gadgets. And she saw Kaeya and Diona fighting a bunch of enemies not far from Albedo's Campsite. "The fuck? Why two Cyro characters in Dragonspine anyway? I gotta help. " In Yukari chan’s analysis, the enemies had pretty high Cyro resistance, and these two didn’t do effective damages against them.

Yukari chan greeted the duo below, "How are you two Cyro ended up adventures in Dragonspine alone? Why didn’t you find a Pyro character with you? Where’s Amber, then? "

"The all known Pyro characters are all prepared for the upcoming long range expedition. "

"Even Amber? "

"Nah, she’s probably going alone, scouting for Hilichurls or such. I guess no one loves a weak Pyro character. "

"But I enhanced her hours ago, it’s pretty unfair to say to her like that. Anyway, you kinda need my help. " Yukari chan did a SDW LOCK ON to the strange Cyro object, breaking it off, and then switched her SDW into Incendiary bullets and shot them until they’re all inflicted with strong Pyro.

"You know what to do! Do Cyro on them with whatever you can! " The duo below used all their Cyro skills and Yukari chan can feel her Elemental Mastery rising. "Now I forgot that you still had these Instructor sets. Good, my time. " Yukari chan opened all her missile pods, aimed at them and fired them all, finishing them all off, and descended.

"By the way, what are you doing here, Yukari chan? "

"Looking for some mission required gadgets in Albedo's Campsite. And I suggest you two better call Amber right now. See there? The teleport waypoint right there, call her in. Seriously, you need a Pyro character. "

Yukari chan found all the gadgets and the hakushin Catalyst in Albedo's Campsite, and said farewell to them, "Gotta carry on the most important part: Breach the Abyss. Take care of yourself, and happy mining! " while Amber Defolded from the waypoint after Yukari chan’s departure.

Genshin Frontier Act 3.5 (Oouso): Der Paimongang Part 2

At the Musk Reek, Spiral Abyss entry point

"Hi, Fischl chan! Are you coming to the Abyss too, just like me? "

"Yes, The Adventurer's Guild sent me to support you in the upcoming Abyss battles. "

"Wow, you’re healed from Chuunibyou, Fischl chan. And your help is pretty useful, since 12-2 was full of Pyro enemies, and all of the Anemo characters are either too busy helping me, or were already dispatched on other missions. Let’s hope that your Oz can follow my rate of fire. "

"I didn’t expect to fight along with the legendary instructor Yukari FEGELEIN one day. Any Artifacts instructions, Yukari chan? "

"Your current ones are pretty fine. Do not need to change anyway. The purpose of the constant Overload elemental reactions is to make the Futui Agents hard to stay invisible, and once he’s visible and stays downed by explosions caused by Overload, his Pyro resistance might be decreased into an acceptable level, allowing me to finish them off. Now let’s head into the Abyss. As the ninth champion of the single player Abyss speedrun contest, they will just let me and whoever I would like to bring right in, no more questions asked. "

And they arrived at the stage of the Abyss Floor 12, while a host or such welcomed them, "Welcome to the Spiral Abyss Speedrun Contest this year, Our Ninth time Champion, Yukari FEGELEIN! Your name was already well recognized across the galaxy! And you brought a teammate, not gonna solo through the Abyss anymore? Don’t worry, we’ll just double the HP of these enemies for you. And here we also welcome a new songstress to provide some background music, The Teyvat Fairy, Miss Jean Gunnhildr! "

"Jean chan…? What the fuck? "

Jean chan performs Northern Cross

"Whatever… Battle started! " Fischl rushed up to the crowd and summoned her Oz, while Yukari chan checked her gears and did a vertical takeoff.

"Wait… your stamina… It’s not the normal domain where you can… "

"I don’t fucking care about my stamina. Get rekt you arseholes! SDW… Transform! " Yukari chan’s weapon transformed into Intelligent mode and started to shoot the enemies below with a high rate of fire. Oz did his best to match Yukair chan’s bullet rate of fire to shoot them with Electro as well.

"A full Constellations Fischl? Only a full Constellations Fischl’s Oz can shoot that fast… " With the constant Overload reactions, the enemies are totally unable to cast any skills or generate any shields before they’re totally rekt. And then Yukari chan finished them off with a diving attack of SDW LOCK ON. They had beaten the 12-1 and 12-2 almost without efforts.

Meanwhile a team of Diluc and other characters were playing in the first half, because… the deeper Spiral Abyss just requires two teams to participate. Of course Diluc said he’s totally not interested in the Knights’ business, he was coming here only for joys. But who knows.

Yukari chan and Fischl finally reached 12-3, if the Knights’ theories are right, their destination of the long range expedition was just below her feet. "Imada! Let’s blast it off! I mean seriously, fuck the Abyss! "

"Wow, our champion Yukari chan invented a new kinda Elemental Burst! Astonishing! "

Yukari chan charged all her energies into the Protocol Breacher on her hand, and smashed it into the ground. The ground of 12-3 was blasted with a big arse hole, and Yukari chan, Fischl and the monsters were all fallen right into it.

Yukari chan quickly dived in the holes below the Abyss, trying to find out a place without Fold Fault. "Wow, hardly any place without it… how did they do that? And… " Yukari chan finally found a deadzone of the Fold Fault areas. "Yes, that’s the ideal place, done! " Yukari chan flew there and set up an artificial teleport waypoint. Seconds later, the advanced team of Jean, Sucrose and Diona Defolded outta there.

"Is this place… the place we really planned to go? Where is it? "

"It’s the heart of Teyvat, if whatever controlling the Celestia will fight us, they will fight us here. "

"I see… more like the reactor core of MEGAROAD-514. It’s up to no good if they blew up the reactors, but I don’t think the World Creator will let that happen, and they will definitely show up here, so we can piss them off and humiliate them, instead of really breaking the reactors or such. " Yukari chan thonks.

"And where’s Fischl, Yukari chan? "

"She’s probably in midair, right…? And yes, she’s still in midair, grabbing… Oz? Oh that was bullshit. " Yukari chan took off and flew to Fischl to carry her down, sparing an painful Oz. While they’re doing such stunts, a giant statue, probably somewhere 20 meters, of Barbara erected from the ground and started speaking,

"There you are, mortals. Don’t you know that breaching the Abyss violated the Term of Service we agreed on eons ago, that will get all of you eliminated? And we, the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles, will descend the Divine Punishment upon you right away! "

"More like you’re finding excuses, you fucking god playing cunt. Should you wanna really stop us from breaching the Abyss, you can totally temper with the production of Protocol Breacher to make it not work or such. And you didn’t and just let us in, or… even let us in the Celestia island, even without Gnosis. So you’re totally just finding excuses, to do whatever low quality conspiracy you would like to do, and let me repeat, you fucking greedy god playing C-U-N-T! Not to mention your antics of changing the drop rate of useful Artifacts to 1/200, and by simply that I will definitely rip you into 2147483647 pieces, and flush you into a Toilet in Macross Galaxy! Or any toilet in the modern looking Celestia island anyway. "

The Barbara statue looked really pissed off by the word "cunt", with Barbara performing a certain trance version of Do You Remember Love. A huge amount of monsters Defolded here and started attacking the Knights.

"The battle already started… You know what to do, everyone. I will do Pyro infliction first, then Sucrose chan, since you’re pretty new to the team, you’ll need to cast your Elemental Skill non stop, and let me check, four-set of Viridescent Venerers, with the total Elemental Mastery reached 1145, and then Diona… Wait, since when did you obtain all of your Constellations? Now your Cyro Elemental Burst will add 320 instead of 120 Elemental Mastery, that’s… ueber good. And Jean chan, or we say, The Teyvat Fairy? "

"What do you need me to do, Yukari chan? "

"You can occasionally use your Heal Burst, but in most cases, just sing any song you would like to distract these enemies. I guess if they keep listening to Barbara's song, they will be harder to beat anyway. "

"Yukari chan… Watashi no uta o kike!!! "

Jean chan started to perform Northern Cross again

Yukari chan did a vertical takeoff, and started to shoot the enemies below as planned. Suddenly a familiar figure appears, "Aether… "

"The Honorary Knight… What is he doing in there? "

"He’s not Honorary anymore, by conspiring with this so called Sustainer of Heavenly Principles. Let me ‘ask’ him… AETHER! What the fuck are you doing here? Doesn't it look like you failed your duty to protect kawaii Barbara chan, and sacrifice her sorry arse to this fake god? " Yukari chan threw a bunch of missiles into Aether while asking him.

"Shut the FUCK up! " Aether casted a giant arse tornado against Yukari chan, "Barbara chan should be totally fine, and no need to fight herself if the arseholes like you didn’t breach things you shouldn’t breach! Now die, all of you! "

"Wiebitte? That’s the most retarded reason I’ve ever heard in my life when someone ‘decided’ to team with the equally retarded fake god cunt. Do you really think you and Barbara chan can be spared if every other one of us was eliminated? Besides, your giant arse tornado looks just like what these Anemo Samachurls made! Probably your mother was into interricial romance too much, that she boinks a goddamned Samachurl and gave birth to you? "

"Fuck you! Go disappear! " Aether casted one after another giant arse tornado and they’re all dodged by Yukari chan. At this moment almost everyone was watching Yukari chan flying over and over.

"I really don’t understand, what’s her strategy this time? Is verbal insulting another new element? "

"I guess… she would like to piss both Aether and the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles off hard, they will make more mistakes due to rage, and she might be able to find a weakness to exploit. Or probably she just wanna see them pissed off. But you know, this so called Sustainer of Heavenly Principles is much more of a lulz than Aether, because it will react greatly by the word ‘cunt’, almost like a fucking mechanical cunt. Shit! " Hearing Jean saying "cunt" not just once, but twice, the Barbara statue shot two laser beams at Jean, and she dodged them.

"Think one more time, Aether, how much benefit would you have, if you have all your ‘actors’ in your ‘amusement spaceship’ killed, how would the audiences all over the galaxy see this, and rate your character, as the "overseer"? Wouldn’t people of the galaxy start to think you of a clown, serving the fake cunt god? Whatever, looks like you’re deeply mind controlled by this fucking cunt. Sing Aimo, Barbara chan. "

"What’s on your fucking mind, are you fucking crazy? You wanna destroy this place just like the 117th Fleet? Maybe killing all of you is just right. "

"Don’t worry, even if kawaii Barbara chan did summon a Vajra mothership here, I totally believe that our kawaii (oouso) Sustainer of Heavenly Principles cunt can beat it in one single laser shot, much better than what Macross Cannon can do. Right, cunt? I guess now it’s time for me to sing Aimo instead. "

Yukari chan started to perform a modified version of Aimo:

Lyrics redacted due to overflowed profanities

While Yukari chan was throwing out profanities in midair, multiple Fold signatures appeared and a lotta Vajra were Defolding here and attacked everything. "Now I see. Summoning monsters seem not to be Barbara’s special abilities, Besides… A pissed off and perhaps tired Sustainer of Heavenly Principles later met with the infinite amount of unknown monsters, it will pretty soon show some kinda weakness. Let’s just all sing Aimo to summon more of these monsters, and furtherly piss that cunt - Oh shit! dodges - Off. Yes, just remember to perform Dodge when you have to say that word. "

"Understood. Aimo aimo… "

Even more and more Vajra were Defolding outta here, "and at this rate, the Vajra mothership would be summoned in minutes, and this little spaceship would be totally destroyed! No, I have to stop all this! " Aether found a moment where Yukari chan seemed to forget to protect herself, "Disappear, to the end of the galaxy! " and generated a bigger than ever tornado against her.

"Oh shit! " Yukari chan detected an abnormal Anemo stream below her, but it’s too late for her to do anything. The Anemo stream ripped through her armor, causing it to gradually disintegrate, and she can see herself sufferin’ a -60% Pyro resistance. Few seconds in this already transformed into Pyro tornado and she can totally say sayonara to this world. "I wish I could Fold right now… "

Suddenly the artificial teleport waypoint reacted, answering her calls. "Naruhodo. Now I finally knew how to Fold. Time to commit Full Zhongli, and… Eject! "

Yukari chan ejected from her armor and simultaneously her mind was concentrating on the waypoint and she can feel her body instantly away from the giant arse Aneno and Pyro stream that Aether made, leaving her remaining armor exploding in it.

"Oouso… Yukari chan died… How could that be… "

"How could we finish them off with our only Pyro output dead… Retreat! "

"No, the headquarters was filled with Fold Fault! And other safe rooms too! Nope, the entire Teyvat was filled with Fold Fault! "

"What? "

The enemies prepared to charge and perform the finishing blow, while suddenly the artificial teleport waypoint reacted, and a giant beam was shot from there, finishing off a Ruin Hunter in one single hit. "Time for… RETRIBUTION! " a certain Pyro Phoenix swept forward, clearing all the common enemies on the ground, and burned Aether outta his mind controlling implants too.

Albedo, Venti, Diluc and Bennett Defolded from the waypoint, with Albedo operating the Guizhong Cannon, fully charged.

"Diluc senpai? Isn’t the Knights totally none of your business? " Jean saw Diluc in surprise.

"Now it’s not just the matter of the Knights, or the Liyue Quxing. It’s the matter of all of humanity of Teyvat, to revolt and beat this fake god or whatever for good. Besides, did you know that this artificial teleport waypoint is the only one that can be Folded in all of Teyvat? Even if one of us wanna have some fun, the only fun we could have is right here. Expect more and more people joining your fight. "

"Good news to you all: I’m alive, temporarily. " Yukari chan suddenly broadcasted using Fold wave to all.

"Yukari chan! Where are you! "

"In an undisclosed location, that risks getting known by these fake gods or whatever. But I happen to see in close proximity to the Barbara looking statue, and it’s not Barbara. It’s not Barbara at all! Shoot them with all your might! "

"Aye aye captain! " Albedo locked on the Barbara statue, and fired the fully charged beam into it, dealing 2147483647 damages, making its disguise totally rekt. And the Barbara statue showed its true form: a giant arse flying Paimon robot, that looks just like… Paimon.

"Wow, Paimon? "

"The emergency food mascot? "

"No wonder I didn’t see your annoying little face for months, Paimon. So you planned these shit all alone! " A sober Aether said in anger.

"Not to mention your technique to fake a god is so weak, you know what, Paimon chan? "

"How dare you fucking call me Paimon Chan! These Cuntstantin Films sponsored cloaking devices are so weak! "

"Stop capitalizing chan’s c or I’ll cook you into 2147483647 pieces! And Albedo? Did you bring my armor? Last one was destroyed, and I totally need a new one. Seriously. "

"Right here, Yukari chan. Actually, it’s even improved from your original design. And this one for you too. "

"My last Constellation? Where did you get that from? "

"By synthesis. "

"Oouso? Constellation can be synthesized right now? Like nani za fakku? "

"Explain, Mona. "

Mona Defolded from the waypoint, "F2P Astrology, btw. Added with Mondstadt’s advanced alchemy. You said Inazuma doesn’t exist, right? Soon we can build our own Inazuma from scratch, and probably elect the Electro Archon from Keqing and Lisa for it. Now everyone in everywhere will have full Constellations, and this means of exploiting us, won’t work anymore! "

"Good. Aether? Now that you know Paimon was manipulating you and Barbara all along, would you like to still work for them right now? "

"Never, and I’ll literally make this little shit emergency food after this crap. "

"Very well, now Barbara seems to be trapped inside Paimon’s giant robot body, we might need to find a way to cut it and extract her. But rest assured, we will save her, unscratched. " Yukari chan equipped her armor and test fired a charged Pyro shot onto one of the enemies. "Damages fall in the expectations, good. And… Level Up to LV60? Now I got enough combat data to make this work. "

"Hand me your Artifacts, Aether. I might know a magic of my own to perform, " Yukari chan checked Aether’s Artifacts, and found out now she can indeed just modify the Artifacts’ arbitrary substats to any one she wants. "And done! Now you had almost max Critical Rate / Critical Damage Viridescent Venerers, and would receive about 75% Critical Rate / 220% Critical Damage on your stat, though why would an Anemo character need that high of Critical stats anyway. Time to piss Paimon off, even more. "

"Now everyone is ready, right…? No, not everyone, Barbara was still in Paimon’s mind control. Gotta find a way to free her mind first. Let me try some… Mona? Can you perform your Astrology antics again? I need to connect my mind with Barbara chan and Jean chan? "

"Because only Master Jean could recover her sister outta mind control? "

"Yes, exactly! Just do it! "

Mona used her antics to connect the trio together. In the simulated mental world, Barbara wished to give the fuck up. And Jean bitch slapped her, "BAKA! "

"Didn’t you forget about your dreams, of letting your songs be heard all over Teyvat, and all over the galaxy? Even Yukari chan was actually inspired by your songs! "

And Yukari chan also appeared in their mental world, "Barbara chan, didn’t you once say that you will reach your dreams and never give up? I haven't given up on finding the truth, and I found it. So come on, Barbara chan! And Jean chan! You’re… Both of you are my wings! "

"So… Let’s sing one more time, Barbara chan! "

With Barbara chan fully prepared, all of humanity finally decided to perform full assault against Paimon and her giant arse robot or whatever.

"Takeoff! " After eating a piece of Golden Fried Chicken with her own stamina reduction addition, Yukari chan did a vertical takeoff, signaling the beginning of the assault phase.

Barbara chan and Jean chan sings Nyan-Nyan Special Service Medley

"Bad news for you, Paimon chan. I stole all of your precious Iteration 5 data right from the mainframe of the Celestia island, and used the data to crack the encryption protocol of your shitty arse Artifact chips. Now I can manipulate the sub stats of any Artifact as I want, just like how I can manipulate your very own sorry arse whatever I want, after this is all over and you show up on Good Hunter’s stove table. "

"Hmph! For the last time, Paimon is not emergency food! "

"Wiebitte? "

"Wiebit te nandayo! " While Paimon’s distracted by Yukari chan’s insults, Yukari chan started scanning her robot to find where Barbara was trapped. And she had found a weak door on the robot’s body that can be frozen with a Frozen reaction. "I need this location of the robot Frozen, do me a favor! "

Mona started to use her attacks to make the entire robot get Wet, and Diona aimed at the weak point Yukari chan designated, making the door frozen. "Alright! " Yukari chan fired some of her missiles onto the Frozen door, blasting it off to pieces. And she can see Barbara chan trapped in there.

"Here, Barbara chan! Catch me! " Yukari chan flew to her and took her outta the robot’s body, while the Guizhong Cannon fired after both of them escaped, stopping the Paimon robot from harming them.

"Hmph! Futile! " A pissed off Paimon flew pretty high up, and fired a bunch of laser beams to the ground, almost hitting everyone on the ground. Diona made her shield for everyone, but Yukari chan can calculate that the shield strength of Diona was far less than enough to absorb the damages, and if the damages are dealt, "they’ll be all dead… "

Suddenly, there were two more shields appearing on everyone, and a huge arse Jade Screen also appeared above their head, deducting the incoming damage by 50%. Everyone took a hit, but no one died or even lost too much HP.

"It’s Liyue’s long range expedition team! They finally come to join us! " Zhongli, Ningguang, Hutao and Noelle Defolded outta the waypoint.

"Sorry, we’re pretty late, it’s pretty difficult to Fold in this place full of Fold Faults. What’s the combat situation right now? And isn’t that flying cutie kawaii Yukari chan, our instructor? "

"I saw your arse over there, and you're pretty late actually. But still, thanks for your shields, otherwise we’ll be all dead. And Noelle? Why are you in Liyue’s expedition team? "

"Because they formed an all-Geo team, and that’s the experience I’ve never had. People always say all-Geo team cannot be used for long range expeditions Iterations after Iterations, but we did it too many times, without anyone hurt or dead. "

"And I remembered Jade Screen is… only a screen, why could it be over our head? "

"It’s already upgraded into Jade Dome like months ago, don’t you know? Like the advanced alchemy of Mondstadt, our people in Liyue are also researching advanced alchemy. "

"Good… Currently, I analyzed this giant arse Paimon robot and found several layers, like two, or three? The current layer has pretty high Pyro resistance, even after our best Anemo character Aether’s tornado, its Pyro resistance still couldn’t be reduced into an optimal amount, I mean subzero. I guess it’s time for Hydro characters to be the main DPS, and I’m gonna do sub DPS. Mona? You still remember the ‘Tactical Nuclear Mona’ tactics, right? "

"Yes, it’s a little bit complicated, but I did remember all the steps by heart. "

"And Sucrose chan? Bennett? "

"We knew what to do too! "

"Alright, now I’ll try to shoot this giant arsefuck down! "

"No need. Just let it eat my cannon! " Albedo prepared to fire the fully charged beam, while Paimon found out and destroyed the cannon beforehand. Luckily Albedo Folded into the waypoint and dodged the certain death.

"Not over yet! " Yukari chan found a weakness in the Paimon robot, and fired a charged SDW Precision Shot into it, making it fall to the ground.

"Imada! Tactical Nuclear Mona! "

The songstresses happen to sing "What about my stars? *2" and the rest of Lion

Mona performed Hydro attack on the downed Paimon robot making it Wet, while Sucrose threw out her Anemo creations to apply Swirl reactions, decreased Paimon’s Hydro resistance by 40% and added a roughly 200 Elemental Mastery to everyone, and for some reasons Sucrose’s 5-refined Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers had effects on Mona, and then Bennett with four-set Instructor smashed his iconic Like button on the ground, while the final time for Mona’s grand antics come.

"Fate is upon you! " Mona finally used her Elemental Burst to mark an Illusory Bubble on the Paimon robot, and all is set for a Pyro character to trigger the Hydro damage. Yukari chan used her SDW LOCK ON to the Pyro damage to the Paimon robot, triggering Mona’s Illusory Bubble with Vaporize elemental reactions, instantly ripped the Paimon robot’s layer of armor off. Now the Paimon robot only had one layer of armor that’s "pretty weak" to Pyro, it’s finally the time for her, and so many Pyro characters all across Teyvat.

"Why are you still with them, Aether? Isn’t it your wish for them to all be eliminated in the first place? "

The songstresses happen to sing "Ikinokoritai" again

"Now I changed my fucking mind! It’s you, and your sadistic, greedy treatment of Zhongli and other characters, that makes the entire program’s ratings drop like hell, not them! Besides, you manipulated Barbara, one more thing unforgivable! "

Yukari chan issued the final order, "Now for the moment of Melt! " But the Paimon robot rebooted and attempted to rise into the air again. "Not gonna happen! "

Yukari chan switched her SDW into Intelligent mode, shooting Incendiary bullets onto the Paimon robot, and let it fall into the ground again, while Aether used his Elemental Skills to decrease 60% of the Paimon robot’s Pyro resistance. Meanwhile Yukari chan’s Pyro was still on the robot, so Sucrose also threw out her Anemo creations and added everyone with a lotta Elemental Mastery. Diona threw out her Signature Mix to trigger the Instructor four-set’s 120 Elemental Mastery increase, and anyone in the range of her Signature Mix added another 200 of Elemental Mastery. Bennett also smashed the Like button on the ground, added every Pyro DPS on the ground with 1200 of Attack.

"Wait… how do we inflict sustained Cyro status on this robot… "

Ganyu suddenly Defolded from the waypoint, "I feel that you’re calling me, Yukari chan. " Ganyu used her Elemental Burst to summon a Sacred Cryo Pearl upon the Paimon robot to give it sustained Cyro status.

*The songstresses happen to sing "Seiza no michibiki de..." *

"Imada! Final Attack! " All of Pyro DPS characters all across Teyvat stayed in Diona and Bennett’s circles, using all their Elemental Bursts at the same time:

"Time for… RETRIBUTION! "
"Blazing Delight! "
"Cross over! "
"You're toast! "
"Amp it up!"
"No one escapes my sights!"

Aether performed his Elemental Burst to generate a giant arse tornado, mixed with Pyro elements towards the Paimon robot, while Yukari chan used the Anemo stream to take off again, activated her last Constellation, opened all of her missile pods, replaced all of the missiles with the experimental reactionary missiles, finished aiming at the still Cyro inflicted Paimon robot in the blink of an eye thanks to her new model of armor, and fired them all,

"Disappear, to the end of the galaxy! ",

totally blasting the Paimon robot into non existence.

"The Fold Fault had all disappeared! We made it! "

"Can we conclude this thing? Like It’s really concluded and I really wanna conclude it and I’m too tired to conclude something else. Now I can Fold too… "

Yukari chan Folded herself into the Knights’ headquarters. There are more and more people Defolding after her. All of the people Folded into the Knights’ headquarters and then went to Diluc’s small arse tavern to drink.

Genshin Frontier Act IV: Epilogue

Some time after the Yukari FEGELEIN incident in Teyvat, Paimon, I mean Twitter account @Genshinimpact, I mean the annoying mascot of Mihoyo Kabushikigaisha, rants on Twitter:

"Dear Travellers, We have recently received a lot of feedback from Travelers regarding issues with the character Yukari FEGELEIN. Recently, we discovered the breach in our systems. Such behavior not only disrupts our plans to develop and promote the new characters, but also causes some Travelers to have misconceptions about the content of the new characters. Here, we kindly ask for the support and help of all Travelers to resist Yukari FEGELEIN, and maintain a fair gaming environment. We will also increase our efforts to deal with such security breaches and illegal characters, such as banning all players’ accounts playing as her. "

And soon someone replied to her with: "Yukari FEGELEIN was a mod in your leaked 1.5 singleplayer development build, and you basically can’t ban anyone. Get the 2FA implemented before bitching about your own security problems, otherwise, we will plan to DDoS your shitty arse game servers 2147483647 times everyday until you go bankrupt yourselves, you greedy capitalist cunt. ---- Anarchy Intergalactical"

Meanwhile, Cuntstantin Films were busy sending DMCA Takedown Notices to every one of these Genshin Impact gameplay videos containing Yukari FEGELEIN, and to everyone and their meow chans and doggos’ surprise, Youtube did it, they took down these videos and terminated a lotta accounts. Just because they featured Yukari FEGELEIN, and Cuntstantin Films claimed copyright on the word "FEGELEIN".

"What a bunch of clowns, abusing copyright ‘protections’ and their legal teams against individuals, " Aether watched the news via his own AR display glasses, sitting with Yukari chan on the beach between Strombearer Point and Starsnatch Cliff, enjoying the sunlight, "They’re literally worse than Paimon, Yukari chan. "

"Who? "

"The big arse intergalactic ad company faking itself into a hi-tech company. After the intergalactic Fold network became a reality, these clowns resurfaced. But anyway, thanks to this recent technology, this spaceship of reality show, Genshin Impact, becomes possible. "

"You’re pretty sure this area is not on your reality show, right? "

"Don’t worry, I shut down the camera here for a while. By the way, last night’s show was awesome! The rates literally riled up! I guess beating Paimon outta the picture is a much better idea for the show. And that means I finally purchased a VF-25, and if you insist on returning to your home fleet, it’s all yours, and you can use it whatever you like. Or… "

Aether seemed to see through Yukari chan’s doubt, "If you wanna stay here, here’s an offer, work with me as Overseers, Yukari chan. Together we can work the greater things out! Our program was undergoing a huge arse shift. People were tired of watching the same medieval magic reality show years after years, farming Artifacts in one of 100 to 200 probabilities. We all knew that, right? Now they wanna see the program of people advancing in technologies, and become modern and even future humans from medieval times. Macross Frontier is already an inspiring story for all the people in long range fleets fighting the unknowns, expanding humanity to frontier. And the renowned Genshin Impact, will inherit the spirit of humanity expanding through the newer frontiers, not only the ones in space, but also the ones in technology. "

"And I think your shift in focus is happening naturally, either Mondstadt or Liyue are researching advanced alchemy right now, it’s only a matter of time before they’re advanced enough to be considered modern technology. And then they will ascend to the Celestia island, to find out the truth behind their spaceship, and contact with other fleets or such. But right now, they need to evolve and adopt newer technology on their own, like their current project of building their own Inazuma from scratch, and soon the rest of these nations, and elect their own people as Archons, without a greedy so called Sustainer of Heavenly Principles to make for us after ten or even nine Iterations. "

"I never thought you actually had deeper understandings of the program, Yukari chan, just like your understanding in Genshin combat. Wait… An email from Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome. "

"What? Are they threatening to DMCA us or what? "

"No way, they’re not Cuntstantin Films anyway. They lauded the show last night, especially lauded your usage of their iconic music and Macross Frontier’s most famous line… "

"Both of you are my wings? "

"Exactly. By the way, it’s you who makes Jean and Barbara sing songs in Macross Frontier, right? "

"Right, Even by now I still had their music stored on my implanted computer… At my times with them, I was always imagining Jean chan to be Sheryl Nome, and Barbara chan to be Ranka Lee. "

"Nice try. Half of a year’s repeated Artifact farming would drive anyone crazy, including you and me. We will run on new contents pretty soon, and Ranka and Sheryl said they will license any of their new songs to us exclusively. I guess our program had some new fans! "

"Good to hear… By the way, we all knew Barbara chan had experienced all we had these days, how would you tell her of all these truths? Or whether? "

"What would you do? "

"I didn’t know. Knowing the truth was once my goal, but the truth isn't actually harmful to me. But it won’t work for her. If she knew she’s the cause of the 117th Research Fleet’s demise, I don’t know what she would feel for the rest of her life. "

"Besides… if these NUNS scumbags knew that… They would definitely come here, cause some considerable damages and arrest her, put her on a tribunal, and probably execute her, no question asked. So that’s unacceptable, and I went telling her all these things are nothing but a nightmare. And Barbara seems to accept this, and probably still dreaming to become an idol of Teyvat. That’s probably what we called blissful ignorance. "

"So, how would you stop them from singing Aimo again? "

"I don’t think Vajra is hostile to humans right now. They seem to attack randomly anything if summoned, but probably because no one knows how to effectively communicate with them. Ranka Lee seems to be successful in Frontier once, but these Vajra Folded themselves to somewhere unknown, and these ones appeared here are the new species. Research is still underway, no matter on these research fleets, or here. "

"You mean people in Teyvat were also able to figure this out? "

"Yes, and they probably would go ahead in research. But anyway, when effective communication is reached, we can finally make peace, no deaths due to singing Aimo, and no trials either, and Barbara would be finally ready for the truth. "

"Sounds practicable. Now you ready to work your role as a variable traveller, Aether? Jean chan was expecting you. "

"Alright, I’ll see her in seconds. " Aether Folded himself out, leaving Yukari chan alone.

"I was starting to love this place… But when will we see the end of the galaxy… "

genshin frontier: inazuma.part3.21.10.22

this one includes chapter 07, chapter 01-03 are in here, chapter 04-06 are in here, and chapter 08 to the latest are in here


"What a bunch of clowns... " Aeternus ran into the Futui facility as fast as he can, since the Resistance antics forced him to use a boat to reach Yashiori Island, "Well, what do we have here? A Futui facility, of course stealing the Abyss technologies. "

He remembered one of the secert project of the Futui to reverse engineer the Abyss technologies. "And probably this is what they have reached, " Aeternus thonks, "Vision users gained Elemental power from the Celestia, the Abyss Order gained Elemental power from the Lay Lines, but the Futui... They didn't have a power source. Thus Delusion is designed to drain the life force from the user, making them age faster. "

By defeating one after one Futui Skirmishers, Aeternus made into the central processing room of the facility. A bunch of Crystal Mallows were stacked everywhere. "So that's how Delusion channel the user's life force into Elemental powers... They definitely used Orobashi's remains, or what the locals called Tatarigami, as the catalyst. Of course other catalysts for it theorically exist, but this island has almost unlimited Tatarigami - Another gift the Raiden Shogun gave to her fellow subjects. Pretty ironic, Vision seized? Delusion instead! "

Aeternus recalled that once Kokomi mentioned a secret art involving Orobashi's Tatarigami. And since Delusion contains concentrated Tatarigami, he might come up with a new idea of their usages, and the Futui will definitely not like it.

Almost zero efforts spent before he saw the Harbinger who looked to be in charge of the facility. "You actually managed to find this place. Congratulations. "

"So what? Who the fuck are you anyway? Or like I actually care about it. "

"I'm The Balladeer, No. 6 of the Fatui Harbingers. And what made you visit here? "

"Guess, faggot. "

"Well, I guess you came here to destroy it, for your helpless Resistance friend, right? Unfortunately, you're too late. We've finished manufacturing enough Delusion for all of Teyvat to use, the test phases on Inazumans are finished, and the optimization of the current model is complete. So we're closing this facility anyway. "

"Why are you assuming things so fast? I didn't care about your business anyway. "

"Then why do you spend your precious time to mess with us? "

"What about 'beat some Futui and have some fun', would this answer make you satisfied? What's with the hostility? Just kidding, I actually came here to buy some Delusions. "

"You really need this thing? You can defeat our elites with Phys only, you didn't look like these weaklings. "

"Did I say I'll use it by myself? "

"I see, you wanna give them to others, to fuel the Inazuman civil war instead? Good, then I guess we're almost in the same boat. Here, take these for free. " The Balladeer threw a gift package to Aeternus, "A Snezhnayan gift pack of Delusion 14-pack, two for each Element. Have fun, and we're leaving. "

Then The Balladeer Folded outta this place, with all his staffs. "Have fun, huh... " Aeternus picked a random Delusion from it and started the procedure to perform the secret art, "What do they name it? Wait, they didn't give it a name, just said it's a 'secret art'. Whatever. "

After focusing all his wills into Delusion as the secret art instructed, all these Crystal Mallows around him resonated with it, shining in bright light. "Now give it a wish, and... What should I give? Cancel the fucking Fold Fault around this shithole? Form a big enough Elemental hakushin penis to autoreipu the Raiden Shogun, without Ei Raiden's consent? Whatever, I didn't have anything particularly wish to do here. Gotta informed the Resistance and start moving. " Aeternus cancelled the activation process and put the Delusion back into his pocket, and Folded into Watatsumi Island.

114514 (would be most likely unused

After defeating Signora, Raiden Shogun executed Signora and promised to let Lumine chan leave this place alive, "But my promise only works on you, traveller. As for you, Sangonomiya... "

"What? " Kokomi didn't give a literal fuck, and prepare to Fold to the statue, "I had a gaint arse statue to unlock, O Mighty (hakushin) Shogun. Please don't waste my precious time. Speak, whatever bullshit you're gonna speak. "

"You even wanna unlock the statue, you little fuck! You're nothing but a Hydro Slime to me. My Elemental Mastery is something high, that you will be instantly eradicated by Electrocharged. "

plays Obelisk

"What if I'm a Electro slime instead? " Kokomi took out an Electro delusion from the pocket and ignited it, forming a thundering sphere around her.

"Wait... Kokomi, you know the side effects of using delusion, right? "

"Don't worry, it only lasts for mere seconds. Besides, der Shogun should see the irony that she forbids Visions but people just use Delusion instead. " Kokomi started moving towards the statue, while Raiden was hitting her with lighting frequently but caused no damages at all.

Lumine chan also started to leave the place. It was not like she could find out a way to break through Fold Fault, but it's not like Raiden would strike her either, probably because she might be busy hitting Kokomi in the air.

genshin frontier: inazuma.part2.21.10.16

this one includes chapter 04-06, chapter 01-03 are in here, chapter 07 is in here, and chapter 08 to the latest are in here


After a tough fight, Keqing, Kazuha and Xiangling totally rekt Spiral Abyss 12-3 in three minutes. For some reasons, they even had Xingqiu, who's happened to appear in there when they arrive Wanmin Restaurant, volunteered to join their quests. As greeting gifts, Kazuha gave one of the specialities of Inazuma, Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set to Xiangling and Xingqiu, and greatly improved their battle potentials, making this miracle possible.

And now people were celebrating them in Angel's Share, a tavern in Mondstadt.

"... And that's it. No one would dare to mock your damage outputs anymore, even if they wanna mock, you can shove the full star 12-3 Spiral Abyss cert up their sorry arses. " Kazuha prised Keqing for her battle performance, although he might be thonking that all these magnificant Overload damages she dealt, actually calculated with his EM instead, a basic lesson of Advanced Elemental Reaction Theory, 114514th Edition.

"I'm grateful for your help. What would you want? I'll do anything... "

"Anything...? My request might be a little bit hard to fulfill, would you still do that? "

"How hard? Would that be 'spend a night with me' kinda hard? Of course, it's not actually impossible, if that's with you... "

"I would never ask for this kinda superficial thing. Well... My request is: Reach Inazuma, and persuade the Raiden Shogun to abolish her Vision Hunt Decree bullcrap. "

"Now that's pretty hard, though. Persuading a stubborn Archon to change her mind? If you mean 'by force', that might require the power of the entire LTO to reach Inazuma, not to mention how do we reach there in the first place... "

"Wait... What exactly is the LTO you're talking about? I only knew some governing bodies like Liyue Qixing and Knights of Favonius, where is this LTO coming from? "

"It's short for Lumine Treaty Organization, and it's pretty long to explain it in a sentence. Basically you can thonk this as a combination of Qixing and Knights, and other elite humans in Teywat. Maybe... As one of the Executives, I could bring this matter into our gathering, and we can form a hearing and invite you in, so maybe we could reach a consensus and start reaching Inazuma... "

"By 'Lumine', did you mean a blonde short haired girl with golden eyes? I've had a meeting with her not long ago. Very fascinating person, also full of mysteries. "

"When was the last time you met her? "

"Three months ago... What? "

"Never mind. I thought it would be something new after the Abyss incident. I guess the probablity of her still alive is... Pretty low. Now then, another question remains: How do we reach Inazuma? "

And a fancy looking man interrupted them, "Did you say, reach Inazuma? I might know a way, Mr. Kaedehara. "

"Do I look like knowing you? And how did you know me? "

"You might not know me, but I've been seeing your activities in here for a long time. "

Everyone fell silent. "Well, what's the manner? My apologies, I forgot to properly introduce myself. I'm Aeternus Stellanomiya, one of the remaining few members from the Inazuman Shogunate's most hated Stellanomiya family, since my ancestors had backstabbed them so hard that they might get PTSD outta my name, haha. Just like you, I'm banished from my homeland too, probably. "

"Why did you call your name in such order? "

"Tha's because I'm a spiritual Mondstadter now. Don't ever try to compare me with these Shogunate arsehats, I don't wanna be represented by them. "

"Spiritual Mondstadter? "

"What's wrong with it? Just like you're a spiritual Liyueian anyway. You might look like coming from Inazuma, but you used Diligence series as talent levelup materials, you like to hang out with Liyueian cuties, and you seem to enjoy Liyue more then your homeland. "

"How do you even know the talent levelup material part? "

"I've been seeing you entering Taishan Mansion too many times, with your Liyueian buddies. Just like I need Resistance series to levelup my talents. So basically why would you still wanna return to Inazuma anyway? You know the Raiden Shogun would like to stick to her hakushin eternity philosophy forever, refuse to listen to any constructive advices, and just watch her own nation burn in hell and do nothing about it... "

"But something must be done. I can't stand people having their Visions and wishes taken. Even if that means my own death, I'll still at least try to fight. "

"Good, I see your reasons through. Well then, I'll offer help - just like you guys talked earlier, if a single person wanna return to Inazuma, you can just hope for a random Fold accident, and it might be done. But, if you wanna Fold a lotta personnels and heavy weapony into Inazuma, you might need to find a way specified for this. Did you remember the Futui? "

"Yes, they're everywhere, then what? "

"Did you see their home nation in anywhere of Teyvat? Has anyone ever reach there? "

"They said they're from Snezhnaya, but no one has ever reached this place... "

"What if this 'Snezhnaya' is not even in this world anyway? They must have the way to Fold themselves from their home world to this world, or Inazuma. And if you couldn't reach Inazuma via a common Teleport Waypoint, that means just like Snezhnaya, Inazuma is also an isolated world, so their Fold technology also works for us. Find a random Futui guy and beat him up until he talks. What about that arrogant Futui Harbinger, someone named 'Childe'? When was the last time you see him? "

"Golden House, I guess...? " Keqing still remembered the time they beat Childe before he released Osial.

"Well then, let's beat Childe again. "

A team of Aeternus, Keqing, Kazuha and Xiangling arrived at the abandoned Golden House and saw Childe there, as expected. Xingqiu had other matters in Feiyun Guild to process, so he couldn't join the fight with them.

"Well, well, isn't that the famous Inazuman wanderer, Aeternus Stellanomiya? What wind blows you here? And wait, why the fuck did you bring a Qixing with you? "

"After quite the stunt you've performed, you're still allowed to stay in Liyue, I'm pretty impressed. If people in Liyue harbor happen to know it's you who released Osial and almost had Liyue harbor destroyed, you would never be like this, pretending innocent. "

"So what? We made a deal. Ningguang would never make it happen, since she also had things to hide... "

"Ningguang what? " Keqing seemed not know the deal between them.

"Lucky for you. But we came here to, well, ask you the way to reach Snezhnaya. I would like to have an one on one talk with your suka Archon, probably about how she's a shameless suka blyat for causing the misery for other people's lives. "

"Wait, what kinda advanced interrogation technique is this? " Everyone was shocked by Aeternus' speeches.

"Your suka Archon is even worse than Inazuma's one, at least she only know how to torture her own people. Now, beat us, because if you lose, you're gonna tell us the biggest Futui secret anyway, regardless of your willingness - how the literal fuck did you arrive here from Snezhnaya? "

Childe seemed to be ueber angry, "A fight? If you want a fight, then fine, but disrespecting our Archon? Idi nahui Mondstaters, your stupid bard Archon is no match to Tsaritsa! " Childe skipped his normal battle form and transformed into his Foul Legacy form directly.

"Well, well... Stolen technology from the Abyss Order. No wonder I dislike the Futui too... " Aeternus prepered to use his Elemental Burst, even though he didn't have a Vision anyway, "Iiyo! Koiyo! Use your Abyssal power to hit on my chest! My chest! "

As he expected, Childe shoved a powerful whale towards him, and suddenly he countered it with a devastating blow, dealing massive Physical damages towards Childe, ending his Foul Legacy state.

"Stop acting smart, Childe. Actually we don't wanna go to Snezhnaya at all. We just need to bring a bunch of people into Inazuma and fuck its Archon, probably inside her Archonic virgin pussy. The way you guys used to come here would greatly help with our quests. "

"Fine... Why didn't you say it earlier, you don't need to fight me anyway. I guess a certain Signora would be pretty happy to see you fuck up her plans... " Childe then told everyone about the way the Futui used to project people into other worlds and left.

After Childe was left - "I see... If my understanding of his word is correct, the Futui used an amplified Fold device to connect to Teleport Waypoints from other worlds, and Fold into it. As long as this Fold device is provided with enough power, it could be used to Fold into any world its user wants. Except... It's a one way ticket. Unless the same kinda device could be built in the destination, one could not return to his original world. "

"So if that's the case, we can't risk deploying our people into there. "

"But don't worry, once both world had these devices operational, people and goods can Fold between them like one world. So we still need to build such device first, and deploy one of us beforehand. "

"And who would you like to deploy into there first? "

"Of course myself! It's been quite some time since Inazuma was isolated, As an intelligence driving person, I would like an update of the current situation, make contacts with local resistance, find a perfect place to build a massive Fold device under the Raiden Shogun's nose, and find a way to conduct a joint operation of us and the resistance possible. So if I returned from Inazuma days after, that means the joint operation is a go; Otherwise, you can totally forget such plan exists, or my exsitence at all. So first, who could provide enough energy needed to power such device? "

"Let's all get to the LTO Headquarters to form a hearing, and see what we can do. "

All of them returned to the LSS-01 to find a way to build such Fold amplification device Childe said.


Meanwhile in Senrai Island - Lumine chan and her buddies watched the Shogunate elite special forces drowning in the Elecro water of the central Senrai.

"Welcome to Sangonomiya, nein, Senrainomiya Shrine, motherfuckers! " Lumine chan shouted at them.

"I didn't know that sarcasm is in Lumine chan's middle name. " Thoma commented.

"What's wrong with the sarcasm? The Resistance is nearly fucked, the Raiden Shogun didn't hear her people's wishes, I couldn't return to the old world, and we're both wanted. Why not have fun suffering? "

After being rescued, Thoma initially just wanna hide in Komore Teahouse until the war's over. But Lumine chan spent a lotta efforts to persuade him to traval with her, like "If you stay in there, it's only a matter of time until Kamisato's political enemies try to drag your sorry arse outta the teahouse as a preliminary step to fuck Ayaka over, and this time no one would come to rescue you. And I guess the Shogunate would not just take your Vision away, probably your life too. But with me, even these Shogunfags came, you had my protection. And I need a trusted teammate, you can have more interesting travelling experience than Narukami Island. Deal? " and they set off to make contact with the Sangonomiya Resistance.

"Still I don't understand, Lumine senpai. How do you install the Waypoint into that position with Electro water? " Sacchara chan asked.

"Well... Weeks ago, I received a commission of the Adventure's Guild to disable Senrai Island's hazardous environment and enable a path to Fold into the island's deity, the Thunder Manifestation. It turned out that the commission was issued by Kujou Sara, because Thunder Manifestation contains the necessary material for her Ascension. "

"Wait, Kujou Sara uses Electro vision. How the heck could she beat the Thunder Manifestation? " Thoma asked.

"That's way outta my league, but I've heard that she hired Yoimiya with her. As for Yoimiya, I knew her well, she can beat it in either DPS build or Elemental Mastery build. But anyway, since Sara chan helped us rescue the fake Vision maker Masakatsu, that's my way to repay her debt. I happen to find a way to control the Electro status of the water below Thunder Manifestation, it could be switched on or off with a certain ancient mechanism. So I switched it off, installed the Waypoint and switched it back on, simple. "

"Fake Vision? Do I need one? "

"Of course not! You don't even have a Vision to begin with. So I guess Sara chan would never ask you for trouble, probably. Besides the obvious different path we take, Sara chan is actually a good commander. Just like Kamisato Ayaka, she's one of the few good people in the corrupt as fuck Shogunate. "

"Then what's this device I've been using? How could I use Anemo element without a Vision? "

"Whatever you are currently using, Sacchara chan, is a Delusion. It's a Futui invention to imitate Visions, but it can cause serious side effects to its user, like - Did you notice it yourself? You're only a little girl when I rescued you from a bunch of ronins, but now it's only weeks later and you are already as old as a teenage girl! "

"Yes, I did grew up too fast, but... "

"But it's not only 'too fast', it's accelerated aging! In this rate you're gonna die of too old in less than a month! Well... I had to admit, I came to rescue you and train you with Elemental skills purely outta my own selfishness. When the first time I saw you, you were trying to use a random Anemo Delusion on the ground to repel ronins. And it reminds me of Sucrose chan, my best buddy in the old world. "

"So... You chose to rescue me because you missed her? "

"Yes, and... I apologize. But it turned out that you did GREAT, if not good enough in our team. People always ignore the power of Elemental Reactions, just like these Shogunfags ignoring the power of the Resistance. My Electro power is so weak, that it barely exists as Electro, no more; and Thoma specializes his ability on Pyro sheild, so also not as powerful as Diluc or Hutao chan. So guess what makes our team one of the best and most powerful team in almost all of Inazuma? "

"My ability to mix Elements together and make them do Reactions? "

"Exactly! I guess you're a good enough student of Advanced Elemental Reaction Theory. By the way, you can see the description of your artifact set, Viridescent Venerer. "

"Increases Swirl DMG by 60%? And decreases opponent's Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40%? "

"Right. It's a pretty powerful set, that no one else in Inazuma would ever be able to use. Not to mention the Sand, Goblet and Circlet are all composed of Elemental Mastery. This is one of the best gift I could give to anyone I care. "


"So I mean we still need you. Don't worry, we can and we will end this war pretty soon before something bad happens to you. At that time, you don't need to use Delusion anymore, perhaps you will get a Vision instead. "

"Don't worry about me, Lumine senpai, I'm fine. And I'll do whatever I can to ensure our victory, or at least follow your step. "

"Good, " Lumine chan petted Sacchara chan's head, "Meanwhile no more Shogunate forces coming from the Waypoint, that basically means our mission is finished. Time to return to Watatsumi Island to see how Kokomi's doing, or if they need our help."

The trio planned to Fold back to Watatsumi Island, but Lumine chan detected a large Fold Fault area around Yashiori Island. "Wow, why could Fold Fault happen in Yashiori Island? Let's Fold to a higher ground in Tatarasuna and see what happened there. "

Upon their arrival, they saw the Shogunate army retreating from Nazuchi Beach while they're all Wet, and they could hear the lightning striking from the direction of Yashiori Island.

"It sounds like Tatarigami to me. I didn't know that releasing Orobashi is part of Our Excellency's grand scheme. What should I say when I meet her? Praise her? Point out how many arses we'll need to wipe postwar? Whatever, we need to keep going. "


When they arrived at Sangonomiya Shrine again, they heard people arguing with Kokomi, actually it seemed that everyone was fighting everyone.

"Nice job, Kokomi. I thought Waypoint antics is enough to fuck these Shogunfags up, but releasing Orobashi on a hakushin truce? You're more Zhuge Liang reincarnated than I anticipated. " Lumine chan greeted.

"Wait, Captain Lumine. I didn't do that part, nor did I issue such order. "

"But it seems that Orobashi did get released. If it's not we doing it, who did it? "

"I didn't know, actually. "

"Wait, what? You didn't release them? And you didn't even know who did this? What a disappointment. Why did I abandon all my belongings in Narukami Island to join you clowns anyway? "

"But at least we stopped the Shogunare army to launch any more offense, then what are we waiting for? Hurry up and fuck the Shogunate, and then fuck the Shogun SOFORT! "

"Shouldn't our entire goal be converged into abolishing the Vision Hunt Decree only? Do you really think you, with your Delusion only, is sufficient to kill one of the Seven? "

"Wait... Are we banning the use of Delusion already? And you're still using it, what's fucking wrong with you! "

And then Aeternus came outta nowhere, "What a bunch of clowns, arguing for things they didn't even understand. "

"Who the fuck do you think you are? Why didn't we see you in any part of the Resistance? "

Kokomi explained to everyone, "He's Stellanomiya Aeternus, an intelligence expert closely working with me. I guess you brought the latest intelligence here, right? Please explain to them. "

"Aeternus Stellanomiya, you moron. I might 'the fuck' don't know who I am, but you, the fuck didn't know what you're up against. I had the intelligence all of you need to ensure victory, and end this meaningless and boring as fuck war, regardless of your goals. Let me ask you, do you know the relationship of the Raiden Shogun and Miko Yae? I mean outside their official titles? "

"Nope, and why does it matter? "

"Why does it matter? Well, if you didn't know that, if you didn't do any intel work, then why do you resist anyway? Go surrunder to the Shogunate and rot in jail, faggots. You, The one who wanna stop the Vision Hunt Decree, you didn't know why the Raiden Shogun came up with such a shitty idea. And you, the one who wanna kill the Raiden Shogun, you even didn't know the true nature of the Raiden Shogun, no to mention I didn't see you preparing anything powerful enough to kill one of the Seven. "

"Then what do you know? Satirizing us outta nowhere? "

"I had a long arse talk with Yae actually. She provided me some top level intelligence, and I would like to share it to you clowns for free. Yae is Raiden's old friend, but after a certain diaster somehow 500 years ago, they severed the connections, and Raiden, whose true name is Ei Raiden, made a puppet, or we say, robot, whatever they're most likely to be the same, to replace herself, so whatever Raiden Shogun you saw everyday, is a fucking robot. "

"That's utter bullshit in all of these Raiden Shogun cospiracy theories. Give us more reasons to believe in your bullshit. "

"Don't you think she's more like robot and less like people or other gods, when she would execute the losing side of a dual before the throme without emotions? Or she would not listen to any voices people had to present to her, except her stupid arse 'Eternity' ones? Or how she didn't give a flying fuck about the Vision Hunt Decree's slightly potential drawbacks, for a millisecond? But anyway, after making a god level robot, Ei Raiden lost almost all her power, and hid herself inside the robot for probably hundreds of years I guess. It seems that right now, the robot is flawed and she could not preceive the nation currectly inside the robot. In another world, she's trapped inside her own creation, waiting for someone to liberate her from the empty flawed prison. "

"Would you try to make us sympathize Raiden? This bitch didn't deserve any sympathy! "

"Of course she didn't, as she caused so much unforgivable harms, and brought this nation into Der Untergang with her incompetency. Actually, if I could, I would like to gangbang her 114514 times before ending her life. But, no matter what your goal is, the priority one thing you need to do right now, is to find a way to completely destroy Raiden Shogun's robot, and force Ei Raiden to come out. To probably have a better situation awareness of her own nation, before getting gangbanged 114514 times I guess. "

"Destroy? Is it a little bit too far? "

"Yes it might look too far, but there is no other way. Ei Raiden can create another better robot after that, but currently this robot only became a tool to prison her. Only by freeing her from the prison, could you guys do the next step, no matter if the next step means persuading her to abolish the Vision Hunt Decree, or just killing her. I suggest you guys go argue this problem after this is done, but currently, the best thing to do for all of us, is to stop arguing and start destroying her fucking robot! "

And Kokomi finally decided to respond, "Yes, this man is right! Why don't we just stop arguing and listen to what he says! "

Everyone calmed down, "Thanks, Mein Excellency. As the other part of the intel work, I also had a visit to Kamisato Estate, and talked with the current de facto clan leader, Ayaka Kamisato. She and her Yashiro Commision tried numerous times to repeal the Vision Hunt Decree, but every time it got vetoed by the other two Commisions. So we did a joint investigation against the Tenryou Commission. We hired a ninja called Sayu chan to infiltrate the Tenryou Commission HQ, and grabbed these fancy materials, proving their high treason against both the Raiden Shogun and the people of Inazuma. I have totally no use of these materials, so they're all yours. You can try to show them onto Ei or Sara Kujou or whatever when this is over, before some other ones of you finish killing her of course. "

Aeternus gave these two documents to Kokomi and the others. One of them is an official Tenryou Commission document writing to the Raiden Shogun, saying that the Vision Hunt Decree proceeds without obstacles, which is, of course lying as everyone here saw it; And anther one of them is a private letter to a certain Futui leader, about...

"A scheme to promote Delusion via the enforcement of the Vision Hunt Decree? "

"Yes, if people was forced not to use Visions, and they wanna have Elemental powers against the Vision Hunt Decree, what will they chose? But I would not use 'promote', I would like to say 'use Inazumans as guinea pigs to test the engineering samples of Delusion' instead. And guess what? Inazuma had one of the biggest Delusion manufacture and research facility in all of Teyvat, it's almost like TSMC and Intel combined in the semiconductor industry. "

"And do you know where it is? We must destroy it at once, with or without Shogunate help. "

"I know where it is, and don't worry, I'll go fuck these Futui up myself. And thanks to your antics, I'll have to go a long way by foot to get there. A final friendly reminder to everyone of you: The people in the old world, I mean so called Mondstadt and Liyue, had enough firepower to destroy the Raiden Shogun robot. All they need is an amplified Fold device powered on, so they can deploy their people and weapony right into the Raiden Shogun's doorstep. "

"And how do we make such device? "

"Well, the Statue of the Omnipresent God, did you remember? There are neinty nein Visions on it, that would be enough to power it as an amplified Fold device if these neinty nein people wish to power it. Of course when the real battle begins, the Raiden Shogun will definitely cover it with Fold Fault, it's up to you guys to deal with it. I will try to test fire it to return to the old world and have contacts with them, once you're ready, power up the Statue and the reinforcements will arrive. Long live the Resistance! As you always say. Aeternus out. "

"Much obliged, Aeternus. Wish you a safe hunting! " Aeternus disappeared via Fold in a mere second.

genshin frontier: inazuma.21.09.04

this one includes chapter 01-03, chapter 04-06 are in here, chapter 07 is in here, and chapter 08 to the latest are in here


It's Lumine chan's neinty neinth day since she was trapped in this place called Inazuma, without any way to return to her familiar land. Still, she could recall her reckless action of saving Thoma from his Vision taken everyday, thus making her the most wanted ever by the Raiden Shogun, and having to flee to Watatsumi island to work under Sangonomiya Resistance temporarily.

"C-captain Lumine! Her Excellency sent me here, she required your immediate attendance, sofort! "

"For what? For another ronin camp behind our lines to rek? If that's the case, tell Kokomi to go fuck herself, I had other important matters to attend. "

"I don't know, but she said it's an ueber urgent matter, seems much more urgent than our ronin problems. "

"Ah-I see... I knew what she's talking about. It must be... Alright, I'll reach her asap. " Lumine thonks.

"What is it? " One of Lumine chan's travel companions, Tachibana Sacchara, asked.

"Didn't you remember the Fold network problem I mentioned yesterday, sweetheart? "

"The strange device that allows us to teleport throughout Watatsumi Island and elsewhere? "

"Yes. Teleport Waypoints throughout Watatsumi Island had different Fold network specifications than elsewhere, only someone with the Resistance IFF could use it to reach Sangonomiya Shrine. But last few days I saw a bunch of Shogunate arseholes trying to activate one of the terminus nodes, of course they got rekt by us in time. I thonk they must found some vulnerabilities in our IFF protocols, if they want, they can deploy their main army right into our headquarters, and we can do nothing about it. We better hurry to see if our Zhuge Kokomi thonk of any countermeasures. "

After a series of Fold jumps, they finally reached Sangonomiya Shrine, the Resistance's headquarters. In the war room sat Sangonomiya Kokomi, the commander and chief strategist of the Resistance aka "Inazuman Zhuge Liang", as well as other Resistance figures.

"Who is Zhuge Liang though? "

"One of the greatest strategists in Liyue's history, his stories are pretty much to say in a few sentences. And yes, the session already started, let's hear from them. "

plays Frontier 2059

Kokomi noticed Lumine's arrival. "You finally arrive, Captain Lumine. Now our new operation is a go. Several days ago, my intel sources indicated that the Shogunate Army plan to initiate a massive invasion to totally get rid of us, using our own Fold networks.

"And as what I could know, they actually believe the theory that our Fold technology is pretty primitive, that these Waypoints could only be set within a certain distance, so someone will have to jump multiple times before they can reach here. But actually, our Waypoints can project as much distance as the Shogunate ones, the rules of jumping is only used to stop the possible threats mid jumps... "

"I seem to follow you. That means, in their invasion plans, if they actually had one of course, they will try their best to finish jumps and jump right into our last Waypoint in the preceived jump route. And you might need me to move this Waypoint into elsewhere? "

"Exactly! You definitely had perfect locations for these Shogunate army to reach, right? "

"I had pretty many, like... the Electro water in Seirai Island. Of course normal water would be enough to drown them to death, but Electro water... would make them suffer more before death. Let them taste their beloved Shogun's own medicine. The problem is, how exactly could I set the Waypoint in the middle of Electro water? I just couldn't freeze this kinda water long enough to construct a Cyro bridge so I could have enough time to set it up. "

"You can definitely use Geo if you want, right? Put up some Geo Constructs, then you can set it up in there. "

"But I can't return to the old world to touch Geo statue to change my element back to Geo. Otherwise I could even persuade Zhongli into the operations. He could make higher Geo Construct than mine. "

"Let me think about it... If you couldn't, just put it above some kinda normal water, they're gonna be drown anyway. "

"And what about the vulnerabilities in our IFF protocol-"

"I know, I know. I already knew what kinda vulnerabilities they're gonna use, and how we're gonna fix it, and luckily, the fix can be applied in single Waypoint scale. That means, we can fix all these Waypoints near our critical locations, so they will never be able to pose any real threats to us. And we deliberately left some of these Waypoints unpatched, so they'll be forced to go through the jump route we chose for them, and the last jump would be in whatever location you'll set up. And now here's the Waypoint. Take it, and put it in wherever you like. The Shogunate army would be in hours. "

"Hours? That was pretty fast. I gotta get going asap. " Lumine chan took the Waypoint from Kokomi, and disappeared via Fold in a mere second.

inserts random narrator voices, 114514% accurate parody of macross frontier's famous opening theme (hakushin

Long ago, there was a war with the formidable Shogun Army

After Vision users experienced the threat of losing their Visions in their fight with the Shogun Army,

shows a map of Watatsumi Island and its Teleport Waypoints, and people Folding into it they risked their future on advancing into Watatsumi Island.

Seeking new sanctuary, they scattered to all corners of the island (oouso.


It's getting more and more festival atmospheres in the land of Liyue, while Kaedehara Kazuha was wandering around Guyun Stone Forest, as usual. Even as now he still wondered how the literal futabruh could he Fold outta Inazuma anyway, since if you're in Inazuma, you can't actually find anywhere else to Fold outside your familiar locations, especially if you're wanted by the Shogunate, you will have much less locations to Fold.

And then he saw a cute teenage girl with cat ears, pink eyes and purple clothes fighting enemies in style. But her damage output is too low, the fight became too stranded and painful. Kazuha decided to join her fight, and he used his skills to mix enemies with Electro and Hydro together. He's a firm believer of Elemental Mastery, and he already equipped Viridescent Venerer of 1145 Elemental Mastery, that made these enemies suffered huge arse Electro-charged damage, thus finished the fight pretty quick.

"Wow, I'm pretty impressed. Actually I don't need your help, but still thanks. "

"Really? You didn't look like you won't need any help though, otherwise you should finish them in seconds. By the way, what a cute cat ear you have... "

"It's hairstyle, not cat ears! "

"Sorry, I did not see that coming. May I ask of your name...? "

"I'm Keqing, Yuheng of the... "

"Wait a minute, so you're the 'legendary' Keqing... Your reputation precedes you all cross Teyvat. "

"Really? "

"Except in a way you might not feel amused, I'm afraid. On the way beating Treasure Hoarders and Metachurls, I've overheard a dozen versions of the so called 'Mockeqing' jokes. I've been thinking: How could a certain character too weak, that she's mocked over and over? Now after watching your combat performance in my own eyes, I'll have to admit that they're not completely baseless. "

"Hmph! I'm not weak! At least not THAT weak! It's just..."

"Just what? Then how would you explain your failed Abyss performances? "

"It's just the Abyss rules work against me! Electro can't be amplified like other three elements, you know! "

"Or... The other reason also exists, didn't you thonk? Like the Electro Archon didn't like to give her power to Electro Vision users anymore. Would that be a more convinced reason than the so called Abyss rules, to shut these Mockeing maniacs up? "

"Wait, how do you know the Electro Archon that well? Did you imply that... You're from Inazuma? "

"Yes. Is that really a surprise? Or it really is: Inazuma was supposed to be isolated from the rest of the world. And I am one of the exceptions. "

"I thought this place is only a myth, that my friends always used to joke on me that I could become the Electro Archon when these alchemists in Mondstadt really created Inazuma from scratch anyway. "

"No, Inazuma really exists, it's just unreachable from here. Even I couldn't know how I ended up here. "

"Oh... By the way, I'm more interested about the Electro Archon, is it a good Archon, or a bad one? "

"It's pretty hard to describe her as simply good or bad, let's just say, she's a controversial Archon. "

"How so? "

"She started to isolate Inazuma from the outside worlds, so that these harms cannot even reach Inazuma; and in the meantime we had corrupt as fuck Tri-Commissions, or at least two of the three are rotten to the core. Not to mention her current Vision Hunt Decree literally formed Sangonomiya Resistance, thus the civil wars. "

"That's pretty interesting, an Archon hunts Visions instead of issuing them. No wonder there are no new Electro Vision user over these years... " Keqing thonks, "Or the overall damage output drop from me and all these Electro Vision users... "

"... But don't worry, I know just the way to regain your battle power, help you beat the Abyss, so no one will dare to mock you anymore. "

"Really? Teach me! I'll do anything you would request! " Keqing seemed to be pretty eager about it.

"Anything? Even things seem too had to accomplish? "

"I'll try my best... "

"Fine them. I'm a specialist in Elemental Reactions, when Electro reacts with Pyro, it would cause powerful Overload, which is Pyro damage, that's totally outta Electro Archon's reign. If we could find another Pyro user to travel with us, we can totally fuck the Abyss. Not to mention my Viridescent Venerer set can decrease enemies' Pyro res for 40%, so they will receive more Overload damage. "

"Sounds pretty good. If your theory's correct, I only need to stack Elemental Mastery? "

"Exactly! You must have a lotta Thundering Fury with Elemental Mastery mainstat, right? If you use them, you can totally forget about substat optimizations, and have fun. "

"Yes, I even had three sets of Thundering Fury all of Elemental Mastery. "

"Then upgrade them! And we'll head for Hanfeng's Ironmongers to forge an Iron String. Did you have extra Sword Billet? "

"No, but I can exchange one at Mingxing Jewelry with my Geo Sigils. "

"Good. Now we need to find a Pyro user to accompany us. "

"I knew exactly the people we need, Xiangling, Wanmin Restaurant's Head Chef. She will hardly refuse us if we are on the adventure for food ingredients. "

"Good, Musk Reef if pretty near Mondstadt, and we can help her find food ingredients for payments of participating the Abyss conquest. "

"Alright then, let's Fold back to Liyue Harber to see what Xiangling's doing. " Keqing and Kazuha disappeared in a mere second.


The Shogunate Army's invasion plans started with a fake truce, helded at Yashiori Island, the place where Watatsumi Island's god, Orobashi, seemed to be slain. As Sangonomiya Kokomi arrived, she found the Shogunate Army sent Kujou Takayuki, The Tenryou Commission's head commissioner, to form "peace talks". Probably they wanna use the Resistance' hands to assassinate him, so someone else in the Tenryou Commission could seize position of the commissioner? Kokomi thonks.

"Are you the famous Zhuge Kokomi? "

"Ja. "

"I've heard about you long before. My honor to meet you today. I assume you're aware the current situation. Why do you wage war and start the uprising with no just cause. "

"I came here to abolish the Vision Hunt Decree. Is that not just enough cause? "

"Hahahaha….. Why do you have to go against God and people? Havent you heard the saying: 'Those who submit will prosper; those who resist shall perish?' Now the great Shogunate Army has millions of solders and thousands of officers. With your pathetic forces like a firefly. Is it really a match to the bright moon in the sky? If you could lay down your arms and surrender with due respect, your title would still remain. Isn't peace the most pleasant thing? "

"Hahahhahahhaha…. I thought, an old commissioner like you, would say something wise before your men and my men. Never expected you'd give such an ugly parochial speech. I have a word for everyone here to thonk about:

During the regions of the current Raiden Shogun, the Shogunate authority declined with eunuchs fermenting disturbances that led to national chaos. After the Vision Hunt Decree, traitors continued one after another. Abducting Their Majesties and abusing people. As a result, unworthy and inhumane people took office and drew salary in the Tri-Commission. So that the power had all been manipulated by those who were either barbaric or bowing, leading to the ruin of Inazuma and great infliction of the folks. By the time of calamity, what have you been doing, mister commissioner?

I happen to have known your history long before. You lived on the Narukami Island, and were supposed to work for the Shogun and the nation. And you, however, wage rentless wars and even collide with the Futui! Even by Gods, Your crimes are not to be forgiven! "

"You, you! Sangonomiya rustic jackass! How dare you…"

"Shut the fuck up! Old rat, didn't you know people all cross the nation wanna eat you alive, and you still have the nerve to rap? Fortunately, our nation is still blessed. In Watatsumi Island, the Resistance raised up, and we came to rape your Shogunate sorry arse. An arse-kisser like you should have hidden yourself to linger your pathetic life. How dare you blabber the God's will my men? You white-haired, old piece of shit! You are about to drop dead soon, and by then, how would you face Inazuman people sacrificing for the nation! Your lived 76 years without any achievement or talent but this ass-kissing tongue! How dare you, a spineless hound, even had the nerve to bark at my men! I have never met such a shameless suka blyat like you! "


"You... You... You're iku, ikuikuikuiku Kokomi AH AH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! " Kujou rants like Yajuu Senpai.

credits go to for his translations of Zhuge Liang vs Wang Lang

Suddenly, thunder and rain covered Yashiori Island, with strange atmosphere in the air.

"Tatarigami! Who the fuck released Orobashi on the island? We gonna do Emergency Fold, SOFORT! " Kokomi and her men suddenly vanished, leaving Shogunate people confused. They also wanna use Fold, but the Fold Fault covered the entire island and they just couldn't Fold into anywhere, basically trapped.

"Finally, our ancient god has heard our call, and these Shogunate scums are trapped here like rats! Face the warth of your own sins, arseholes! " The Resistance army ambushed them and started a pretty chaotic fight.

"Your magic worked, Nathan-san! What would we do next? "

"Of course fuck them all up, until they totally regret ever existing! " Amoung them lies Nathan, a Mondstadter willingly helping the Resistance, and gaining the rank of Captain of a certain special op team, "Am I doing it right, Lord Barbatos? Am I following the creed of freedom, to liberate the people of this opposed land? "

"What will we do right now, commissioner? " Tenyou Commission soldiers asked their commissioner.

"Ever since we can't Fold, we'll have to leave this place via foot. Retreat to Nazuchi Beach and wait for reinforcement. Did you bring fireworks? "

"Yes, commissioner. "

"Then fire! Sara will know what happened and come to help us. Let's hope that our special forces made progress there, when Sangonomya returned her headquarters, she did Nazi this coming! Hahaha! "