genshin frontier: inazuma.part5.22.01.12

you know what, i'm tired of makin' directories in literally every article of this genshin frontier that archon knows when the fuck would be finished:barbruh:, so just follow the "genshin frontier" tag i guess:luminethonk:

interlude #114514

A certain high ground in Watatsumi Island - While resting with her teammates, Lumine chan was looking for a way to piss off Signora, if that arrogant Harbinger ever dares to run into her in any way.

Thoma: "Let me see... What about you try to mention her horrible backstories when fighting her, if she had one? "

Lumine: "She did have one. Let me think... " :luminethonk: "Yes, some kinda she was a Mondstater blah blah blah, some terrible thing happened 500 years ago blah blah blah and she turned herself into a witch that probably used Pyro much more than Cryo blah blah blah, and her lover died so she hates Venti blah blah blah, so probably mentioning her witch backstory would work. "

Sacchara: "Where did you get this from? "

Lumine: "Diluc told me I guess. He's one of my best friends in Mondstadt, and he's been farming Artifacts in a certain Crimson Witch of Flames domain for more than a year and still got no progress. I guess the way this domain works did make people sympathize with her tragedic stories though, but it's not even a sufficient enough excuse to bully my friend right in front of me. "

Lumine took out a book like device from her pocket, and started using it, "I guess time to use some kinda 'Otherworldly' antics... Shit, it's low on power. "

Thoma: "What is this? It doesn't belong to this world, right? "

Lumine: "Yes, and let's go hunt some Electro slimes, then I would tell you whatever thing about it. "

They found a place with a lotta Electro slimes. "Follow my precise instructions, " Lumine chan took out another strange device from her pocket, and Sacchara chan started to use her Anemo Delusion to generate a wind field to suck Electro slimes onto it.

1145.14 seconds later - "I guess it's fully charged. Finish them off! " they defeated these slimes and returned to where they first rested.

Lumine: "Well, explaination time. As you could see, I am a traveller that came from totally another world, and probably have travelled a lotta other worlds. These devices are from my homeworld, we call it 'laptop', or we say, 'portable computer'. And the device I used to charge it, is mainly composed of a powerful magnet, and when we use it against Electro slimes, whatever called 'Electro-magnetic Induction' happened and Electro current was generated to provide my laptop with Electro powers, so it could work again. "

Sacchara: "C-computer? I might know Electro, but what is Magnet? "

"What kinda question is that -" Lumine chan suddenly realized that people in Teyvat might not use technologies like what people in her homeworld do, "Well, whatever. I shall save the part of Maxwell equations before more confusion was made... Remember the magic device I gave to you, to change background music in Fold Wave, Thoma? "

Thoma: "The one you called 'Portable Media Player'? "

Lumine: "Yes, and 'computer' is a magic device that can be used to fill 'PMP' with new music. Let's see... connected to intergalactic Fold network, search for 'La Signora', and wow... I didn't know that Signora had an Instagram page. Even she uses intergalactic Fold network behind everyone's back, that's pretty interesting... Probably she also uses laptop, or something more advanced, I would never know. "

Thoma: "At least these pics looks like a Futui Harbinger... "

Lumine: "It must be her, I remember her face very well. And she even wrote some texts along with it... Some kinda she only likes classical Snezhnayan music, and this post, some kinda trolled spammed 'cyka blyat p90 rushb' on her comment section, and she replied with this video link about... 'Never Say Suka Blyat again! '... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" : luminethonk:

Lumine chan and the others watched the video of a male with glasses rant like Adolf Hitler,

Thoma: "Wait, isn't it a male? It looks pretty far away from Signora. "

Lumine: "But I'm pretty sure it's Signora, too! She must used some Snezhnayan antics to turn herself into a male, right? But anyway, I knew what would piss her off the most! Hardbass! Let's find some more Hardbass music! "

"Hardbass? "

"Didn't you remember the song we played when we all help you fish enough rare fish to redeem your weapon, Oktoberfest? It's actually a Hardbass song. It's a pretty popular song genre in Snezhnaya, some like it and some thonks it's literally not real music at all, since most of them are just full of Snezhnayan profanities, like this Cykablyat by HBKN? "

Lumine chan downloaded Cykablyat and transferred it into their PMP, and soon "Sukasukasukablyat" was filling arosss the Fold Wave around them. "I guess this one was enough to piss Signora off. I could already imagine her ranting like Adolf Hitler! 'No! They're not Snezhnayan music, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!' Good, let's find more. "

Lumine chan scolled through HBKN's Cykatube channel, "Wait, they even had a Patreon channel? And it only needs 233280 mora per month to download all their music in Loseless? Gotta subscribe! "

1 = 233280 mora theory:100 = 6480 primogens
50 primogens = 60 original resins (just assume lumine chan only did that once per day
20 original resins = 60000 mora (considering lumine chan was in WL8
so $1 = 60000/20*60/50*64.8 = 233280 mora, q. e. d. (hakushin

And then Lumine chan found that her network quality was too poor to download all their songs in one go, "Can't fucking belive that even in Teyvat, I'll still need to do programming. Fine, I'll do it. "

Lumine chan logged into her GitHub account and started to make a new GitHub Action script to analyze and download all of HBKN's songs into GitHub Action's temp VM, packed them into one archive file, and reupload them into some mysterious file hosting provider. Then Lumine chan wrote another GitHub Action script to download more of these Hardbass songs from Cykatube. After all these songs were appearing in her mysterious file hosting provider, she retrived all these songs into her laptop, and transferred all of them into Thoma's PMP.

Thoma: "I can see three hundred new songs added. Wow that's indeed magic. Let's try to randomly pick one and play, and see how 'suka' it is. "

Thoma selected "HBKN - VOSHOD mas.flac" and played it.

Lumine: "This song didn't sound like typical 'sykablyat' Hardbass at all. Great, I would rather enjoy it than using it to piss Signora off. "

All of them enjoyed the music in sunset of Watatsumi Island inserts credit (hakushin