impactus tertius part

00: preamble

it's been THREE months since the last two chapters. i was supposed to write this shit at least one chapter per week, and it looks like it's impossible to reach, for all kinda reasons. but now at least i was freed from the utter obsessions of metagaming after keqing incident, and started to view things differently, not just cuties impact, but all of things.

and it's three months passed and i kinda came up with some new plot ideas. first of all i've encountered some high school suicide or attemped suicide events (hakushin, that actually could be a theme that can be included into a high school themed fic like this one. besides, the causes of high school students' suicide or such thoughts are complicated in nature, giving a perfect oppotunity for whatever future tech that protag had to use in here.

and thus, the application of future tech into mental problems has given the protag a shade of humanitarian side, that might form one part of his characteritics. and more importantly, since i had hakushin psychological trainings (most of which were forgotten), i kinda believe one of the major steps of either so called suicide preventions, or other type of psychological consulting, is to have empathy with the clients, and the protag would soon learn to do that using his future tech. but the same kinda techniques would also be used on the other aspects of his life, like how he would deal with his enemies, from normal human to opposition agents.